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 Advertisements is a large online community for Macromedia Flash developers at all skill levels. We offer tutorials, open source, scripting assistance, book reviews, scene news and a means of contact between developers.
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Yaab is an address book software written in PHP. This supports two databases, ie- MySQL and PostgreSQL. This supports basic functions like inserting or deleting or editing mails. This also searches for a particular mail address from the mail lists. This also helps to send sms, emails, phone number lists, etc. This easy to use script can be easily installed. Easy to execute this programme.
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 YAAB - Yet Another Address Book

In this yaab address book allows to setup all details for persons with the powerful mysql database. Here it is possible to add,change and delete users. Sending mails through this interface is very fast and easy to use which also has a good quality. Requires php4,mysql.
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 Smart Guest Book 2.0 - Flash and ASP Guest-book

This Flash & ASP Guest-Book has Smart eye-catching interactive, animated & multiple entry display interface choices, password-protected browser-based complete administration panel, active bad word filter. Free Download Version available. Fantastic load time due to highly optimized code and small Flash file size. Cross Browser Compatible, works well in both Netscape (4+) & IE (5+). Comments field can accept HTML text. JavaScript validation for fields. It is very easy to install & customize for any web site. Uses a SQL Server or Access database. Cool Features of the Smart Guest Book: Smart eye-catching Interactive Flash Interfaces plus 2 free Animated Interfaces (limited offer), whose background color and heading are customizable to suit any site. Extra Flash Interfaces, including Multiple Entry Display Interfaces to display 2 or 10 entries per page. Fantastic load time due to highly optimized code and small Flash file size (33-84 KB). Active bad-word filter , editable from the administration panel. Complete Administration Panel - Password protected browser based administration panel with facility to change password whenever required. Easy deletion of unwanted records. Modify the bad word filter easily. Cross Browser Compatible, works well in both Netscape (4+) and Internet Explorer (5+). Comments field Scroller appears for records that go our of display range. Comments field can accept HTML text (bold, italics and underline). Guest book entries stored in a MS SQL Server or MS Access database. Client-side javascript validation for Name and E-mail Address fields. This guest-book is thus ideal for new webmasters who are moderately web savvy and busy webmasters with little time to recheck entries and delete them from the database. A small price to pay for saving you loads of time and getting much needed user feedback :-)
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 Creating Excel XP spreadsheets by using .NET and XML

Creating Excel XP spreadsheets by using .NET and XML is a web based article that deals with constructing Excel XP spread sheet with the help of .NET and XML application which perform various functions like writing xml documents, reading XML documents, run queries of XML data source and saving the data in the excel work book as the same as XML spread sheets.
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 Introduction to Custom Controls

This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn how to develop guest book in web sites. This tutorial explains you about the four source that are used to manage a guest book on the web sites. GuestbookForm control is used to sign the guestbook and an xml file called guestbook contains all the information that exist in the guestbook.
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 RelataSync for Palm

RelataSync allows one to synchronize their contacts, date book events, and to do items on their Palm with Relata and the Palm Desktop. RelataSync 0.22b for Palm is *beta* software. It is still in development and this release is considered stable. Please read the 'README' accompanying RelataSync for more details.
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 My Online Friends

Using this software you can build your own online community with your friends and associates. You can maintain images and pictures, testimonials, member profiles, address book and chat with other members, send messages, browse online etc., Key features include powerful admin panel, free and paid member subscription, seperate account settings, classified category etc.,
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 BPhp Webmail Frontend

BPhp Webmail Frontend is a script based on php for web based emails.Features such as user database synchronisation and address book is provided. This script is simple to add in your homepage. It has multiple pop and imap server.Supports single and Multi host. BPhp Webmail has inbox/outbox/sent/saved Folders. This webmail frontend is very friendly for web masters.
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 Guest Book Developed in ASP.NET

The main objective of this article is to describe about creating a guest book in VB.NET and ASP.NET. The author helps by telling about the creation of ASP.NET web forms, the usage of datagrid, data binding, basic ADO.NET operations, sending emails in .NET libraries and the usage of web.config to save application specific settings. The author generates a data access component which collects the data and process database tasks. This is more useful for the beginners to develop their own guest book using ASP.NET.
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 Bpath's GuestBook

