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actiTIME is an excellent online time recorder capable of creating detailed and summarized reports on the amount of time consumed for all complex projects by tracking the performances. This online software supports both billable and non-billable task statuses so that billing types can be easily customized according to the system. Some of the important features include data export in the CSV format, individual access rights management, explicit reports for billing and management, web based administration etc.,
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 AgileBill Application

AgileBill Application is an user friendly billing software that helps in executing the process of e-commerce business in the users webiste. This application offers various attractive features like allowing subscription management, account management, electronic bill presentment and management, provision for maintaining reports and newsletters and also this application offers add on modules like allowing content protection, web hosting, ticket system etc.
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 :: AutoHost ::

Account creation and billing automation with Paypal integration for Cpanel web hosts. AutoHost also supports free web hosting and subdomain account creation. Many features like earnings report and mailing list, extremely easy to install and customize.
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 Artmedic classified ads

Artmedic Classified advertisements is a software written in PHP that allows you to create a classified ads market on your website. The main features are, has option to how much announcements per side are to appear, confirmation email for registration, admin can set an ad duration and expiry notification, set any billing amount you wish for each ad placed, simple language adjustment over language file ie- now available in German, English and Spanish, password protected admin control and easy installation.
Tags: software , email , file , password , create , control , easy , language , billing , admin , ads , simple , set , market , now , for , features , protected , option , available , is an adaptive program to integrate billing tasks online through web based user interface. All payments including recurring and one time payment are handled effectively along with flat fee billing on hourly basis automatically. Customizable payment gateway is supported in addition with payment service. Invoices can be created unlimitedly and can be scheduled which are informed to the clients thorugh in-built email module. Billing records contains all detailed info for each client. Supports ticket system add on.
Tags: email , web , program , time , online , system , billing , tasks , user , info , payment , addition , for , records , gateway , webbased , ticket , clients ,


CTCI.LIVE.SALES-P.O.S is a software that provides a complete solution for small and medium size companies. This billing software is unmatched with the features like password protection security, simple integration in "OSCommerce", invoice expressions, orders and order address on the fly. This software is provided with many customizable options for the users to make their transactions easy and simple.
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BillingOrchard is a complete, online billing application for freelance developers, web design firms, and contract employees. BillingOrchard maintains hourly service billing, along with flat fee and recurring billing, such as web hosting or domain registrations.
Tags: web , online , design , application , service , billing , domain , for , hosting ,

 versaSRS HelpDesk

This web based easy to use helpdesk sytem is useful for improving your sales as well as the relationship with your customers. The request from the customer can be handled either through Email or direct chat session. Some key features of versaSRS helpDesk tool are it provides audit trial, history and customizable system labeling and prioritization of calls, fast call logging, call escalations, action escalations, billing module etc.,
Tags: web , tool , action , system , easy , fast , chat , history , billing , key , sales , helpdesk , module , customer , audit , call , for , features , useful , webbased ,

 PHP iManager

PHP iManager is a billing system that provides a complete business solution by remembering invoices and sending mails to your customers on the basis of their needs. You can add, delete, mark 'as paid' the invoices, add, list, edit customers, edit, price the products. Using this software you can add invoice to the customer that consists of products where some are one-time charged, while others are to be repeated.
Tags: software , system , business , edit , billing , invoice , customer , invoices , solution , mark , customers , complete , sending ,

 Auto Control Pro

This is an useful and efficient online server management tool through which you would be able to automate web hosting solutions for your customer clients. This program can automatically generate instant website pages with control panel, automatic mailouts, billing functionalities, Frontpage extensions, database support etc., depending on the hosting plan selected by your customers. Complete DNS records, user information, server stats, PhpMyadmin etc., will be provided for your reference. This program is available in different versions to suit linux and cobalt RaQ 550.
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 PHP Invoice

PHP Invoice is a powerful billing system capable of drafting purchase and billing statements for all transactions of your business. This program is completely template driven and supports unlimited number of clients with different themes and languages. You can print those invoice reports either as a PDF or HTML file and there are also facilities for editing those invoices.
Tags: file , program , system , print , billing , invoice , editing , reports , template , number , themes , purchase , for , powerful , clients , is a web based remotely hosted system that helps web professionals to create and maintain their own online stores in a few clicks. This will give your customers to experience a quick loading and an easy to navigate website. The main features of this system include ability to define the quantity before adding the product to the shopping cart, automatic sales tax calculation, error checking for shipping and billing address, ability to change or delete the products in the shopping cart and has many other features.
Tags: web , create , online , system , delete , easy , automatic , change , billing , error , sales , quick , tax , shopping , checking , product , shoppingcart , for , features , customers , webbased , maintain , navigate ,

 easyPSA Hosting automation.

