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 Advertisements Free Banners Exchange

1800 banners provides you a solution to display the advertisement for your website in others website at no cost. This can be done by exchanging banners and display other's banners on your website. The exchange ratio offered is 2:1 and also users will receive 1000 banner impressions on sign up. Other features include real time banner statistics that displays information regarding the number of times your ads are displayed and clicked by the users etc.
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This is a fully featured MLM website with powerful back office administration. You can deploy money making scripts with any desired matrix sizes to earn money from every possible ways and this program will help you to manage your users through registration verification system. Through the fully featured admin control panel you can view member statistics, referrals, total clicks from individual members, their commission percentage etc., and enables you to add even banners and ads to your site.
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 Active Trade

Active Trade is a powerfrul ASP application with which you can conduct internet auctions for the products. Just register for the program and you can display your product on any category you wish. Have a look on the bid history and choose the highest bidder as the winner. You can advertise through banners and ads and bidders can search products. It has many features like, advance search feature, most popular links and categories, tell a friend link, site statistics, keyword submitting by advertisers etc.,
Tags: internet , search , program , site , application , history , display , links , ads , keyword , popular , product , for , features , bid , register , banners ,

 Adserver Solutions

This ASP based ad management software is used to generate rotating banners and images for marketing the products of private firms online. This tool really gives solutions for the online marketers for revenue generation and gives real time report to the customers. By using this tool users can generate different models in ads on their web pages like, contextual ads, vertical scrollers, text ads, scratch offs, moving ads etc.,
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 Ban Man Pro

Webmasters can have a powerful ad management system on their websites by using this application. It allows webmasters to create and manage each and every aspect including campaign, zones and banners. Webmasters can use this program to display numerous ads for more number of advertisers. It facilitates advertisers to know about the effectiveness of the ads and income by tracking return on investments / cost per acquisition. Advertisers can also have their login area to watch all their banners, reports etc., It also allows webmasters to display other ads such as rich media, flash banners etc., and to use other codes like Burst media, Fly cast etc., This program has the ability to report automatically to both advertisers and admins periodically in every week, every day via email, HTML and Excel. It has several enhanced features for the benefit of the webmasters.
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 AdWatcher - Ad Tracker and Monitor

AdWatcher - Ad Tracker and Monitor is a powerful software capable of enhancing your advertising tasks by tracking all your banners and ads. Using this remotely hosted program webmasters would be able to record sales, leads, newsletter sign ups, site visitors etc., Webmasters are facilitated with a detailed report on the total expense of all banners and ads along with the profit obtained from each and every ad campaign. Some of the important features are total hits on all banners, pay-per-click search engine ads and newsletters, ability to experiment with different variations with result tracking, easy to use marketing tool etc.,
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The program lets you store jokes in it's database by using a form. Every 24 hours a visitor may see a new joke. The program reads header and footer files, this lets you add banners and other HTML code easily to the top and bottom of the display page. Of course you can use the program to display other things such as, "Tip Of The Day", "Recipe Of The Day" etc.
Tags: database , program , code , using , display , store , banners , course , top , visitor ,

 Always Seen Images.

Your visitor has switched off loading images? Not a trouble. Show them with help DHTML. Naturally, image, turning up among dull lines of text and frames of images, will catch view. Eventually, visitors studying the page will pay more attention to it. You can expect that using our banners make advertising livelier and therefore more effective. Statistics says, that there are 10 - 20% of users, who keep image loading off.
Tags: image , text , make , help , using , page , lines , advertising , frames , banners , visitor ,

 Alivesites Banner Ads

This is a program that comes with all functionalities of an enhanced ad management system. This program facilitates administrators to rotate ad banners on their website. Administrators can display number of ads in a single web page and can manage the advertisers details by adding, removing and updating details. This program comes with the ability to log all impressions and click-through which are happened to the advertisements.
Tags: web , program , management , log , page , manage , display , webpage , ads , number , rotate , removing , banners ,

