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 Abstract Management

This abstract management software implements hosted solutions to allow people to write and submit their own suggestion under some topics. Admin area allows multiple authors, reviewers with individual username and password. Authors can submit their essays to several reviewers and reviewers can estimate their performance and automated email system helps to inform about results to essay posters.
Tags: software , email , management , system , write , performance , multiple , area , submit , automated , estimate , solutions , people ,

 AddPro's Free Website URL Submission

AddPro's Free Website URL Submission is an automated website URL submitter and is a remotely hosted script that helps users to submit their root pages using 20 top engines like, google, exactseek, scrubtheweb, entireweb, splatsearch, fybersearch, findonce, abacho etc from a web based interface. From the same domain you can submit number of site submissions which can be considered as spam and your site to get banned by search engines. Users may select specific search engine for submitting sites.
Tags: web , search , website , spam , site , script , using , engine , number , domain , searchengine , submit , automated , pages , for , select , webbased , users , top , engines , submitter ,

 AlstraSoft EPay Pro

AlstraSoft EPay Pro is an online payment processor program using which e-commerce professionals would be able to accept and process their customers online transactions. This template based system is bundled with merchant and profile editing tools to support automated recurring bills. Some of the key features include withdraw and transfer of funds, ability to set percentage commissions for the referrals, admin control panel etc.,
Tags: program , online , control , system , tools , using , transfer , key , admin , process , editing , template , support , set , automated , payment , processor , profile , for , features , customers ,

 :: TextAds ::

Fully automated text advertisment for your website with Paypal integration. TextAds allows you to sell text advertisement spots on your website automatically and hands free. Features administration and client control panels, extremly easy to install and use.
Tags: text , control , website , easy , client , install , administration , automatically , automated , hands , for , sell ,

 ASP Help's ASP Chat

ASP Chat Professional allows anyone using IIS to provide chat to their users. It is an all HTML chat. Thus it is compatible with most of the browsers available. The users does not need to download anything. It has a number of features including private rooms, administrative features, smilies, automated URL and e-mail linking, quick loading, online control panels, unlimited rooms and users, modifiable look, bad word filter, webmaster definable actions etc.
Tags: download , online , control , word , chat , using , private , quick , number , automated , features , users ,

 ASPLogin 2000

ASPLogin provides user authentication and management for Active Server Page (ASP) based web sites and applications. ASPLogin uses an ActiveX server component to automatically send users to a login page, and then checks their authentication information and document permissions from a database. ASPLogin also comes with a web-based administrator which can be used to setup users and groups in your ASPLogin database via a web browser. Also included are automated user registration form, forgot your password scripts, and much more.
Tags: database , web , password , server , component , management , document , information , send , administrator , user , automatically , login , automated , for , sites , users , authentication , registration , checks ,

 Beanbasket - E-commerce

A full featured internet business can be done perfectly with the help of this hosted shopping cart application. Built in credit card processing, Shipping integration, customizable sales tax calculation, searching capabilities on products, customer and sales info, automated mail functionalities, data storage and backup features, report analysis, inventory management and still a lot more are available to ease your work with shopping cart maintanance and sales.
Tags: internet , backup , data , mail , management , business , help , inventory , report , sales , tax , customer , work , storage , automated , shopping , credit , shoppingcart , searching , creditcard , available ,


This is a program with which users can have an automated email system for their SMTP servers. This program provides support for encoding such as base64, 8bit, binary etc., This program comes with several features including word wrap, address reset functionality, supporting all win32 platforms, SMTP validation etc.,
Tags: email , program , system , word , address , support , win32 , binary , automated , validation , encoding , for , features , users ,

