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 ActiveState Komodo

ActiveState Komodo is an award winning interface that allows users to test, debug and edit their applications. Source code control integration allows you control your development safely. Syntax checking and coloring gives feedback which makes it easier to write correct code. Visual interface can be added to create and debug regular expressions. You can find problems in both input code and data using cutting edge XSLT debugging technology. You can produce a quality code using this program. Supports Tcl, Php, XSLT, perl and python. Features include remote debugging, toolbox, templates, perl dev kit integration, activeState GUI builder and recordable macro capabilities.
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 AmpleMail ®

Amplecom Interactive - AmpleMail® 1.1 robust set of tools integrated in this application will let you manage your online marketing campaigns, subscriber lists, client responses, and measure campaign effectiveness. The online newsletter builder lets you create newsletters based on predefined templates, upload new ones and sends text and html version of newsletters with dynamic elements from newsletter databases.
Tags: html , create , text , online , builder , tools , client , application , manage , upload , marketing , newsletter , dynamic , set , version , measure , newsletters ,

 ASP.NET Database Code Builder

ASP.NET Database Code Builder is a tutorial which helps the webmasters to know about building a database. The main highlight of this article is about how to connect an web application with a backend SQL query. This article projects the model of the database code builder in ASP.NET.
Tags: database , web , builder , code , application , model , tutorial , connect , building , projects ,

 Flash Intro and Banner Builder

Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder is a Flash text effect tool to help the web designer create and design animated Flash intros, Flash banners, Flash ads, Flash pop-ups and any other Flash animation. With Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder you can take your own photo and music, and combine them with animated text to create professional looking advertisements, banners intros and more in just minutes. The Flash Intro and Banner Builder allows you to create simple but also complex animations whereby you can combine different fonts and effects and an unlimited number of text lines in one Flash animation. Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder saves your settings. All your personal settings for pictures, URL links, fonts, text ,colors, sound etc. ,are automatically loaded the next time you use Amara Flash Intro and Banner builder. But you can also easily change and update them. No Flash or programming skills are required. Features include: 1) Use an unlimited number of text blocks (lines) 2) Use different font, styles, colors thru out the animation. 3) Create any intro or banner you have ever dreamed off. 4) Automatic skip intro link 5) Position the text exactly where you want it to appear in your animations 6) Many different text effects 7) Make the text freeze as long as you want. 8) Make the text appear and disappear any time 9) Import Gif, BMP, JPEG and PNG files 10) Import music files for background music 11) URL links and Target Frames per text block 12) Background colors 13) Border colors 14) Movie dimensions 15) Easy to update 16) WYSIWYG interface 17) Transition Time control 18) Sound volume settings 19) Insert Background pictures 20) Save as Flash animation (SWF) 21) Compatible with all HTML editors
Tags: web , tool , music , photo , create , text , time , files , builder , design , sound , help , animation , animated , programming , personal , effect , change , effects , lines , links , background , simple , colors , number , designer , professional , settings , update , automatically , volume , banner , animations , fonts , combine , skills , for , banners , intro , out ,

 ekmpowershop - Hosted Online Shop / Ecommerce Shopping Cart System

Ekmpowershop is a hosted online based shop builder / ecommerce shopping cart system which allows you to have your very own online shop on the internet in a matter of minutes; it comes with everything you need! You can design your shops layout in any kind of HTML editor such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage, etc. Or you can use one of our many pre-defined templates. Integrates with all payment gateways such as WorldPay and Protx, and also comes with its own 128bit SSL secure server allowing you to process credit cards offline.
Tags: internet , editor , online , server , system , builder , design , secure , ecommerce , process , shopping , layout , credit , payment , shoppingcart , shop , Estore Builder

Posses the power of e-commerce through a dynamic e-store builder that will allow you to create, customize and maintain your own e-store. With this user-friendly solution, you will be able to sell products directly from your web site.
Tags: web , builder , dynamic , power , customize , maintain , sell ,

