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 Profit from Web Services

This tutorial is helpful for the entry level ASP.NET programmers through which they can refer the details about web services and how to provide security on web services for authentication and authorization using prescribed protocol for web services. This article guides the users to create a tracking system to track the usage of web services.
Tags: security , web , create , system , using , tracking , track , protocol , tutorial , services , usage , for , users , authentication ,

 ActualAnalyzer Pro

Actual Analyzer Pro is written in PHP and uses MySQL database for achieving of high performance. This mighty web statistics tool is equally effective as for sites with big traffic so for sites with low traffic. Multi pages support allows getting detailed statistics separately for each page. Multi-groups support allows getting combined statistics for each logical group of pages. This script has advance features like, it runs directly on your server and nothing send to another servers, web interface with authentication for all scripts and detailed visitings statistics for each page of web site separately. Online demo is available.
Tags: database , web , tool , server , site , script , scripts , page , statistics , send , demo , traffic , support , logical , interface , pages , group , for , sites , features , big , authentication ,

 Humanity Portal

Humanity Portal supports upto 5000 users and it provides authentication and authorization services to constituent applications. Some key features of this portal are, it provides free email-based support, sample codes, web form support, free update service for one year, helps to access Private Subscriber Support Forums etc.,
Tags: web , access , form , service , key , update , services , sample , for , features , portal , webform , users , authentication ,

 MailBee POP3 Component

MailBee POP3 is a set of powerful and easy to use COM objects which will enable your application or web page to reliably and securely receive Internet mails via POP3 protocol. MailBee provides support for secure authentication (APOP, MSN, NTLM), automatic charset conversions, html-formatted messages handling, multiple attachments, custom MIME headers and much more.
Tags: web , secure , easy , application , automatic , page , webpage , multiple , custom , messages , support , set , receive , for , objects , authentication , powerful ,


AddLock Membership Management System is a PHP script for secure management of your website users' authentication and membership. It guards your resources against any security violation attempts.
Tags: security , management , website , secure , script , resources , for , membership , authentication ,

 Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP

Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP is a group of object which helps to do a desired task with the help of functionalities that it has. This tool has various objects and each has individual functions. HTTP object has features like capability to enter into any URL, provide NTML authentication etc. Command object has features like allowing to execute any command, to customize object security etc. RegExp object offers features like providing expressions in PERL and POSIX. Script object has various features set like is name, is alpha, is password,etc. And also it includes charts and spell check.
Tags: security , tool , help , task , set , into , charts , customize , group , spell , object , execute , for , features , objects , authentication ,

 PortSight Secure Access 1.1 for .NET

In this tutorial readers can find information about providing security to the entire website and ASP.NET applications. The author explains about the importance of security in developing websites and suggests a product PortSight Secure Access which is capable of providing security to the website and ASP.NET applications. The author also discusses about the authorization and authentication performed by the Secure Access including its approaches on authorization.
Tags: security , website , find , information , tutorial , product , author , websites , authentication ,


CF_COMMUNITY is an application written for the ColdFusion Application Server environment which allows the easy deployment of Web-based communities. The plans for CF_COMMUNITY is to allow the creation of sophisticated, hierarchical Web sites offering articles, bulletins and news items, links, file uploads and discussion groups. In addition, CF_COMMUNITY will allow the delegation of content administration, authoring and approval through a robust on-line administration and authoring system. CF_COMMUNITY is available under the terms of GNU Public License (GPL). As with all GPL software you are free to redistribute this application as well as alter it, extend it and improve on it. One of the aims of CF_COMMUNITY is to bring to the Cold Fusion community the vibrant software development which characterizes much of the open source world. CF_Community provides features like User management, Multi-lingual sites,Site Indexing and Searching ,A simple messaging system for communication between administrators Modular authentication so that individual sites can authenticate their sites using their own custom authentication mechanisms,ability to create and edit sections, sub-sections, bulletins, articles, information files and links Fine-grained security controlling administrative privileges for all sections and objects as well as fine-grained access security for end-user viewing of the site, basic statistics and session tracking system, set of custom tags which can be used to build user interfaces for sites, News item management,DHTML menus, WYSIWYG HTML editing etc
Tags: software , file , security , create , files , system , access , edit , easy , development , information , application , using , authoring , tracking , news , statistics , source , content , open , administration , user , editing , messaging , custom , simple , basic , communication , build , set , creation , environment , for , sites , community , features , improve , tags , objects , authentication , deployment , available , softwaredevelopment , session ,


MyCatalog is ideal for small- and medium-scale enterprises. Built with PHP and MySQL, it allows storeowners to create online product catalogs. Features include the ability to add, delete and modify entries. MyCatalog uses PHP's authentication system. MyCatalog's design is very simple. It is aimed at encouraging in-house developers to create extensions that suit specific business and design objectives. Those who wish to create fully functional shopping carts may have MyCatalog as a back-end for inventories.
Tags: create , online , business , design , delete , shopping , product , for , modify , authentication , extensions ,

 :: PixiePro ::

A wide assortment of systems designed for merchants favoring Paypal. Includes digital download delivery automation for both websites and Ebay auctions, a 3 tier affiliate system and membership website subscription automation system all streamlined to work harmoniously together. Ecommerce features such as mailing list, sales history and customer information, download limiting and URL cloaking - Affiliate features tracking and statistics, percentage of sale base commissions and Paypal payouts - Subscription features unlimited membership areas, authentication and instant access automation. Ebay support for "Buy it Now", "Multi-Item" purchase and normal auctions and much, much more. Very easy to install and to use.
Tags: download , system , access , website , easy , digital , history , automation , tracking , mailing , sales , install , instant , support , customer , work , websites , purchase , for , features , base , membership , authentication , sale , systems ,

