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 Dir index

Dir index is a tool to the browsers to visit directories. This allows to browse only your web directory. This does not allow you to browse your entire file system. Customizing and installation of this programme is easy and running is also easy.
Tags: file , web , tool , easy , browse , index , installation ,

 FlashKeeper, Handy flash tool kit

FlashKeeper is a handy flash tool kit with five easy-to-use Flash tools that help you to get many of your flash files organized and also simplify and accelerate Flash development. Preview and browse flash files, download flash from the Internet, donwload management, Create screensaver with batch of flash files, convert SwF and EXE format to each other individually or in batch etc. All of these features will help you enhance and extent the using possibility of existing flash files. And with friendly easy-operation user interface, Sparkle Flash Keeper offers you a fantastic animated flash world!
Tags: screensaver , download , convert , tool , flash , files , tools , help , batch , animated , format , using , user , browse , enhance , accelerate , kit , features ,

 PHP+GD Scale and Overlay Demo

With this tutorial, you are taught how to use the PHP and GD functions to resize the images as well as to overlay images. You can learn to overlay the image at the desired place on your picture like top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right, resize the images and thumbnails by adjusting their width, and you can browse through your directory to locate the pictures in your database quickly. You can use the source code given on the website.
Tags: image , database , picture , images , pictures , code , learn , directory , resize , source , browse , sourcecode , thumbnails , locate , overlay , functions , top ,


ProSupport is a powerful script that enables clients to help themselves. Clients can browse through your Knowledge Base articles, download helpful utilities and tools, view company announcements in real time, or submit a trouble ticket to your support team. ProSupport was built on several key features that are important to maintaining a good relationship with your clients. It is a tool to help you answer your clients' questions with ease and efficiency. Several important features such as email piping, complete ticket management, server scanning, per department registration requirements, template based design for easy customization, and an advanced activity alert program (ProAlert) are all included in the base package to enable you to serve your customers better and faster than ever before.
Tags: email , download , tool , program , server , utilities , design , easy , help , script , view , key , advanced , browse , template , alert , support , activity , good , package , submit , questions , real , faster , for , features , customers , base , registration , complete , ticket , powerful , clients ,

 My Online Friends

Using this software you can build your own online community with your friends and associates. You can maintain images and pictures, testimonials, member profiles, address book and chat with other members, send messages, browse online etc., Key features include powerful admin panel, free and paid member subscription, seperate account settings, classified category etc.,
Tags: software , online , images , book , chat , address , send , addressbook , admin , browse , account , build , community , features , maintain , friends , powerful ,


CFFileManager is a Coldfusion custom tag that facilitates manipulation of files and folders in any application. It allows you to browse a folder, select some sub folders and files, move to a different folder and paste the selected objects. It is secure, scalable and easy to use for the developer. Its user interface is based on the looks and feel of Windows. Some of its features are right click context menu, browse directories, upload multiple files , download files to your computer, edit files, copy/add/delete/rename folders, copy/delete/rename/edit files, sort files/folders by name/type or size, administration restrictions available, deletion and copying of folders and many more.
Tags: download , files , folder , edit , easy , folders , upload , multiple , tag , administration , user , browse , custom , paste , move , click , interface , sort , deletion , restrictions , for , features , select , context , userinterface ,

 IP Obfuscator

This is a remotely hosted IP hider that can obfuscate decimal IP addresses. This security tool can convert and give you an encoded number corresponding to the specified 'Internet Protocol' dotted address with which you navigate and browse through the net without disclosing your indentity. This program converts and transforms the IP's according to ip2long internet standard format.
Tags: internet , security , convert , tool , program , address , browse , number , standard , navigate , decimal ,

 Cool Focus iTab

iTab is a tab control in the Windows style, designed specifically for use with the HTML IFRAME. By combining iTab with an IFRAME, the result is a smart and intuitive interface that makes it easy to browse between related web pages. Along with full control over color scheme, fonts and color-reactivity, iTab includes our PageSync feature which ensures that the iTab control will always select the correct tab when the user clicks a link in a framed page or uses the browser's Back button.
Tags: web , control , easy , color , page , link , user , browse , smart , interface , fonts , tab , feature , for , select ,

 mSpace Toolbar

This is a powerful utility featuring all essential tools to access website. By integrating this tool bar on your web browser, you can easily navigate and browse through with just a click on the interface. You can easily customize the tool bar, block popups, edit your profiles, post your news, access your mails, login to your account etc., This is an useful and easy to integrate tool.
Tags: web , utility , tool , access , edit , easy , tools , block , bar , browse , account , click , login , customize , post , useful , navigate , powerful ,