 A Dynamic Shopping Cart Builder

The Omnistar Cart is a dynamic e-store shopping cart builder that will allow you to create, customize and maintain your own e-store. With this user-friendly solution, you will be able to sell products directly from your web site.
Tags: web , builder , dynamic , customize , shopping , shoppingcart , maintain , sell ,

 News builder

News builder gives useful information about displaying the latest news on your site along with the title, author name, description, URL and date. These data can be stored in a backend and can be displayed later using admin page. This tutorial tells the syntax for the above said task so that you can create a PHP script to publish recent and newest news on your news engine.
Tags: data , create , builder , information , site , script , using , task , news , admin , publish , tutorial , syntax , author , for , recent , useful ,


You can start your sales world wide by implementing an online storefront with the help of this store builder program. Also, can be integrated with exiting business to improve the productivity to a greater level. Shopping cart technologies allows you to customize shipping methods and lets you calculate sales tax as per city, state basis. Creation of more product pagegs with unlimited categories can be done easily. Credit cards can be accepted with merchant accounts and buyers can purchase goods with real-time credit card option.
Tags: online , builder , business , help , sales , store , world , tax , productivity , start , accounts , customize , calculate , credit , product , purchase , creditcard , improve ,

 HTML form builder

HTML form builder - For a developer or project manager building mid-sized web projects that wants to manage database information using HTML forms, NeXTensio is the solution that brings productivity to the process. Unlike other software packages, our product uses a tight integration with Dreamweaver MX, automating code generation and editing. Using NeXTensio you will be able to create a website administration section within minutes! NeXTensio features: --Productivity, even for non-programmers; --Ease of use; --Tight database integration; --Automate form creation and editing; --Based on tNG (transactioN enGine); --ColdFusion and PHP support; --Tight integration with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX; --Multiple database type connection.
Tags: software , database , web , create , manager , builder , website , code , information , using , project , form , manage , developer , administration , productivity , type , solution , product , creation , for , codegeneration , integration , generation , building , projects ,

 Email Builder with real-time tracking

E-Mail builder is a software that is used to send unlimited number of messages and newsletters to their customers or associates. This software runs in any single or multi server. The administrator can easily upload new lists, edit the log-in members, view previous lists, track undelivered and unsubscribed messages. The inbuilt real-time campaign tracking system offers the administrator to view the statistical performance of the mail. The important features of this software is, it provides good performance, adjustable environment, many levels of controls and online feedback and comment forms to support customers.
Tags: software , online , system , builder , edit , view , tracking , performance , upload , send , forms , track , administrator , number , messages , support , levels , good , controls , multi , features , customers , newsletters , Silver Store Builder

This user oriented e-store builder provides you many online tools to help you to manage your e-business dynamically. Orders can be received by emails as well as via Fax. Your customer database can handle upto 500 customers. Your URL can be submitted into popular search engines to increse your web traffic. Payments can be processed online through payment gateways. And much more functionalities make this e-business suite more powerful.
Tags: database , web , search , online , builder , tools , make , help , manage , emails , user , customer , into , popular , payment , engines , suite ,

 Site Chassis Manager

This is an online dynamic website builder that can be used to create and maintain websites. Users can develop websites by using this tool from the scratch. This program supports both WYSIWYG editor and HTML editor. Admin can maintain multiple navigation menu items and pages, displaying hide webpages etc. Users are allowed to add, edit or delete content on their websites. This program has other features like, providing simple setup, 100% customizable, no technical knowledge, ability to create database driven website and more.
Tags: database , tool , editor , program , create , online , menu , builder , website , delete , edit , using , navigation , hide , content , multiple , simple , dynamic , technical , navigationmenu , websites , features , develop , maintain ,


dotcampaigns is a website builder where users can create multiple webpages as they wish. You can post bio, issues, campaign news, position papers etc. Builtin award winning WYSIWYG Editor can be included in this program. This program has features like, hosting services, mobilize supporters with a volunteer sign up link, sending newsletters to supporters, building an email supporters list, accepting contributions online and more.
Tags: email , program , create , online , builder , website , multiple , position , post , features , users , sign , hosting , building , sending , newsletters ,