 PHP MySQL Free/Pro Safelist

PHP MySQL Free/Pro Safelist is an application for users to run a successful professional safelist system and earn more revenue. Features are, free members send to only other free member and paid maembers can send to all free and pro members, automated and instant free to pro upgrades, automated sending of account info upon sign up, automated resending of members account info. Admin has full administration area, uses cookies for all login areas and easy installation features. Simple to execute this programme. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: online , system , easy , application , send , demo , cookies , administration , instant , run , account , professional , pro , login , automated , installation , info , execute , for , features , users , sign , available , sending ,

 SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster - Professional Internet broadcast DJ software. SAM is a powerful & advanced broadcast automation solution that has been undergoing continuous development now for over 5 years, specifically to fully meet the "specialized" needs of online broadcasters. SAM3 currently features MP3, mp3PRO, Windows Media 9 and Ogg streaming support, dual player decks, advanced playlist rotation logic, drag&drop management, real-time listener statistics, voice over/Mic input, sound FX module, automated requests, required RIAA/DMCA Sound Performance Accounting/Reporting features, HTML web output, Built-in audio processors, multi server support including - Live365, Shoutcast, Icecast, Windows Media.
Tags: web , audio , online , server , sound , development , automation , voice , advanced , streaming , support , broadcast , automated , solution , multi , now , for , features , rotation , powerful ,

 BuildTraffic's SearchEngine Submitter

BuildTraffic's SearchEngine Submitter is a remotely hosted search engine optimizing program designed as a perfect search engine marketing tool. You can register your site and its products on all popular web directories, topsites, search engines, ads sites etc., The main highlight of this program is that all search engine submissions are automated and hence supports unlimited number of resubmissions for your services.
Tags: web , search , program , site , marketing , ads , engine , number , searchengine , automated , popular , for , sites , register ,


This discussion board is encapsulated as a custom tag. It just requires one line of code to be called from any application and has a navigation bar such as the outlook. It offers multiple folders for each category with unlimited thread levels. It makes available facility for automated replies to and of posts, editing of posts, word specific search threads, varied skins to change the look, an effective administrative section and many more.
Tags: search , word , code , board , application , folders , navigation , change , bar , multiple , editing , skins , custom , line , automated , for , available , navigationbar ,


This is a program that comes with all functionalities of a full featured user management system. Admin can distribute username and password to number of users at the same time and can provide contact details for the users. This program facilitates users to register themselves and the registration process can be automated through email. The number of times that every individual user login, the date and time of previous login, all logins and used IP addresses will be perfectly tracked. This program supports MS Access, MS SQL and MySQL databases.
Tags: password , program , time , management , date , contact , user , process , number , automated , for , addresses , distribute , register , users , registration ,

 Popup Image upload form with Automatic thumbnails

This is a program using which users can generate a popup image upload form with automated thumbnails. It is possible to upload and manage the pictures by modifying with the help of this program. This program uses database to save filenames and a live demo is available for the users. This is an easy to use program.
Tags: image , database , program , pictures , easy , help , using , save , form , manage , upload , demo , generate , automated , live , for , users , available ,

 Easy Content Management System

*Free setup of automated ipn for paypal, and post back varable script for Features: BLOG - Content provided by web community members - Content monitored (for appropriatemess) by author or their associates - Advantages - People share ideas - People can connect with other people for support, and to form discussion groups - Free to all, so participation is promoted NEWSFEED - Content comes from scanning the Internet for news about the book or from sources such as Lexus-Nexus - Content posted by author or their associates - Content is used by any web community member that wants to stay current on latest news releases, etc. about the book - Content is delivered through the RSS Feed format (which is now endorsed by Microsoft and Google) - Advantages - Web community members receive the latest news - Promotes a sense of community - Provides topics for the BLOG - As an example, you can go to There are several sports RSS newsfeed links on the left. When you click on one, it is displayed on the right side of the page. When you click on the RSS feed links, you are taken to a page with the full story. EMAIL LIST - Email addresses come from web community members - Informatino is stored for use by the author - Emal blasts can be sent to members of the list by the author or their associates to announce events, related, products, etc. UPDATABLE NEWSLETTER - Content provided by author and associates - Content viewed by web community members MEMBERSHIP SECTION - Content provided by author and associates - Content viewed by web community members - One of the most successful sites like this is the premium membership offered by (of Fox News fame).
Tags: web , book , list , script , format , page , news , links , share , click , automated , feed , author , scanning , receive , connect , post , for , sites , community , addresses , back , people ,

