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 @ctiVideo Capture Control

@ctiVideo Capture Control is an application, that is integrated with the Active X component packages like visual studio, 32 bit visual basic, MS Office application etc. It has attractive features like video format control, single frame video capture, interface for displaying video on screen, full video motion recording and more. This application is used as a initializing multimedia in control panel of the system.
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 CCXI XML Data Island Library

Take the Strain off Your Server. Use the CCXI XML Data Island Library and ASP table control to allow users to interact with an entire dataset--without having to constantly contact the server for processing. When you need to display a moderate amount of data and you want to avoid server round trips for operations like paging, sorting and searching, then CCXI makes it simple to set up. The CCXItable control allows you to create a table that binds--on the client machine--rows from an XML data island with a template that you define. CCXItable makes it easy to define templates and create XML data islands. What is the best way to present two or more pages of data to users? The most common approach is to dynamically generate html that contains the first page then, when the user wants the second page, dynamically generate the second page too. Then regenerate the first page when the user wants to see it again! And, of course, do this for each user who accesses the data. Obviously, all this processing can put an unbearable strain on your server. One way to solve this problem is to generate a single (long) static page of scrollable data. But, what about sorting and searching? What if many of the data items contain image tags, making the page-load time unbearably long as each graphic is fetched? XML data islands provide a way to incorporate into a web page a moderate amount of data (even html) without forcing the browser to render all of it at once. They also make it possible to move processing of paging, sorting and searching commands to javascript on the client side. Unfortunately, there are many "gotchas" in dealing with XML islands. Inner tags cannot be the same as other valid html tags. Different browsers have different requirements and quirks. And it takes quite a bit of javascript to successively navigate, extract and format data for display. And, you have to format your data to fit these requirements in the first place. CCXI makes it easy.
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SecureTE™ and SecureFT™ with built-in 1024 bit SSH encryption is the ideal server access and file transfer solution for webmasters and IT professionals. It gives you the power to manage UNIX and Linux systems from anywhere using your Windows PC. It can save time, reduce administrative costs and enhance productivity in your Windows / UNIX / Linux environment.
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This is a email processing programme that helps users with a selectable send to email address and a selectable subject option. A MySQL table is used to pull down the selectable subject and mail addresses. The email ID's are kept blind so that its safe from mail Bots. Configuring this script might prove to be a bit tough, but once configured it works fine.
Tags: email , mail , script , address , send , safe , table , processing , users , bit ,

 Paypal IPN Made Easy!

IPN can make your online store deliver a notification email, send a file attachment, record and save the order in you order database in realtime. The challenges of IPN and why using our Ecommercemax IPN template will make it a breeze. PAYPAL IPN is a technology that runs behind the scenes. You don't type the IPN URL on your address bar to get to it, it is accessed in your server directly by Paypal gateway. When an error occurs in the middle of the code, there is no visible error that will manifest where the problem came from. Unless you are willing to do a trial and error for each line of code in your ipn processor, you're facing quite a bit of a headache. IPN processor has a built-in AUDIT TRAIL that makes implementing IPN a breeze. It logs each crucial action of your IPN events in text file that you can later review via your browser using a utility that we also provide. • Our IPN processor template already includes built-in mail sending capability - sending to you as the vendor and also to the buyer. • It also contains a template where you would do additional processing like saving the order to a database. • All codes have well placed markers that will let you know exactly what lines to modify and where to put your additional codes.
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 Opt In Script

Opt In Script is a PHP based email system and is an email announcement list. Using this script, adminstrators can send mails to all the subscribed members. This script requires python based mailing list, mailman. Using this script admin can set moderation bit to every member and users are provided with an option to receive mails immediately. This script is easy to use and can be easily configured.
Tags: email , system , easy , script , send , mailing , admin , set , receive , python , users , option , bit ,