 Dating Box

Dating Box is an useful classified ads program that offers optimum solution for the webmasters to launch a successful match making website online. Members can have both audio and video online chat, browse member profiles, rate member photos etc., This professional template driven dating software supports multiple languages, member albums, link catalog etc.,
Tags: software , video , audio , program , online , photos , website , catalog , link , multiple , ads , browse , launch , template , professional , solution , match , rate , for , useful , dating ,

 20 20 Auto Gallery

20/20 Auto Gallery is a full featured web site add-in which allows you to control your inventory of vehicles online through easy-to-use forms and web pages. This system was designed for use on many different web sites: New or Used Car Dealers Vehicle Appraisal Organizations Car Clubs and Collectors Farm Machinery and Heavy Equipment Dealers and more...20/20 Auto Gallery is versatile and may be a useful tool for any auto organization. 20/20 Auto Gallery provides you with the ability to manage a database of vehicles using powerful forms that are easy to use and also provides web site visitors with the ability to browse or search your database through attractive, customizable web pages. Whether you're a seasoned computer veteran or a new user, we are certain you will find 20/20 Auto Gallery affordable, simple, and a powerful addition to your growing web site! 20/20 Auto Gallery provides car dealers, car collectors, even marine and RV sales agencies with the ability to add vehicles to their web site using powerful forms that are easy to use and provides web site visitors with the ability to browse or search those vehicles through attractive, customizable web pages. The company focuses on creating and marketing web-based database applications using standard web design languages with Microsoft's Active Server Pages and Visual Basic Script (VBScript) technologies. With affiliated organizations, 20/20 Applications also offers other web-related services such as graphic design, web site design, web site hosting, database design, and digital-panoramic photography.
Tags: database , web , tool , search , online , control , system , design , easy , find , computer , creating , inventory , site , graphic , using , manage , auto , forms , marketing , car , sales , browse , services , pages , applications , languages , addition , for , useful , standard , powerful , vehicles ,

 BulletProof FTP Client

BulletProof FTP Client is a program that can download or upload files from local system to the FTP server. This program can disconnect, reconnect and download automatically. This is an ideal solution for personal and corporate webmasters. You can browse FTP site from cache when offline. This program has several features like, proxy or firewall support, HTTP downloading, resuming half downloaded files, Windows style file finding ability etc.
Tags: download , file , program , files , system , site , firewall , personal , upload , proxy , cache , browse , local , solution , style , for , features ,

 Property Site Manager - ASP Real Estate CMS

This is an online content management program that can be used to add, edit or delete property listings. Property information are displayed with price, location, photograph, description etc. Users are allowed to view and print particular property. Admin can add, edit or delete properties on the websites. This program supports multiple property listings and multiple categories. The site visitors can browse particular property and view search results with price, location etc.
Tags: search , program , online , management , print , delete , edit , information , site , view , content , multiple , browse , location , properties , property , contentmanagement ,

 Handshakes by DZOIC - Social networking script

DZOIC Development proudly presents a new software product Handshakes - truly the best solution for building your own social and busiess networking service. Script is smarty-template based and fully customizable. Key Features: profiles, photo Albums, network building, basic and advanced search, internal message system, testimonials, classifieds, events, clubs. Admin console enables you to manage completely everything, starting from members profiles and ending with an ability to change the position of page elements. GetPaid module, which is included into Handshakes standard package, enables you to setup paid membership system. Upcoming releases include flash instant messenger, flash chat, advanced statistics, banner rotator, separate advertiser console with banners hits and clicks statistics. On our website you can run an online demo and browse through the whole script functionality.
Tags: software , photo , flash , network , online , website , script , message , page , manage , change , demo , advanced , best , browse , basic , instant , run , into , banner , console , solution , networking , product , position , for , membership , banners , standard , building ,

 e-Vehicles (Hosted Version)

