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 jBLOB : Custom Tags for Large Date Objects.

Usually it is difficult to decide were to store files, uploaded by application users - as file on hard disk or in a database. But for those of you who want to store files in a database we recommend these CFX Java tags. It was not easy to work with large database objects in early ColdFusion versions. And we had some hardships resolved by using present CFX tags. jBLOB library is a set of easy to use ColdFusion CFX Java classes used to read and write binary information to and from database. jBLOB can be used to upload docs (images, MS Office files, etc) into Oracle, MSSQL and any databases with ODBC connection. The set of classes can be used on UNIX and NT platforms so jBLOB is universal and ultimate solution for ColdFusion developers who work with large data objects. Installation procedure has four steps: Check/install JDBC drivers Copy and register CFX tags Create demo database MSSQLBLOB Copy ColdFusion demo script to web server directory Tag Syntax Note: demo version can store files with size up to 8000 bytes only!
Tags: file , database , web , data , server , files , library , disk , easy , write , information , script , application , using , upload , demo , store , size , read , webserver , hard , set , work , into , version , binary , solution , databases , ultimate , for , register , users , objects , present ,

 Active Python

ActivePython is ActiveState's quality-assured binary build of Python, available for Linux, Solaris and Windows. As part of ActiveState's support for Python, we provide the ActivePython binary packages free to the community. In addition to the core binary code, ActivePython currently includes commonly used external modules including expat for XML processing, zlib for data compression; a suite of Windows tools including the Pythonwin IDE, supportfor Python ASP, the PythonCOM system; and more.
Tags: data , tools , support , build , binary , addition , for , available , part , suite ,

 ActivXperts Socket (Winsock) Component

ActivSocket can be used to automate Telnet sessions. ActivSocket can automate these Telnet sessions, hiding passwords and specific configuration menu's from the operators. To create your own client/server applications; your server-application listens for an incoming connection on a specific port, while your client application makes a connection to it; client and server can do bidirectional communication, with support for ascii and binary data. To extend your applications with client/server technologies. Wake up on lan (WOL); on your LAN, wake up machines based on their MAC address and many more functions.
Tags: create , server , client , lan , application , address , passwords , automate , connection , support , binary , applications , configuration , for , wakeup , ascii ,

 Web To e-Mail gate

To implement this service we have used CDO library. So it can work only on Windows platform. This library has ability to convert HTML page to HTML e-Mail. It attaches all images and style sheet files as binary files and substitutes references with CID (Content ID). The ColdFusion or .NET code connects to COM library and passes parameters for processing. The service are very useful for organization with strong firewall policy. Please fill free to play with this demo. We consider this service as substitute or extension of standard ColdFusion and ASP.NET mail system. The command line utility is used to implement pure web-to-mail feature. The advantages are obvious. We have passed testing into our company and now are ready to share this code with you.
Tags: convert , utility , mail , files , images , library , play , code , firewall , service , page , commandline , share , line , testing , work , into , binary , command , extension , sheet , style , fill , now , for , useful , standard , organization ,

 J-Integra Espresso - .NET - Java Interoperability

Set of development tools and run-time components that bridge Java, and .NET technologies. J-Integra Espresso is written as fully managed C# code and is therefore compatible with any .NET language (C#, ASP.NET, ). J-Integra Espresso provides a bi-directional interoperability bridge between Java, CORBA and .NET. While existing J-Integra products implement standard Microsoft protocols in pure Java, J-Integra Espresso implements the standard RMI/IIOP binary protocol present in all J2EE and J2SE Java environments in pure Microsoft .NET. The solution also includes full Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS) support and works with major J2EE application servers, including IBM Websphere, BEA Systems WebLogic, JBoss and Sun. J-Integra Espresso features include: Pure .NET implementation, 100% managed code It is several times faster than Web Services Bi-directional: .NET to Java/CORBA and Java/CORBA to .NET Enables interoperability with any J2EE or CORBA infrastructure that is IIOP-compliant such as VisiBroker, Orbix, JacORB, JBoss, WebLogic, and WebSphere Support for IIOP transport protocols including SSL and TLS over IIOP (SSLIIOP) Marshalling objects by reference or by value One-sided deployment (no touch on J2EE AppServer) For a free evaluation, visit our website at
Tags: website , tools , development , code , application , language , components , support , protocol , binary , reference , solution , faster , for , features , objects , standard , deployment , present ,

 Post large form data to ASP - Request.Form and stack overflow error?