This software is a domain search and domain registration utility. This script supports major registrars. Some features of this software are, built in billing system which uses PSA database and there is no duplication of data, automatically setup of client in billing system from signup, connect and process automatically through payment gateway. It supports several payment gateways and it never needs manual setup.
Tags: software , database , search , system , client , script , billing , process , domain , automatically , payment , connect , features , manual , registration ,

 Eficium TeleFactura

Eficium TeleFactura is a switch billing program designed for the calls and access service providers who are distributing telecom services. With this tool they will be able to create a least cost routing list, ability to process and handle CDR's, easy to manage customer accounts etc. Other features available with this tool include multiple configuration options like billing to nearest seconds, identification of peak hours, VAT, CDR formats, can be used simultaneously on a network, manages 8 types of call costs, apply margin to your basic cost, organize your customers and contains lots of features.
Tags: tool , program , create , access , easy , organize , service , manage , billing , multiple , process , basic , customer , accounts , call , cost , options , configuration , switch , for , features , customers , available , identification ,

 E-Invoice System

E-Invoice System is an online program capable of creating invoices in printable format. You can manage all your client's invoices through this program with a simple interface. Using this server side script you can update the billing records regarding the payements and receipts, send mails to your clients reminding their payment dues etc., You can design your own layout for the program with your own colours and graphics.
Tags: program , online , server , design , creating , script , manage , send , billing , simple , update , invoices , layout , payment , for , records , clients ,

 PACT - Port Accounting & Collection Tool

Features: PHP administration with multi-language Web-UI, quick data collection through C-programs. Prepared to interface with billing tools. Currently available for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.
Tags: data , collection , billing , quick , administration , interface , for , available ,


webINVOICEplus-V2.10 This is an online invoicing program for small businesses. It gives the Administrator and Clients the ability to access billing information on a webserver. One nice feature is the email notification process. You can set the program so that clients are automatically sent a thank-you email when an invoice is paid. And you can also send them notification emails when their invoice is posted online. Clients can view/print invoices when they need, and they can view their invoice history completly online. The administrator records the invoices into the database through a web based admin screens, and can edit invoices and client details. Like it's basic script webINVOICE this has the added features of PayPal payments & administrator reports.
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 Infowit Creative Manager

This software provides its service in doing a creative business as profitable and competitive one. It provides its all service automatically and it builds schedules to be achieved. It integrates with users in billing process to bill clients including the changes which are made by them. It accesses tasks and creates contents to track an automatic cost containment or charge-back. With the help of this system users can make relations between customers, employees and vendors. It has more enhanced features to let the users to do an automatic creative business successfully.
Tags: software , system , business , make , help , automatic , service , billing , track , tasks , process , automatically , cost , bill , features , users , creative , contents , schedules , changes , clients ,


CyberMerchant is a powerful online shopping cart software written in ASP that supports access and SQL server. This template based script is bundled with browser based control panel to allow admins to have full control over the cart. The powerful product management available in the software enables webmasters to track their sales, inventories etc,. and also facilitates them with products attributes. Key features include new category display system, shipping and billing options, product thumbnails in the catalog, customer profiles etc.,
Tags: software , online , control , management , access , browser , script , billing , display , track , template , thumbnails , customer , shopping , product , shoppingcart , features , available , powerful ,

 PHP Invoice

PHP Invoice is a PHP/MySQL-based account and automated invoice management program. It supports automated billing through Paysystems, 2Checkout, Worldpay, Paypal, and custom payment gateway. Features: Customers can login and update their billing info & password, Ability to send out payment due notices to overdue accounts, Ability to add accounts manually, Supports for payments by credit cards & checks, Ability to activate, deactivate, email, or delete multiple accounts from one form, tax, pro-rated and many more.
Tags: management , delete , send , billing , multiple , invoice , custom , account , update , accounts , login , automated , info , credit , payment , for , out ,


This Custom tag was developed for easy implementation for interfacing with ECHOnline transaction process This tag drives all types of real-time credit card and check transactions using ECHO merchant processing’s free secure payment gateway and open-source real-time software. Supports system check, address verification, authorization and deposit, deposit, credit, commercial card, electronic check debit, and more. CFX_ECHO tag makes it easy to connect to ECHO. Ideal for all commerce applications. Perfect for ISP/IPPs to use for billing their clients, since this supports electronic checks as well.
Tags: system , secure , easy , using , address , check , billing , tag , credit , payment , connect , for , creditcard , electronic , gateway , drives , commercial , checks ,