This is a classified ads script where the users can place ads based on automotive inventory section on their websites. This script saves time by permitting the dealers and customers to update listings. Features like auto tracking search agent, my garage etc are available. This script has ability to manage prospects and auto inventory in efficient form by automating selling process. This script provide control for the users over their brand identity. The visitors can browse their auto inventory in week and daily basis.
Tags: search , time , control , inventory , script , form , tracking , manage , auto , ads , browse , update , daily , for , customers , users ,

 Dreamweaver Virtual Silver Ecommerce Standard

This is an online e-commerce software designed with shopping cart fuctionalities. You can construct your own e-stores with the available templates. There are also provisions for edting those templates with customizable editing tools. Customers can easily browse through the product pages and can select their product from the catalogs. This online shopping cart is integrated with paypal and hence you can have secured online transactions.
Tags: software , online , templates , editing , browse , shopping , pages , product , shoppingcart , for , select , paypal , available , construct ,


eReservations program is built in ASP used for creating a powerful and useful reservation chart which can be used in hotels, roadways etc., to reserve their place or rooms online simply and quickly. Users can browse through reservations by day, week and month. When reservation is confirmed it delivers email notification automatically to the users and many features are available. This tool has powerful admin control panel to manage reservations. MS Access is used as a backend to store reservation information.
Tags: email , tool , program , online , control , notification , creating , chart , manage , admin , store , browse , automatically , for , features , useful , users , powerful , emailnotification ,


This program enables selling and buying of vehicles through the internet. Admin can use this tool for their dealers or individual sales person to produce an instant vehicle listing without any technical knowledge. Individual dealers or sales men can generate lists including title, quantity, link, engine capacity, type, price, year, drive, engine, edition etc., and can post upto 5 images with each vehicle. This program has an enhanced features including searching by keywords, make, type, browse categories etc., for the benefit of the visitors. Visitors can have the facilities to forward their favourite ads to their friends and to use its finance calculator. Admin can take control over every aspect of this program including searching for visitors keywords, adding, removing and modifying the visitors, deciding how many listing have to be distributed to the dealers etc.,
Tags: tool , program , control , images , finance , generate , sales , ads , browse , engine , instant , removing , vehicle , technical , lists , post , forward , searching , for , features , edition , friends , listing , vehicles ,

 Auto Listings Manager

Thid is a website vehicle content managemnt programme in PHP.It is highly customizable and was designed for small dealerships who were planning to go online for their products.This programme is configured for web based inventory management.No programme or internet knowledge is required. After entering a product into the databae it is immediatly available for users to browse through the products and buy.There is an online demo available on the website.
Tags: internet , web , online , website , inventory , demo , content , browse , planning , small , into , vehicle , product , knowledge , for , webbased , users , available ,

 ASP Procedure Used To Recurse Through All SubFolders Of Any Given Path

ASP Procedure Used To Recurse Through All SubFolders Of Any Given Path is an online ASP article illustrating the usage of FileSystemObject function of ASP in listing all files of any given path. You are provided with efficient ASP codes to browse through all available directories and sub directories of a path. You can extend and use these ASP codes to view the files in any desired path.
Tags: online , files , view , browse , function , usage , directories , listing , available , codes , is a web based entertainment website which helps to share software, ringtones, games and mobile backgrounds with your friends. This website offers facilities to chat with other members through forums and allows to browse through various categories of media library and more.
Tags: web , games , website , library , chat , mobile , media , entertainment , share , browse , backgrounds , webbased ,

 Data Binding Components in Flash MX 2004 Pro

Flash MX 2004 has a lot of components, allowing the users to connect XML components with a database without more scripts, hence, this tutorial guides the users by implementing an example of how to browse their catalog using this feature. In this example, the tutorial uses two level catalog of products. Here, the data source used is a MySQL database and PHP is used to access the database and output the XML data into the Flash application. To use this tutorial, users need to have a local web server running MySQL and PHP.
Tags: database , web , data , server , access , using , catalog , source , components , browse , webserver , into , tutorial , local , connect , users ,