Bpath's GuestBook is a remotely hosted application through which your website visitors and customers can post their views, comments and suggestions regarding your site and products. The design and layout of this guestbook can be easily customized to your own requirements. Every time when a message is posted on the book admin are immediately notified about the entries. Admin are provided with complete control over the guest book and every postings are entered on the book only approved by the admin. There are two different edtions for this remotely hosted application with flexible features as basic and premium.
Tags: time , control , website , design , book , site , application , message , admin , basic , layout , post , for , features , customers , complete ,

 Custom Icons in IE5

This is an online article using which users can learn about identifying book marks using icons. Here is a best way for the users to display book marks with icons. This will be of much use for the users to display book marks with different types of icons and also customized icons.
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 Cookie Address Book

Cookie Address Book is a freeware, which can be used in your web pages to incorporate a web page address book that acquires its data depending on the cookies. The cookie obtains the data and supplies it to the address book.
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 Easy Content Management System

*Free setup of automated ipn for paypal, and post back varable script for Features: BLOG - Content provided by web community members - Content monitored (for appropriatemess) by author or their associates - Advantages - People share ideas - People can connect with other people for support, and to form discussion groups - Free to all, so participation is promoted NEWSFEED - Content comes from scanning the Internet for news about the book or from sources such as Lexus-Nexus - Content posted by author or their associates - Content is used by any web community member that wants to stay current on latest news releases, etc. about the book - Content is delivered through the RSS Feed format (which is now endorsed by Microsoft and Google) - Advantages - Web community members receive the latest news - Promotes a sense of community - Provides topics for the BLOG - As an example, you can go to There are several sports RSS newsfeed links on the left. When you click on one, it is displayed on the right side of the page. When you click on the RSS feed links, you are taken to a page with the full story. EMAIL LIST - Email addresses come from web community members - Informatino is stored for use by the author - Emal blasts can be sent to members of the list by the author or their associates to announce events, related, products, etc. UPDATABLE NEWSLETTER - Content provided by author and associates - Content viewed by web community members MEMBERSHIP SECTION - Content provided by author and associates - Content viewed by web community members - One of the most successful sites like this is the premium membership offered by (of Fox News fame).
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 YAAB X - Yet Another Address Book

yaab - yet another address book is built using PHP modules that facilitates you to communicate with the people you want. Searchin of people, mail address, contact info are done fastly. An easy to use User Interface supports users addition/ deletion/ modification. This code features to send mails through front panel. It is widely useful to find people of same thoughts and interests along with their addresses and contact details.
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 GuestPro Guestbook System

GuestPro Guestbook System is a simple and useful guestbook program designed with powerful admin control panel. You can customize the entire guestbook design and layout to suit your site theme and delete, add, edit and remove visitor postings and comments from the book through the admin panel. This program is easy to use and can be easily installed on any active websites.
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This is a website to search for your favourite domain name and allows you can book them instantly. This site wont accept any special characters and white spaces to search for your domains, users are allowed to search for their domain name without any extensions. This is useful site and an alternate site for whom, who don't get their favourite domains.
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 Denis Gorelik's Free guestbook

Denis Gorelik's Free guestbook is an easy to use guest book program that can be easily implemented on your online applications. Just signup for the program freely through the signup form and you can have your own gusetbook for your site without any banners and advertisements. This program will help you to have an intuitive interaction with all your website visitors and customers.
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 Censoring User Comments in a Guestbook/Forum Setting

'Censoring User Comments in a Guestbook/Forum Setting' is an asp tutorial through which users can learn more about CensorStr function which checks and censors abusive messages while being posted to the guest book and message board. Here the sample code is given which can be utilized to create this function in the users website.
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 Dine@ Restaurant Reservation System