Post large form data to ASP - Request.Form and stack overflow error? is a tutorial which describes the users about the URL decode function. It explains about the variety of source code and shows how to convert ASP binary data into a string format. The procedure is given in detail with an example.
Tags: convert , data , code , form , source , sourcecode , into , binary , tutorial , decode , string , users ,

 ActiveX ByteArray object for ASP

Read and write binary data from a disk. Conversion between unicode string (OLE string - VBA, VBScript, Jscript) and any code page (ConvertCodePages). Conversion from/to any code page (charset). See list of available charsets at ConvertCodePages page and CharSetConvert method. Hi-speed binary-to-hex, hex-to-binary, string-to-hex and hex-to-string conversion algorithm (usable to store binary data with SQL statement, HexString property) Hi-performance Base64 decoder and encoder (binary-to-Base64 encode and decode) Other features Process up to 2GB of data Works also with very large files (>4GB, block-by-block) Samples to download very large files (Download of large files in ASP) Samples to accept very large PUT request (ByteArray - accept very large data in POST/PUT request, ASP, VBScript) Part of ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload, you will get more functionality! C++ source code is available with Distribution license, please see License page for ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload.
Tags: download , file , data , files , conversion , write , code , list , page , encoder , source , decoder , store , encode , sourcecode , unicode , binary , string , for , available , algorithm ,

 Upload file using IE+ADO without user interaction - VBS

Upload file using IE+ADO without user interaction - VBS is an online article that deals on ASP file uploadings. The author of this article has provided ASP codes for the webmasters to upload their files using VBS alone without using an IE. You can learn to upload the files using HTTP and multi form-data document and further you will also learn how to read binary data from the files using ASP objects like 'ScriptUtilities', ADODB etc.,
Tags: file , data , online , files , document , using , learn , upload , user , read , binary , multi , author , for , objects , codes ,

 Create and work with binary data in ASP/VBS

The tutorial will be very useful for the beginners in ASP development to get the clear details about binary data process in ASP and VBS. Converting string into binary, reading binary data, generating string values for binary data, storing and reading binary values from hard drives and many more binary processing can be learnt easily through this web based article.
Tags: web , data , development , process , hard , reading , processing , into , binary , tutorial , string , clear , for , useful , drives , webbased ,

 Work with binary files in VBS - read and write local and remote files

Work with binary files in VBS - read and write local and remote files is an article in ASP demonstrating the method of working with binary files. The author has explained how to deal with binary files both on the local and remote computers using free objects from Microsoft. You will also come to know the underlying concepts of binary conversions and the ResponseText property of ASP in obtaining the document data as string.
Tags: data , files , write , document , using , remote , read , binary , local , author , computers , property , objects , method ,

 Storing Images in SQL Server

This tutorial guides users to save images in the SQL server database. This tutorial explains that SQL server is not only used for saving numbers, text and other bits of data and also for saving binary data. In this tutorial storing images in SQL server database is elaborately discussed including uploading images.
Tags: database , data , text , server , images , save , binary , tutorial , for , users ,

 Active Metadata

Active Metadata as the name indicates is a powerful image metadata utility by which you can generate thumbnails for image files with details like copyright, camera model, date, comments, exposure time, resolution, color tables and binary information etc., You can also retrieve image attributes from files and can also add new metadata for files. This program supports JPEG,TIFF, Exif, and PNG image format.
Tags: image , utility , program , files , color , information , camera , generate , name , thumbnails , retrieve , binary , metadata , for , powerful ,