 The Java Foundry

Here you will find information focusing on enterprise architecture, application profiling, integration, design patterns and various other topics covering J2EE technologies. You will find many exciting features here: Regular newsfeeds: No need to browse around the web to get the most up-to-date information. We will collate the most interesting Java-technology news and you will be able it to access it from one source. Reviews: Find reviews about the latest technologies, their advantages and disadvantages. Case Studies: Read about the "real-world-solutions" and how companies have suceeded in implementing Java technologies. Articles: Browse through articles focusing on different Java technologies and concepts. Community Forums: Converse with technology experts and talk about a broad spectrum of topics. Downloads: Download the latest Java-technologies and whitepapers. FAQ: Browse through the frequently asked questions to find answers to common problems.
Tags: web , access , design , find , information , application , news , browse , talk , questions , features , articles , patterns , enterprise ,


PHPYellow is an application in PHP for creating yellow pages. This online programme brings more recurring revenue to your websites by making advertisement on yellow pages. Features are, you get paid for listings, sponsor/mini webpage listing type, set listing position, set images with listings, search by map ie:- USA map included, has advanced search facility, browse by category letter, intenet login to retrieve newer version, free paypal connect code, check version of Phpyellow via the admin center and easy installation. There are two versions lite which is free and Pro with more advanced options for a price.
Tags: search , online , images , easy , creating , application , check , map , advanced , admin , browse , retrieve , set , version , login , options , websites , connect , for , listing , paypal , revenue ,

 Online store php script

All orders stored in MySQL database, Ability to save the customer's cart, Customers can search & browse personal order history, Real time order tracking, Customer can choose between account registration and express checkout, Password reminder for customers, Customizable e-mail notifications/invoices, Built-in newsletter option, Automated repeat customer tracking +MORE!!!
Tags: search , time , reminder , save , personal , tracking , express , browse , newsletter , account , customer , orders , for , registration , repeat ,


This is a php program based on php where users can browse all their directories through web interface on a linux file system. In this script all files can be downloaded in a source format. Free download option is available. It can be integrated with any active websites. This script is easy to customize by users.
Tags: download , file , web , program , files , easy , php , script , linux , source , browse , customize , interface , active , directories , users , option ,

 Photo Gallery Personals

Designed as a Photo Gallery Personal search site. Visitors can browse pics and click on them for personal info. The visitors can also choose to vote on each image and the images are ranked in the gallery. Members can post comments or send personal messages to each other. The personal messages are stored on server to limit annoying emails. This script can be adapted for many uses. An Administration Page is included to view member info and images. The script is fully functional. Try it! Requires: PHP 4, MySQL
Tags: image , search , server , images , script , view , personal , send , gallery , browse , messages , click , info , limit , post , for , pics ,

 Fully Developed Garage Sale Website

Fully Developed Garage Sale Website is a web based online application through which webmasters can run an online garage sales. This website allows users to browse garage sale and provides sales listing details like photos, description, driving direction and address that are linked through map quest.
Tags: web , online , website , application , address , map , sales , browse , run , webbased , users , sale , driving , listing ,

 TKC Contact Manager (ColdFusion)

The Contact Manager has everything you need to incorporate a professional contact management system into your existing web application. Using this component, you can manage individual and organization information and create groups for easy management. The user interface is clean, intuitive and flexible. The Contact Manager stores and organizes basic and extended information on both contacts and organizations. Users may search for a contact/organization by using a simple but powerful search tool or browse alphabetically. Search by name, address, or phone/fax. The contact manager bundle contacts and organizations into groups for easy management. This component was designed to be easily integrated into any website. The Contact Manager ships with open source code and excellent technical and user documentation.
Tags: web , tool , search , create , manager , component , management , system , easy , code , information , using , manage , contacts , source , contact , open , user , browse , sourcecode , simple , basic , professional , into , contactmanager , interface , contactmanagement , technical , for , bundle , organization , ships , userinterface , powerful ,

 JahSing MP3 player

JahSing MP3 player is an online music player completely compatible with winamp skins. You can use this program to play even sequenced MOD files and shoutcast audio file streams. Users are facilitated with the ability to create and edit ID3 tags, lyrics view, browse through the web while playing audio files etc., You can even search for the popular MP3's on the net with tracking features. Key features include advanced winmap skins, multi window docking, clipboard captures etc.,
Tags: file , web , audio , music , search , program , create , online , files , play , edit , tracking , clipboard , window , advanced , browse , winamp , popular , lyrics , multi , for , features , shoutcast ,


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