 Lozinski's "Updated" Scripts

This is a tutorial that can be used by the ASP users to have automated notifying system for website or web page updation. It has the ability to print, keep track and notify the website or web page updation. Webmasters can use image to notify the updation and notification can appear for any number of files and pages. This program supports several file formats including jpg, asp, html, pdf, gif etc.,
Tags: file , image , web , program , gif , files , system , website , notification , page , track , webpage , number , tutorial , automated , notify , for , users ,


LiveStats.XSP is an online simple and effective client server application utility tool designed with SOAP programming interface to enable large website owners to track all their visitors, clients and customers with detailed statistical reports. This online log analyzer is furnished with fast processing log analyzing engine with which you can generate intuitive customer intractive charts with web based statistics. Some of the key features include automated account creations and invitation system for all users, automated maintenance, scalable licensing, bulk configuration and virtual server management etc.
Tags: web , utility , tool , online , server , management , system , website , fast , client , application , log , programming , key , generate , track , bulk , virtual , analyzer , engine , simple , account , processing , customer , charts , loganalyzer , automated , interface , configuration , for , features , customers , webbased , clients , site has different articles related to PHP for reference. This site allows the users to discuss about articles. This site has different php articles such as, simple localisation with php, storage and re-use of images using php, incoming mail and php, simple dynamic templating for small sites using php, automated creation of thumbnails with php and more. Latest news about php is displayed in homepage.
Tags: mail , images , php , site , using , news , simple , small , thumbnails , dynamic , storage , automated , creation , for , sites , articles , users ,

 Authentication Password Protection Membership Management Scripts

With these scripts you will be able to protect directories, create login area or paid membership area within minutes. Self-installing software - no programming skills, no authentication or php knowledge required – take, set it up and launch at once. Only registered users, members gain access to the protected area. Programs combine visual directories password protection, member management, total user access management. It consists of two parts: web based admin control panel and user area (adaptive forms and modules); supports manual (administrative) and automated (online) regimes. One click on the folder - directory will be protected and protected area created. Your web site is ready to register and authenticate users. Program provides control panel with directories tree image. Using only your web browser you will be able to perform all operations like password protection, multilevel access management – activation and inactivation, user account management, modifying of program settings. Script supports different user registration scenarios (methods) – simple administrative or online registration, with email notification, with email confirmation. You may choose proper registration method and use email templates that have been created in advance. It interprets all your data operations and operations with catalogue tree image into the directives of access control files - .htaccess/htpasswd. Easy integrate with web site and payment system. One link to the registration form and script will register members and authenticate users, collect user data, send and receive email notification (optional). Control panel allows also create and save email templates. Automated backup solution provides security, reliability and user registration-access history. Scripts are simple-to-use but completed and powerful solution. It is suitable for most tasks “out of the box”. Also more sophisticated tasks may be resolved with this software. Full featured version with expiration access, forgotten password, registration approval facilities etc. may be generated. A lot of live examples available. No installation, no programming skills required. Today you purchase program – today it works with your web site.
Tags: software , email , image , web , backup , password , program , data , create , online , files , control , management , protect , access , folder , browser , php , notification , site , script , save , form , tree , visual , programming , scripts , directory , send , forms , link , tasks , templates , admin , user , launch , simple , collect , account , area , webbrowser , set , into , accesscontrol , version , click , login , automated , live , catalogue , solution , combine , payment , receive , purchase , forgotten , skills , knowledge , for , directories , protected , register , webbased , reliability , manual , membership , authentication , registration , powerful , method , emailnotification , examples ,