 DMS - Document Managemant System

DMS-Document Managemant System is an unique content management software that allows you to manage all files and folders of your active website. You can edit, upload, modify and remove documents and webpublishings with just a click action directly from your browser. All files and contents are stored with full 128 bit encryption and hence you would be able to transport files anywhere as desired. Some of the key features include support for all file formats like .doc, .xls, .ppt, .asp, ability to edit and view web pages and documents online, encryptions for all data etc.,
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 Video Code Script is proud to release our new (Music) Video Codes Script for the limited offer price of $24.99! The music video codes industry has boomed lately, dont you think its time to catch on to the trend? With our dynamic script you arent limited to music videos, you can set up your site to provide any video code content. With VideoCodeScript you can either use the basic script set up seen at or you can easily integrate it into any mainstream website with its simple, dynamic and flexible set up. VideoCodeScript was purpose built as a SEO optimized music video codes script, you can tell from the page set up - header tags, page titles, friendly urls and link titles - ideal to get the best listings in the industry. Remember the $24.99 introductory offer cant last long and be the first to own this fantastic script to get the prime listings! With 10,000+ songs and 5,000+ artists listed with an easy to search functionality it encompasses everything you want in a video codes script. All you need to take the top searching listings is this script, a prime domain and a little bit of link building - I know of no other script that has such an advanced SEO page set up - each page can optimized further with great ease. VideoCodeScript is extremely flexible with a great admin interface. Most of the current music has been spidered from the Yahoo music portal but you can any new video or videos source with a few simple clicks. Dont miss out on this great opportunity, you will receive an instant download straight link to your email after payment! Be one of the first, just visit now
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ASPBite is an ASP modular application which supports news, articles, uploads and downloads, offers membership information and more. Little bit of programming knowledge is essential to run this system on www and also to customize. It is an useful system for webmasters to built a portal.
Tags: system , information , application , programming , run , knowledge , for , useful , membership , bit ,

 NiceLabel Express-Barcode Label

NiceLabel Express-Barcode Label is a simple and efficient barcode utility that allows admin to generate barcode labels for their appications. You can print barcode labels through thermal transfer bar-code printers, standard laser printers and inkjet printers with high quality outputs. The most highlighting feature of this utility is that it can print both linear and 2dimensional symbologies with graphical image supports. Key features include WYSIWYG editors, EAN and UCC 128 support, 32 bit and .NET performance etc.
Tags: image , utility , print , barcode , transfer , performance , generate , admin , simple , quality , labels , feature , highlighting , for , linear , features , standard , graphical , bit ,

 Java sockets 101

The Java sockets 101 is a tutorial on sockets for use in Java programs. This tutorial is absolutely fit for those who are new to sockets. This tutorial may seem a bit basic, if you are aware of classes and its usage in the The tutorial covers a wide range of subjects ranging from single client/sever communication to a pooled collection of clients accessing the server. This tutorial will teach you how to employ sockets to handle different situations cropping up.
Tags: java , collection , communication , tutorial , usage , teach , for , clients , bit , covers ,


VgPortal is a content management program and is a simple script based on php. It allows user to create and edit content on the websites. It requires Mysql database as backend. Webmasters need have little bit of HTML knowledge to use this program. Users can add, delete, upload and edit files. It has an easy template system which converts templates into HTML code. Ability to have news, guide and previews.
Tags: database , program , create , management , system , edit , easy , script , upload , content , templates , user , template , simple , into , knowledge , contentmanagement , guide , bit ,


OGallery is a PHP based gallery system that displays pictures for a website this PHP script doesnt use thumbnails in the current version. It supports multiple gallerys and is pretty easy to customize if you know a bit of php.
Tags: system , website , pictures , easy , php , script , gallery , multiple , thumbnails , customize , for , bit ,

 Mail a form - Paid

This program is helpful for the webmasters to create online email form and allow their visitors to submit that form through their site. By using this script users can build a maximum of fifty forms with ninety nine fields. Autoresponder facility is available and also it allows users to customize their own autoresponse message to deliver to the submitters after each form submission. It has ability to upload files and offers 180 bit secure ssl for the forms.
Tags: email , program , create , online , files , secure , script , using , message , form , upload , forms , ssl , build , submit , customize , for , users , available , bit ,