Dotcommunity is an online community builder that helps friends or other groups to post their files and share their pictures in real time. This program can also be used for generating photo gallery and weblog online. This program supports multiple members. Your photographs can be kept for online sale, data sheets, or other informations. This program has features like, creating a personal or group weblog.
Tags: photo , program , data , online , files , builder , pictures , creating , personal , gallery , multiple , share , group , photographs , post , real , for , community , features , friends , weblog ,

 WebEdit Platinum

WebEdit Platinum is a programme used for developing your own website. This script is an online website builder and website editing solution that allows you to develop and edit your own web site. Everything of this software is point and click and there is no end-user training. The main features of this web hosting software are, you can control which parts of the page your clients can edit, no third parties to rely on, you can customize the colors, logo, layout and more very easily. It uses MySQL database to store data.
Tags: software , database , web , online , control , builder , website , edit , script , page , store , editing , click , customize , solution , layout , parts , for , features , develop , point , hosting , clients ,

 Affiliate Directory (Blue Colour)

The affiliate program directory is a mega resource for websites to list their affiliate programs that features a rating system. The administrator can moderate categories, sub categories and and listings. This site is a great traffic builder that includes a built in automated banner and newsletter system and sponsor links for advertising revenue generation. The site requires a graphic to be be placed on the website of the submitted link, when the admin verifies the link and the link back, the listing can be added to the directory with one click.
Tags: program , system , builder , website , programs , site , list , graphic , directory , link , traffic , links , admin , administrator , newsletter , resource , advertising , automated , banner , websites , for , features , rating , listing , revenue ,

 eSitesBuilder Standard

eSitesBuilder Standard is a website builder where users can create a professional website. There are many template designs available in this program. Users can choose specific design to build a wesbite as they wish. This program supports three menu types and 12 page types. This program has many features like web statistics system, a professional quality, modern website design, special website elements support etc.
Tags: web , program , create , menu , builder , website , design , page , statistics , template , support , build , professional , features , users , available , special ,

 Online Shopping Cart Directory

Online Shopping Cart Directory is an utility where several shopping carts and online stores are listed under appropriate categories. You can search and find suitable shopping cart softwares based on criteria like cost, platform, payment gateway support, store builders etc., You can even list your shopping cart or store builder on this directory for free of cost.
Tags: utility , search , online , builder , find , list , directory , store , shopping , payment , shoppingcart , for , gateway ,


Fullxml is a open source portal builder based on XML technologies which allows webmasters or webowners to display the news or contents in an easy way through a GU Interface. It has more enhanced features they are, surveys can be placed, page stats, themes manager, fully functional GUI based admin control panel, system moderator, link to us, refer page and much more. This is an useful system for webmasters to bring every web applications under one roof.
Tags: web , control , system , builder , easy , page , news , source , display , link , admin , open , themes , applications , for , features , portal , useful , contents ,

 Abc Puzzles

This is a set of games and logic puzzles with various board sizes and controls to allow for easy, medium, or high skill levels. You can play offered games and create your own logic puzzles using built-in game builder or your own bitmaps.
Tags: game , games , create , builder , logic , play , board , using , puzzles , set , controls , for , skill ,

 iCMS Content Management

This is an online site builder that helps users to create and maintain their websites. This program offers website templates and sub-templates. Users are allowed to upload images by using image uploading feature. This program supports multiple user and multilevel security. This program has several features like, WYSIWYG HTML editor to edit contents, ability to insert special symbols, extended text formatting functions, MS Access database and more.
Tags: image , database , editor , program , create , text , online , images , builder , website , edit , site , using , upload , multiple , templates , user , insert , features , maintain , users , special , formatting ,