 Adaptive Authentication&Password protection&Membership management

Software combines three tools – visual directories password protection regardless of their content, member management, total user access management; supports manual (administrative) and automated (online) regimes. Self-installation, self-settings, no programming skills, no authentication knowledge are required – take and launch at once. Program provides control panel with visual graphical web interface. Using only your web browser you will be able to perform all operations like password protection, multilevel access management, user account management, program settings. ALADIN supports different user registration scenarios – simple administrative or online registration, with email notification, with email confirmation. It interprets all your data operations and operations with catalogue tree image into the directives of access control files - .htaccess/htpasswd. You will be able create member area, login area within a minutes, unlimited number of protected areas. Easy integrate with web site. One link to the registration form and ALADIN will register members and authenticate users, collect user data, send and receive email notification (optional). Control panel allows create and save email templates. Automated backup solution provides security, reliability and user registration-access history. Full featured version with expiration access, forgotten password, registration approval facilities etc. may be generated. Unlimited support is available. Free of charge upgrades every two-three weeks. A wide range of access management tasks. Today you purchase program – today it works on your server.
Tags: email , image , web , backup , password , program , data , create , online , files , control , management , access , protection , browser , tools , notification , save , form , tree , visual , programming , send , link , user , launch , simple , number , collect , support , account , area , webbrowser , into , accesscontrol , version , login , passwordprotection , automated , catalogue , solution , receive , purchase , forgotten , knowledge , directories , protected , register , reliability , manual , authentication , registration , graphical , emailnotification ,

 Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator

Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator is a PHP based script with which website owners can manage all files and folders with password protection. As an admin you can also extend the usage of this software to create and manage both manual as well as automated online user registration programs and user access control systems for your website. Key features includes the ability to register and authenticate all members through instant emails, email address confirmations, visual password protection and access control, graphical web interface etc.,
Tags: software , email , web , password , create , online , files , control , access , website , protection , programs , script , address , visual , folders , manage , admin , user , instant , accesscontrol , passwordprotection , automated , interface , usage , for , features , register , manual , registration , systems , graphical ,

 SMART e Mail

Using this powerful communication tool you can send email messages. Users can be able to set automated mail reminders. Some key features of this application are it sends follow up messages,offer quick unsubscribe,offer easy confirmation etc.,
Tags: email , mail , easy , application , send , key , quick , communication , set , automated , features , powerful ,

 No Margin Image Pop up

The No Margin Image Popup is a simple but powerful image gallery script which has number of features. Some of them are: advanced features like autocenter JavaScript, gradual-highlight etc, you can view script from any directories with any type of images, automated thumbnail generation with auto-adjust width and heights, it also links the popup window with a thumbnail or with any text and much more. A sample demo page is available on the website.
Tags: image , text , script , view , thumbnail , page , demo , gallery , window , links , advanced , simple , number , type , automated , sample , directories , features , available , powerful , generation ,

 Dream Account

DreamAccount is a membership and subscription software application in E-commerce. This software is simple to use and install and is affordable for even small businesses. This software is fast and easy to work with all your billing, accounts, order, subscription, and membership management needs. Using this you can protect any web contents and downloads. Easy installation, HTML customization, simple configuration, automated billing, payment options, tax calculations and data encryptions are some of the key featurs of this system.
Tags: software , web , data , management , protect , easy , fast , application , key , install , tax , simple , small , work , automated , payment , for , membership , contents , affordable ,

 Drew's Tell A Friend

Drew's Tell A Friend is a simple refferal service software used to send automated messages to the friends of the visitors. Using this script both sendforms as well as emails can be sent with the provisions for headers and footers. The key features of this script includes extensive error checking and optional usage notifications.
Tags: software , script , service , send , key , emails , error , simple , messages , automated , checking , usage , for , features , friends ,