Date_Calc is an efficient calender class software that manipulates and retrieves dates in calendar formats. Using this software you can validate dates, compare days between arbitrary dates, calculate leap years, week days, first and last days of the month, past and future week days etc,. This software does not rely on 32 bit system stamp date.
Tags: software , calendar , system , compare , class , calculate , stamp , validate , dates , bit ,

 East-Tec DisposeSecure 2005

Don't give away sensitive information, valuable corporate trade secrets, business plans, personal files and letters, or traces of Internet or newsgroup activity with the old computers that you or your company resells, donates, reassigns to different departments or removes from operation. Deleting all the files or even formatting the hard disk is not enough to stop people to restore information using basic recovery programs. East-Tec DisposeSecure 2005 however removes all traces of data from the computer hard disk, by overwriting and destroying beyond recovery every sector and bit of information. Data is removed according to U.S. Department of Defense standards or custom user security levels. East-Tec DisposeSecure 2005 can be operated from a floppy disk, CD or DVD to sanitize any drive or partition from the computer, regardless of the file system or the operating system. Whether you want to prevent identity theft, protect your privacy or stop competitors from stealing your sensitive information, East-Tec DisposeSecure 2005 offers the solution.
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 IP Works SSL V5 ASP Edition

This is a security program where users can handle this applications components to design their web applications. This program has intuitive interface for script generation. It has features like, supports up to 128 bit encryption, digital certificate management, minimal resouce consumption by components, small sized components for easier downloads and more. The components that are bundled with are, webForms- used to post data, IMAPS- access to pop mail servers, POPS- mail retrieval, FTPs- files can be transfered and more.
Tags: security , web , program , mail , files , access , design , digital , script , downloads , pop , components , small , interface , applications , post , for , features , users , certificate , bit ,

 PHProjekt IMAP Addon

This is a IMAP server mail reading program for PHProjekt. This program is 8 bit compliant. It also utilizes the login and address book. The next version will even allow better integration by storing attachments into PHProjekt and ability to import contacts from email into phproject.
Tags: email , program , mail , server , address , import , contacts , reading , into , attachments , version , login , for , integration , bit ,

 Custom Curser in Flash

This tutorial will teach you how to create a custom curser for your flash movie. Here we will be using movieclip symbol and little bit of actionscript to develop custom cursor. The .fla download file is included at the end of the tutorial.
Tags: download , file , flash , create , using , custom , tutorial , teach , for , develop , symbol , bit ,

 iTunes XML Playlist Reader

This is a PHP program which is used for reading XML files and export the song list which are displayed with track ID, track name, artist, album, genre, track sample rate, track bit rate, file size etc., that allows the users to select their songs easily and also it allows them to set their required songs with the help of track ID and track name. This program also shows number of times the track has been displayed.
Tags: file , program , files , export , help , list , track , size , number , song , reading , songs , set , sample , for , select , users , bit ,

 Robin' Avatars for Forums, Bulletin Boards and Discussion Groups

This utility is an Avatar collection. Many of these Avtars have a roleplaying (D20 D&D) theme, some are sexy (but no adult content) and others are a bit strange. They are all in GIF format and 64x64 pixels in size. These Avatars are ideal for starting an On-line roleplaying group, where you need some character portraits to facilitate a more graphical game.
Tags: utility , format , character , for , graphical , bit ,

 Base64 Explained

'Base64 Explained' is an interesting article in which the author gives you a brief summary about the base64 encoding. Using base64 you can convert 8 bit bytes to 6 bit bytes. The author explains you the process of this transformation. You can also know about the need for using the base64 from this tutoiral.
Tags: convert , using , process , author , for , bit ,


class.id3.php is a development tool written in PHP to get bit rate, MPEG version and layer by reading the MPEG frame information. Using this script you can also write MP3 ID3 tags and debug informations by creating id3 objects. The latest version of this script provides write functions with options to have byte offset and file size of the first mpeg frame.
Tags: file , tool , mpeg , development , write , php , creating , script , size , id3 , reading , version , frame , options , debug , tags , functions , layer , bit ,