This is an easy to use form builder that helps users to gather data from various types of HTML forms like, application forms, questionnaires, order forms etc on their websites. This program can be used by programmers, marketing employees, webmasters etc. Admin have an option to customize form layouts according to their needs. Users are allowed to insert calculations into the particular order form. This program has other features like, ability to publish result entry, usage statistics report can be viewed, ability to check previously entered data, email address can be validated etc.
Tags: email , program , data , builder , easy , report , application , address , form , check , statistics , forms , marketing , publish , into , customize , insert , usage , features , users , option ,


Iprosite is a website builder where users can build dynamic and interactive websites. This program uses WYSIWYG web page editor to edit contents on the websites. This program has several features like, managing news online, hit counter, polls, password protection, site recommender, random quotes etc. This program has a file manager which is used to upload, delete, rename, copy files and to create sub directories.
Tags: file , web , password , editor , program , create , manager , files , builder , website , edit , copy , site , page , news , webpage , random , interactive , build , dynamic , quotes , filemanager , features , users , contents ,

 Xtreme Shop

Xtreme Shop is custom built to seamlessly connect with PayPal, Cart32 or Americart cart servers. This feature packed dynamic Web Store builder is the fastest and easiest way to build and manage your existing or new Internet shopping site and it connects to your shopping cart application in seconds! If you're tired of hard coding all of those product pages and you want to have a Web Store with all of the features of the high end sites.
Tags: builder , site , application , manage , custom , hard , build , dynamic , shopping , pages , product , feature , connect , shoppingcart , features , coding , easiest ,


EditiX is an useful software that can validate XML documents against DTD, XML schema, and relaxNG. Using java swing components available on the software webmasters would be able to edit XML documents through XSLT editor, XPath builder and research tools. Users are provided with real time tree and text synchronization with online syntax error and document location. Some of the important features include template support, project management, tag delimiters, plug in toolkit etc.
Tags: software , text , time , online , java , builder , edit , document , project , tree , components , synchronization , error , documents , tag , template , toolkit , research , syntax , validate , real , features , useful , available , plug ,


AllWebMenus as the name indicates is a menu builder for the web applications. The script can create menus that can work on any browser. You can configure it to popup either vertically or horizontally. Allows customization using the Properties Pane or by choosing a predefined appearance from the Style Gallery. It can also be moved on the screen, stay visible while scrolling, borders, colors, contain static or animated Images, etc.
Tags: web , create , menu , builder , animated , script , using , menus , name , work , for , configure , static ,

 Broadcast Builder

Broadcast Builder as the name implies is a powerful news channel builder. Through this software you can create and manage article contents in XML format with multilingual interface. This effective XML software can generate RSS 2.0 compliant codes and also enables you to import RSS files both from the remote as well the local sources. The powerful WYSIWYG editor assists webmasters in providing instant news feed for their channels with preview options and the important features include support for blogging directly from feed demon, proxy support, ability to export and save the channels etc,.
Tags: software , editor , create , files , builder , export , format , remote , save , import , manage , news , proxy , generate , instant , name , support , preview , feed , local , options , multilingual , for , features , newsfeed , contents , powerful , channel , codes ,

 Mambo Dreamweaver Template extension toolbar

Mambo 4.5 template builder extension by Adds a custom toolbar to Dreamweaver MX or higher to enable you to quickly and painlessly insert the needed MOS php code to create your own Mambo Open Source 4.5 templates.
Tags: create , builder , code , php , toolbar , template , custom , extension , insert ,

 Mailaform Form building easy form builder requires no CGI bin or PHP / mysql, all you need is a few clicks to build a full nice designed html form with drop down lists, text area's, upload image fields and more... Paid version is only $5 per month and includes auto responder service, custom redirect, the ability to use secure form hosting, (SSL) (180 BIT) and you can build upto 50 forms with upto 99 fields for each form, it takes only a few clicks to build forms here, no html needed..
Tags: image , html , text , builder , secure , easy , form , upload , auto , forms , custom , build , version , drop , nice , for , bin , fields ,


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