 Flash Intro and Banner Builder

Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder is a Flash text effect tool to help the web designer create and design animated Flash intros, Flash banners, Flash ads, Flash pop-ups and any other Flash animation. With Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder you can take your own photo and music, and combine them with animated text to create professional looking advertisements, banners intros and more in just minutes. The Flash Intro and Banner Builder allows you to create simple but also complex animations whereby you can combine different fonts and effects and an unlimited number of text lines in one Flash animation. Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder saves your settings. All your personal settings for pictures, URL links, fonts, text ,colors, sound etc. ,are automatically loaded the next time you use Amara Flash Intro and Banner builder. But you can also easily change and update them. No Flash or programming skills are required. Features include: 1) Use an unlimited number of text blocks (lines) 2) Use different font, styles, colors thru out the animation. 3) Create any intro or banner you have ever dreamed off. 4) Automatic skip intro link 5) Position the text exactly where you want it to appear in your animations 6) Many different text effects 7) Make the text freeze as long as you want. 8) Make the text appear and disappear any time 9) Import Gif, BMP, JPEG and PNG files 10) Import music files for background music 11) URL links and Target Frames per text block 12) Background colors 13) Border colors 14) Movie dimensions 15) Easy to update 16) WYSIWYG interface 17) Transition Time control 18) Sound volume settings 19) Insert Background pictures 20) Save as Flash animation (SWF) 21) Compatible with all HTML editors
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 ScriptMate Banner Manager

ScriptMate Banner Manager is a banner management software.By using scriptmate banner manager You can create unlimited zones, advertisers, banners and also provide detailed reports on performance to your advertisers.uses XML to store information which makes it very fast. A hosted solution is also available.
Tags: create , manager , management , information , using , performance , store , reports , banner , solution , banners ,

 Banner and Popunder Exchange

Your members can advertise their sites with both popunders and banners and they can have multiple sites in one account. You can sell credits directly from the members area via PayPal, credit cards and e-gold.
Tags: multiple , area , credit , sites , banners , sell ,

 phpMyDirectory - PHP/mySQL Business Directory Script.

phpMyDirectory is a professional, full-featured tool to create fast, secure and user-friendly Business Directory (Yellow Pages) based on PHP and mySQL. It is self-administered and supports unlimited categories, trade leads with pictures and descriptions, banners and logos, paid memberships, ratings, maps and has a lot of other unique features. Includes full-featured administrative solution. You can charge users for Paid Memberships using PayPal IPN and AIM feature. Free installation included.
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 eFox Rational Yellow Pages Solution

eFox Yellow Pages Solution is a professional, full featured tool to create fast, flexible and user-friendly Yellow Pages Directory. It includes all "must have" features and supports price lists, banners and logos. eFox has its own built-in local banner system with automatic banner rotation and complete statistics. Every page is well documented and is easy to use. So, eFox system can be the best choice for the large and loaded Yellow Pages Directories, but still, it also suits perfectly the requirements of medium and small directories.
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 Anime Chains Banner Exchange

Anime Chains Banner Exchange helps you to display your banners on the websites of other member sites free of cost and to exchange them in a ratio of 1:1 for a standard banner dimension 468x60 which can be either in gif or in jpg format. It allows you to upload multiple banners at the same time and provides you with statistics for credit and impression tracking etc.
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 Another Exchange

Another Exchange.Com is a remotely hosted tool which helps the webmasters and all users for placing or exchanging their banners freely. It offers a variety of categories to select. Here, banners can be exchanged from any category to other. 100 % of the credit for each banner will be given. There is no cost for joining and it is completely free for all.
Tags: tool , cost , banner , credit , for , users , banners ,

 Changing image opacity

This is an article that informs the users how to alter the image opacity to create some effects over buttons, banners and on linked images. This tutorial provide info to the users that they can alter the opacity of an image from 100 to 0 for setting distinct transparency levels. This article offers details to the users that the object is transparent when the image opacity is set to 0. This tutorial provide simple code for the users which can be handled by them on their webpages.
Tags: image , create , code , effects , simple , transparent , set , tutorial , transparency , info , object , for , users , banners ,

 Power Banner Manager

Power Banner Manager is a banner roration manager with impressive and easy to use user interface. This is a Easy to install script, just fill in requred fields. Power Banner Manager supports Multi-User, every user have their own banner database. Supports all the major image formats. One can configure banners and restrict banners to appear required number of times. Every click on banner is recorded along with the information of the visitor.
Tags: image , manager , easy , information , install , user , number , restrict , click , banner , fill , configure , banners ,