Dine@ is a simple restaurant reservation system. This is an uncrypted application. This system allows you book advance reservations, approving or denying reservations. Apart from reservation, you can mangemet restaurant menu. This is an uncrypted application. You are free to add your own features if you wish.
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 Herong's Notes on JDK

Dr.Herong's young, the writter gives a notes on jdk, which help the user to gather information about the name of the book and brief explanation about the content of the book on jdk. Few content like formatting dates, formatting and phrasing dates and like others are given. This helps the beginners to extract a book according to their desire on jdk.
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 Herong's Notes On XML Technologies

This is a tutorial which has a collection of notes and comes in a book format. People can utilize this tutorial to learn several things about XML, this tutorial is categorised into topics like XML syntax, Simple API for XML (SAX), XML Browsers, XML Schema Definition (XSD) etc., and each category is divided into few sub titles also. So people can gather more information about XML technologies from this book.
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 Email List Duplicate Remover

The Email List Duplicate Remover is a simple but useful script that will read through a text file of email addresses, with one address per line and remove any duplicate addresses that appear. With this script you can be sure that a customer or friend will not receive more than one mail of same message suppose you send mail to everyone in your address book of your mailbox or address database.
Tags: email , file , mail , text , book , remove , script , address , message , send , duplicate , addressbook , read , simple , line , customer , mailbox , receive , addresses , useful , sendmail ,


WebOffice is an efficient PHP application capable of assisting webmasters in organising their office online. You can use this program to store and retrieve information at anytime. Admin are facilitated with both event manager and task manger through which they can administer all their bussiness commitments. You would be able to manage all contacts through the address book and can also send mails to all your bussiness associates through the email system. Key features include favorites, memo board, note, file system etc.,
Tags: email , file , program , manager , system , office , book , information , application , address , task , manage , contacts , send , addressbook , store , retrieve , event , features , filesystem , memo ,

 Free-CGI Guestbook

Free-CGI Guestbook is a remotely hosted guest book program that has the ability to enhance your online interaction with website visitors. Admin would be able to view both the current and previous month entries in the guestbook and has the ability to edit, add, delete visitors comments from the book. You can signup freely for the program to integrate it on your website.
Tags: program , online , website , delete , book , view , enhance , for , entries ,

 Freegb's Free Guest Book

Freegb's Free Guestbook is a simple and efficient online remotely hosted program that can be easily included on your website. You can encourage your visitors to post their messages, suggestions, and complaints on the book with their name and mail address. There are also facilities to send "thankyou" mails for all visitors for entering their suggestions.
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 An online remote access calendar system

This script is used for creating an online remote access calendar. This script is helpful for the webmasters to generate their site with event calendar. This event calendar allows users to add, edit and remove events. Their clients can book appointments with webmasters through this calendar. Users can access this calendar from any where.
Tags: online , calendar , access , edit , book , remove , creating , site , script , remote , generate , event , remoteaccess , appointments , for , users , clients ,

 Mail Master

Mail Master has a collection of PHP oriented modules which are highly useful for a secured email functionalities with web based interface. Many folders can be created such as sent, trash, personal etc., with email sending templates. Address book is capable of storinng email addresses with other details. Messages can be searched. Supports IMAP server and HTML based emails. Files can be attached with sending mails.
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 hpnadig's Simple Guest Book

This guestbook application uses simple flat text file as the sole backend to support customers posting. This PHP application is easy to use and displays the comments on the book only after approved by the webmasters. All visitor postings are displayed along with the name and email address and whenever an user signs the book to leave his message instant thankyou mail is sent through his mail ID. There are several customizable features in this PHP guestbook.
Tags: email , file , mail , text , easy , book , application , address , message , user , simple , instant , name , support , features , customers , visitor ,

 Censura Standard Edition

Censura Standard Edition is a simple rating program and is a simple script based on php. This program helps users to present categorized item listings via their website. Item listings like consumer product reviews and book reviews. It also provides unparalleled level of content value withtin existing community platforms. It gives power to provide personal ratings and feedback for community members. It has an unlimited number of product categories and subcategories. Features include 100% web based administration, 100% compiled php code and 100% database driven. Online demo available.
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