 TuNG - Turing Number Generator Software

TuNG - Turing Number Generator Software is a web based application that helps you to prevent automated robos or softwares from automatically filling your forms and crippling or crashing your server. It provides multiple login/password feature so as not to allow the abuser or other persons to access the member account. An user cannot enter into your site using general formalities of logging. It creates a 'deformed number' to allow an user to create an account. This script is widely useful for large sized websites. Modular customization is available.
Tags: web , create , access , site , script , application , using , forms , multiple , user , number , into , automatically , automated , prevent , feature , for , useful , webbased ,

 Smarter Links

Smarter Links is a PHP based automated link indexing script which helps you to manage the hundreds and thousands of links that are sent by your website visitors. You can allow members and visitors to submit their links to your database. The admin section of this script offers you an option to decide how many links to be displayed in each page. The script is very simple and easy to use.
Tags: website , easy , script , manage , link , links , admin , simple , submit , automated , option ,

 Ensim Pro

This is a utility and a commercial grade control panel program where the small business clients and resellers can offer professional quality hosting plans to customers. This tool supports shared, dedicated web hosting services. Features like permitting the users to differentiate their business, offering automated and management of common hosting to reduce the burden for the users, facility for expanding users revenue opportunities, avoids theft for customers data and more are available.
Tags: web , utility , tool , program , data , control , management , business , small , professional , smallbusiness , automated , quality , reduce , for , customers , theft , users , commercial , hosting , revenue , clients ,

 php Submission Service scripts

Our submission site is the complete storefront for your own url submission service, plus our submission site includes free tools that will bring visitors back time and time again such as: Meta-Tag Generator - Many webmasters overlook meta-tags for their webpages. Meta-Tags are lines of hidden code found in between the head tags of a website that provide a summary of what the content of a webpage is. Although most search engines spider entire web documents, some search engines and directories only use the meta-tags. Therefore without them, your website could be loosing valuable visitors. With this websites automated meta-tag generation tool, visitor's can create custom meta-tags for their webpages by filling out one simple form. Pop Up Generator - Websites often have specials or promotions that need to stand to grab the visitor's attention. Pop-up windows are great in this function. With the free automated pop up window generator included on our website, visitor's can create pop ups in a snap that will do a variety of custom functions. Marketing Library - As an added bonus a marketing library is also included to educate visitor's on what's involved in marketing a website. By giving free advice to your visitors you will establish an initial relationship with your visitor that may result in more sales. Successful Online Ad Tips - Are you placing your ad on the web and not getting any response? There are three basic things that you must do in order to succeed when placing your ads online. Submitting your site to the Open Directory - Getting your site an optimum listing in the Open Directory (DMOZ) is vitally important as far as search engine positioning is concerned. AOL, Netscape & Lycos all take their results from the Open Directory. Submitting your site to Yahoo! - Getting your site an optimum listing in Yahoo! is perhaps the most important step in effective web site promotion. An optimum listing in Yahoo! can bring in more traffic to your site than
Tags: windows , web , search , create , time , online , website , library , tools , code , generator , site , lines , pop , window , marketing , traffic , bonus , content , url , spider , grab , ads , hidden , engine , custom , simple , basic , searchengine , automated , submission , websites , for , directories , back , tags , snap , listing , complete , generation , visitor , out , engines ,

 Affiliate Directory (Blue Colour)

The affiliate program directory is a mega resource for websites to list their affiliate programs that features a rating system. The administrator can moderate categories, sub categories and and listings. This site is a great traffic builder that includes a built in automated banner and newsletter system and sponsor links for advertising revenue generation. The site requires a graphic to be be placed on the website of the submitted link, when the admin verifies the link and the link back, the listing can be added to the directory with one click.
Tags: program , system , builder , website , programs , site , list , graphic , directory , link , traffic , links , admin , administrator , newsletter , resource , advertising , automated , banner , websites , for , features , rating , listing , revenue ,


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