 Online Dating Software by AEwebworks

Create a powerful dating web site with variety of features and options. Lifetime free version upgrades, free installation and technical support. Multiple languages, photos upload and resampling, voice and video, virtual kisses, on-site communicator, e-mails verification, online chat, instant messenger, ratings, polls, news, featured profiles, who's online, e-cupid, and more. aeDating software that has been tested and proven to work with big volume sites. Multiple languages, password protected photo, chat and IM, virtual kisses, e-mail verification, ratings, polls, news, new templates, credits payment system, audio/video chat and IM, UK, Australia, Canada zip-codes support, banners system, new IM, phpBB forum.
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 Ad Mentor

Ad Mentor is an ASP program which is helpful for web site owners to cover their site with banners for increasing web traffic through their site. It helps business persons to increase their revenue by giving ads to the website. It uses different image formats to build rotating banners on the web pages. Users can use this tool easily and it is understandable.
Tags: image , web , tool , program , business , site , traffic , ads , build , cover , for , banners , increase , revenue ,

 AuthPro Deluxe

This is a remotely hosted password protecting script that can control access of visitors to users secured webpages. This program allows the members to register themselves through this site. Features like exporting and importing members database, no banners and popups, embeding the forms to the users website, unlimited members, showing users registration page etc are available.
Tags: password , program , control , access , script , page , forms , protecting , register , users , banners , registration ,

 AlbumOnNet WebControls

There are several web controls available which will be helpful for the web developers in creating image gallery, slide show and ad rotators. Thumbnails can be created and saved and slide show can be created with multiple images with the help of available web controls. They can utilize these web controls to display ad banners on their websites. Enhanced customization capabilities will enable developers to alter the feel and look as they like.
Tags: image , web , slideshow , images , help , creating , show , display , slide , multiple , controls , for , banners , available , is a site for webmasters or for project managers to buy projects through this site. Buyers should post their programme requirements to this site. will develop their projects. This site is also included with several php scripts for free download. This site guides you to make creative designs like, logos, banners etc.,
Tags: make , php , site , project , scripts , post , buy , for , develop , banners , creative , projects ,


Banner is a banner rotation applet in java, which displays images as banners anywhere on your web page. In the parameter setting it allows you to set the time the banner will stay on the screen, the time for displaying the next image and also to specify the list of images required to be displayed as banners and the URLs that is required to be linked to the images.
Tags: image , web , time , images , list , applet , set , banner , for , banners , rotation ,

 Banner HQ

This remotely hosted banner exchange utility helps web developers and webmasters to show their website with banner ads to stabilize their income by using a simple HTML code presented by this site. If the webmasters want to display their banners on the other sites, this tool helps them and it increases their sites traffic regularly as per click.
Tags: web , utility , tool , website , code , using , show , display , traffic , exchange , ads , simple , income , banner , sites , banners ,

 Banner Ad Rotator

Display two or more rotating banners (480 x 60) in an infinite loop. Banners also link to advertised URLs.
Tags: link , banners ,


This Java applet is a banner management applet for displaying banners with images vertically in your web pages. This applet is easy to load, as it is less than 4 KB. This applet automatically centers the images and supports images of different sizes.
Tags: web , images , management , easy , applet , automatically , banner , for , banners ,

 BlaBla 4U

BlaBla 4U is an ASP based bulletin board through which group discussions can be conducted. This tool provides the user to select the font colour and design templates. It offers users with a search engine. Has more features like support for multiple languages, administrative tools, users own animations, logos and banners can be included in the board etc.
Tags: tool , search , design , board , font , multiple , user , support , group , colour , for , features , select , users , banners , logos ,


CB4 comes free of cost and its features include unlimited number of different advertiser programs, up to 16 different banner images per advertiser, optional automatic advertiser campaign activation date, impressions or click-through, optional sub-accounts, graphical statistics, view all of your banners in one page, etc.
Tags: images , automatic , view , number , cost , banner , features , banners , graphical ,

 Motion Tweening Buttons

Motion Tweening Buttons is a simple and easy to learn tutorial available in flash which guides you in creating motion tweening buttons using animation in Flash. After learning this tutorial, you will be able to create your own tweening buttons as well as animated banners using this button. The tutorial is well explained with examples and screenshots in order to understand the tutorial quickly.
Tags: flash , create , easy , animation , creating , animated , using , learn , learning , buttons , simple , tutorial , motion , banners , available , examples ,


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