 Esvon Java Chat

Cusomizable real-time java chat server software for web sites. Esvon Java Chat has features like skins, avatar icons, pictures and sounds, multiple rooms and private messaging, administrative control, and more. Esvon Java Chat helps you to connect with your website visitors quickly, easily and inexpensively. You can: - create your own chat community: it will make your visitors get back to your web site and chat service repeatedly; moreover attract new ones; - organize live conferences and other online events in real time; - achieve the highest standards of services, assissting your customers via live pre-sales or consulting support; - integrate Java Chat with software having billing capability like Esvon Classifieds and offer chat feature to your premium (paid) site members.
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 Ultimate HelpDesk Suite

Thanks to its web based structure, Ultimate HelpDesk Suite can be used on your web site or within a company intranet. Streamline communications between your companies support department and the end users by giving them the level of support they require and deserve. Maintain your clients invoices via the built in billing system; no need to deal with paper-based invoices any more! With a central location to enter and manage all support issues, users will gain confidence in your companies support department knowing their issues won't be lost via a complicated telephony system or a string of unthreaded emails.
Tags: web , system , site , manage , lost , billing , support , location , invoices , string , telephony , webbased , users , communications , clients ,

 Membership Subscription Scripts (PHP/MySQL)

Membership Subscription Scripts is written using PHP as frontend and MySQL as backend. It is an ultimate source for membership sites. This script automate the registration process and provide direct interaction with your billing companies. It has many advanced features, registeration can be handled, all the data are secured, visitors can create their own username and password, passwords are encrypted for more security, for every new user the admin will receive an email, expired users will be deleted automatically, mass mailing features can be done by the admin and more. It is purely hands free system.
Tags: data , create , script , using , source , billing , passwords , mailing , mass , advanced , admin , automate , user , process , deleted , encrypted , receive , ultimate , hands , for , features , users , membership , registration ,


mg.applanix is an efficient tour organising software integrated with customer management program to assist tour organisers. Using this software you will be able to manage customers tour programs with an easy to use occupation table containing the arrival and departure schedules of all customers. This online organizing software is backed with MySQL database to store all essential details of your customers such as addresses, phone numbers etc., in an easy to use customizable file. Admin are provided with the ability to manage book keepings, billing accounts etc., online that can be easily browsed through the templates. Some of the main features include billing data export, support for i18n, access-restriction mechanism, secured login and logout-procedures etc.,
Tags: software , database , program , data , online , management , easy , programs , book , phone , manage , billing , table , store , support , customer , accounts , login , numbers , for , features , customers , organizing , schedules ,


Auto-Host 2 is an advanced web host manager with MySQL backend. You can create as many as hosting packages for your customers and clients with multiple billing terms through Paypal subscriptions. You can even support toggle 'subdomain' signups for your customers through your own domain names. The subscription programs for your web hosting company is designed with customizable email templates for easy handling.
Tags: email , web , create , manager , easy , programs , billing , advanced , multiple , templates , support , domain , host , for , customers , hosting , clients ,


Netsuite has all the capabilities to handle a web based trading more effectively by easier means of functions. Lets you improve your business with the help of tracked customer responsive data and billing info. And other online tools like financials, real time dashboards, order and sales automation, inventory management, shipping tools and much more let you integrate your business with more profit.
Tags: web , data , time , online , business , tools , help , inventory , billing , sales , customer , trading , real , improve , webbased ,


You can utilize this hosted e-commerce application on your business based website to maintain and integrate it with ease. This program is capable of handling all your back-office needs. And through this all-in-one application processing of online orders, billing and payment trasactions, reports analysis can be done dynamically. Provides many templates, financial tools, customer supportive tools and many more to increase your productivity.
Tags: program , online , website , business , tools , application , analysis , billing , reports , financial , processing , customer , payment , maintain , increase ,

 Online Customized plan solution

Online Customized plan solution is a script used to satisfy all customers. This script allows the customers to choose their amount of space in MB, their bandwidth, number of email addresses, ftp accounts, databases and subdomains. This system enhance with many features such as, error checking, GUI, automatic redirection to Paypal account, automatic monthly billing to the users, customized plan launch button, copy of reciept send to admin. This script is easy to configure.
Tags: email , ftp , system , space , easy , copy , script , automatic , send , billing , error , launch , number , plan , enhance , solution , databases , features , customers , monthly ,

 Plug' n Pay's Membership and Subscription Management

Plug' n Pay's Membership and Subscription Management as the name indicates is a powerful remotely hosted program allowing you to admnister all your shopping cart customers. This program is bundled with several modules like user authentication systems with username and password management, password authentication, billing management with payment authorizations etc., A detailed statistical report on your site members and customers are provided.
Tags: password , program , management , site , report , billing , user , name , shopping , payment , shoppingcart , customers , authentication , powerful , systems ,


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