 Buffer Component

Buffer Component is an ASP encoding component through which encoding of datas with BASE64 coding object can be done. This component also offers read and write facilities for the binary files and computation is done through MD5 checksums. It is very easy to integrate and it is easy to handle.
Tags: files , component , easy , write , read , binary , object , encoding , for , coding ,

 Uploading and retrieving images from SQL Server

This is a tutorial where users can find information on using SQL server database to save and retrieve images. In this tutorial the author starts with a simple description about using data type image to save binary data and explains clearly about storing and retrieving images in SQL server. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.
Tags: image , database , data , server , images , easy , find , information , using , save , simple , retrieve , type , binary , tutorial , author , useful , users ,


This is a program with which users can have an automated email system for their SMTP servers. This program provides support for encoding such as base64, 8bit, binary etc., This program comes with several features including word wrap, address reset functionality, supporting all win32 platforms, SMTP validation etc.,
Tags: email , program , system , word , address , support , win32 , binary , automated , validation , encoding , for , features , users ,


cASPer.BinaryString is an ASP based string component allowing users to manipulate the snippet of the internet technologies extensively with binary files. This offers various features like allowing the user to open the binary files and they can even save the content into the memory files, processing with the individual bytes of a string, allows the user to perform with binary string object, plain text string and offers binary string objects to manipulate with the binary files.
Tags: internet , text , files , component , save , memory , content , open , user , processing , into , binary , string , features , users , objects ,

 MacBinary Xtraction Component

MacBinary component offers a header along with a data fork and a resource fork. This component extracts the data fork file and copies into a new file. By performing this, we are able to avoid the problem of binary garbage and even, a PC can read the files efficiently by using this functionality. This component offers the code that is very simple and can be used for uploading the files efficiently.
Tags: file , data , files , component , code , using , read , simple , into , resource , binary , problem , for ,

 ASP Message Board Objects Application

This is a program that comes with the ability to allow webmasters to create a message board on their websites. This database driven application is built by using six components and a single binary component to upload files. This application supports both SQL server and MS Access databases and permits webmasters to customize and configure to suit all their needs. This program comes with email notification functionality and allows webmasters to take control over each and every aspect of the forums.
Tags: email , database , program , create , server , component , control , notification , board , application , using , message , upload , components , binary , customize , databases , configure , emailnotification ,

 Magicshell Component

Using this ASP component users can run all their files and analyze the results instantly and easily. This tool supports text, hexadecimal, unicode, binary and base64 output formats. It runs in both modes syncronous and Asyncronous. This tool works with all EXE files and bat files executed from DOS prompt. This tool can be customized to the users need.
Tags: tool , files , component , run , analyze , binary , bat , users ,

 ASP.NET Web Services Techniques

This is an entrance for the web service learners which teaches them about web services and what are the basic technologies used on web services, what are the feature etc., really helps them to create their own web services quickly. The title's described in this article are how to work with SOAP headers, SOAP faults, how to hook into HTTP pipeline, passing binary data, session and application state management and many more.
Tags: web , create , management , application , service , basic , work , into , binary , services , feature , for , webservice , session ,

 Displaying Images from SQL Server database in ASP.NET DataGrid

This is an interesting article that deals with the information regarding the display of binary data in the datagrid control from the SQL-Server database table. This article clearly shows how to place a datagrid in the web forms, fetch the binary data from the database table and shows it in the datagrid control. This article explains it clearly with the sample code to the users.
Tags: database , web , data , control , code , information , display , table , binary , sample ,