SearchFit is an e-commerce tool in PHP with integrated product specified Page 'Title' and 'Meta' for each users. This template driven script is HTML based and is featured with multiple CSS Styles for every web site in the shopping cart. There are provisions for secured order transactions through '128 bit Secure Server' and online or offline transactions are done with almost every credit card merchants. Online demo is also available in the website.
Tags: web , tool , online , site , script , demo , multiple , offline , template , shopping , credit , product , for , creditcard , available , bit ,


This is a database tool that helps users to wrap SQL server database. This program will be of much use for the users in transforming Boolean into SQL server bit and in transforming a ,NET DateTime object into SQL server universal date time format, in working with DataSets etc., This is an effective tool that has the ability to save the development time.
Tags: database , tool , program , time , server , development , save , date , into , object , for , users , bit ,


This is a component which can be integrated to any site with a little modifications. It uses an access database for storage. It is like shoutbox but has a bit more of a forum feel, and is limited to 160 characters per message (like SMS). ). It will also store the IP address of anyoen who makes a post. If you know your ASP you could probably do a lot more with this script.
Tags: database , component , access , site , address , message , store , forum , for , bit ,

We Guarantee You Will Not Find a Auto Installer that lets you Add your Own PHP Scripts for Sale Anywhere on the Internet. Gain New Hosting Customers with little effort by offering 100s of Pre-Installed Scripts that your Competition cant offer. Webmasters will Stand in Line to Buy Paid Memberships for access to Auto Install Your Members PHP Scripts. 1. Auto Installer Features 2. Install a PHP Script in less than 1 Minute 3. Creates A Custom Step by Step Install Form 4. Easily Add PHP scripts using the admin area 5. Automatically Install SQL databases. 6. Start you own membership PHP Script website 7. Spend less time installing scripts 8. No more FTP when installing a PHP Script 9. No More Setting CHMOD / File Permissions What does Auto Installer do? Auto Installer lets you Add your own PHP Scripts by using the Installer admin area. Adding new PHP Scripts to the Auto Installer is easy and requires NO programming experience. We provide Auto Installer training by phone so you will fully understand how to use your Auto Installer. Auto-Installer to automates your script installation Process Every webmaster or programmer that install scripts for clients should have a easy way of installing a script more than once. Some scripts are made with install tools but the process to prepare the script to use its own install method is always through uploading by ftp and setting permissions. This step by step method can be time consuming even though you have installed the script many times before, a script installation can take much of your time. The Auto Installer can be the one tool that will save you time, money and allow more freedom for other projects. Can I make Money using the Auto Installer Do you sell a script where the buyer needs to install the script themselves? Many people who buy scripts have no idea how to do a script installation. This can deter many potential buyers from purchasing your script. Even if there are simple instructions or you offer to do the installation for a price, wouldn't you like to have a tool that will let your buyer install the script completely just by entering in ftp info and a few other pieces of info? Do you install the same scripts over and over again? Even if you are real familiar with the process, it still can take you a little bit of time and thought to do this. Wouldn't you like a tool that would automate this process down to just entering in ftp info and a few variables like email address and website name? Well now is your chance.
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VorbisSPI is a java application supports audio files in OGG Vorbis audio format. It supports streaming of audio files and is based on JOrbis Java library. This can be also referred as a Vorbis Driver, which can be plugged on to any java music player. Ogg Vorbis is a non-proprietary, patent and royalty-free, general-purpose, fully open compressed audio format for superior quality (44.1-48.0kHz, 16+ bit, polyphonic) audio and music output at fixed and variable bit rates ranging between 16 to 128 kbps/channel.
Tags: audio , music , files , java , application , format , open , streaming , quality , for , bit ,


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