 CFX Symencrypt

CFX Symencrypt is an useful coldfusion CFX tag capable of encrypting and decrypting both binary and ASCII files through the advanced FIPS. This application supports PDF files and documents, images and videos, binary files, word, excel, ASCII etc., CFX Symencrypt tag provides 256-bit encryptions for files with key size within the range of 128-bit to 256- bit.
Tags: files , images , application , key , advanced , tag , size , binary , for , useful ,

 tcpIQ Thread Pool

tcpIQ Thread Pool is a .Net component for the efficient and elegant management of multiple threads in a .Net application. The .Net Framework provides thread creation and advanced synchronisation functionality but once multiple threads are running there is no native functionality for the suspension or abortion of a collection of threads. To solve the problems with the tracking, suspension and termination of multiple threads, tcpIQ has developed the tcpIQ Thread Pool. Levering the efficiency of the .Net Thread Pool class, the tcpIQ Thread Pool allows the developer to create any number of worker threads (more than the maximum 25 threads allowed by the .Net Framework), and then to issue a command to elegantly terminate all running threads. The thread termination occurs without the need to issue a Thread.Abort() and therefore avoids its associated problems. The application, operating system or database are guarenteed to be left in a predefined state. The tcpIQ Thread Pool comes with the binary DLL, a number of examples and a comprehensive on-line Help that is integrated with Visual Studio and is backed by tcpIQ's great support.
Tags: database , create , component , management , system , collection , developer , advanced , multiple , number , binary , command , creation , native , solve , for , efficiency , examples ,

 Creating Dynamic Style Sheets Using ASP

This ASP article explains the creation of several types of web pages using ASP with images, text files, binary data and audio playlist. This article shows that apart from creating dynamic web pages it can also be used for creating other types of pages. This article is simple and informative.
Tags: web , audio , data , text , creating , using , simple , dynamic , binary , pages , creation , for , webpages ,

 Displaying Images ( binary data ) from the Database

This simple article describes the concept behind displaying binary data from a database. The author discusses about file creation and displays a list of all the database files. This article proves the simplicity of showing binary data from the database through ASP.
Tags: file , database , data , list , simple , binary , author , creation ,

 Inserting Images ( binary data ) into Database

This is a simple and useful ASP article for the webmasters in including image files on their database. The author in this article has explained the above process in three unique steps as how to manipulate binary data, data retrieving procedures and to upload those binary files online to either an access or SQL server database. By reading this article you would be able to script codes to upload image as well as zip files to a database.
Tags: image , data , online , server , files , access , zip , script , upload , process , simple , reading , binary , author , for , useful , codes ,


DHT is a php program where user handles file and to avoid direct linking and to track each visitor, it hide files. In this script you could encounter problems in the client configuration about the content types. This script handles new binary files. Html interface is provided for configuration. It can be easily integrated into any websites.
Tags: file , program , php , client , script , hide , track , user , into , binary , interface , configuration , for ,

 Installing and configuring PHP to work with IIS

This tutorial explains the details of installing and configuring php on IIS web server. This tutorial help users to download PHP binary on a windows based system. Configuration of php can be done with a click of configuration button. You can test the installation easily. Do a search on cgi_redirect and set the download version to zero if you download php version 4.23 or greater.
Tags: windows , download , web , search , help , php , test , set , version , click , binary , tutorial , installation , configuration , users ,


jBLOB library is a set of easy to use ColdFusion CFX Java classes hat are designed for usage by ColdFusion developers who work with large data objects. It allows them to read and write binary information to and from Oracle, MSSQL or any databases with ODBC connection. It is adaptable for usage on both UNIX and NT platforms.
Tags: data , library , easy , write , information , read , set , work , binary , usage , databases , for ,


Webmasters can utilize this utility for performing decoding operations to the mails. This utility acts as a standalone software, supports multipart, multiple MIME decodes. This component also performs recursive directory tree decoding, base decoding etc., This tool has the capability of forced decoding. This component has the capability to manage batch jobs. This tool decodes ASCII and binary MIME attachments.
Tags: utility , tool , component , batch , tree , directory , manage , multiple , binary , for , base ,


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