 :: iSubscribe ::

User authentication and Paypal subscription automation to offer your visitors instant access to the members only content on your website, extremely easy to install and use. Features IP access tracking, unlimited member areas, sales history and members list, and much more.
Tags: access , easy , history , automation , content , sales , install , instant , authentication ,

 :: DryadSubscriptions ::

User authentication and Paypal subscription automation system to offer your visitors instant access to the members only content on your website. Features unlimited member areas, mailing list, sales history, member control panel and much more. Easy to install and use.
Tags: control , system , access , automation , mailing , content , sales , install , instant , authentication ,

 iNet Shaper

iNet Shaper is All-In-One internet connection sharing software solution covering the variety of expensive networking equipment fuctions. iNet Shaper based on software router with NAT, VPN, traffic shaping (optional bandwidth limitation for user), filtering capabilities, powerful user access accounting and restriction, detailed traffic statistics, remote administration, activity monitor, activity logs, special user authentication utility.
Tags: software , internet , access , accounting , remote , sharing , traffic , user , connection , bandwidth , activity , solution , networking , for , authentication , powerful , special , internetconnection , equipment ,

 Restricting Web Access by an IP Address

Restricting Web Access by an IP Address is a user authentication application which prohibits the access to users website or particular pages. By cheking the clients IP address this application restricts the access of users website. This application is easy to integrate and very easy to handle.
Tags: access , website , easy , application , address , user , users , authentication , clients ,

 ASPLogin 2000

ASPLogin provides user authentication and management for Active Server Page (ASP) based web sites and applications. ASPLogin uses an ActiveX server component to automatically send users to a login page, and then checks their authentication information and document permissions from a database. ASPLogin also comes with a web-based administrator which can be used to setup users and groups in your ASPLogin database via a web browser. Also included are automated user registration form, forgot your password scripts, and much more.
Tags: database , web , password , server , component , management , document , information , send , administrator , user , automatically , login , automated , for , sites , users , authentication , registration , checks ,

 Meet and Conquer Class

This training program in ASP.NET is conducted for 5 days. This course covers the important topics such as database access through ADO.NET, error handling, building server and child controls, security and authentication overview, XML overview, String manipulation, File handling etc., You can register for this course online.
Tags: security , database , program , server , access , error , training , child , for , register , authentication , course , building , covers ,

 Using an XML Database for Users - Part 1

This is an online tutorial that contributes to administrators on utilizing an XML database for user authentication purpose. In this tutorial the author demonstrates about implementing an XML database for user passwords and names. The author explains this concept in detail by providing appropriate sample codes.
Tags: database , online , passwords , user , tutorial , author , sample , for , authentication ,

 Active Server Bricks

The result of that work is Active Server Bricks the Site Building Components Library we are presenting on this page. It is based on Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages) technology and implemented as a set of JavaScript functions and objects in files you can include into your pages. Though the functions has been written in JavaScript, you can use them with your VBScript pages as well. The base functionality of a site built with Active Server Bricks is the centralized database connection mechanism, recordset extensions and SQL independed database queries, unified way to store site state for building really stateless sites by using special component with ASP (Active Server Pages) Session object functionality. So you'll be able to keep the site state in your database or files. The library has internationalization and multi-language support. The library may help designers to experiment with site colors and fonts, it supports color and font schemes. The Through Parameters Concept implemented in the library is an another way to keep site state just passing data from page to page via standard HTTP query parameters. It is what another great feature of the library is based on. The feature is Page Returning Mechanism. It is the way to call some site section you're planning to return from. For example, if you have some pages you want user to be authenticated to allow him to use their features, you can forward the user to the section that provides user authentication and when it has done the user will be returned to the previous section. In this case you should not control what page the user needs to be returned to. The library does it for you.
Tags: database , data , files , component , control , library , help , color , site , using , page , query , font , store , user , connection , colors , planning , set , work , into , call , pages , case , object , feature , forward , for , sites , base , functions , objects , authentication , standard , extensions , special , building ,

 Implementing Role Based Security in ASP.NET

This tutorial discusses about a process that can authorize the users to access the application with different levels, by providing role based access rights. Here the author explains about three types of authentication and describes about the importance of Forms and Windows authentications in Internet and Intranet environments. In the rest of this tutorial the author covers all about role based security including Roles, Identities and Principals.
Tags: security , access , application , process , tutorial , author , users , authentication , covers ,

 Forms authentication in ASP.NET

Forms authentication in ASP.NET is a tutorial through which users can gather information about the method that have to be adapted to generate form based authentication which is otherwise called as the cookie authentication which validates the visitors information. The author offers source code and explains it with the help of examples.
Tags: help , code , information , form , source , generate , sourcecode , tutorial , cookie , author , users , authentication , method ,

 PHP-Trader PRO

PHP-Trader Pro is a software in PHP script and a new method for posting classified ads on the website. The main features are ,blacklisting ad posters, encrypted passwords, editing categories, sending invoices as PDF files, session based authentication system, etc. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: software , online , script , demo , editing , ads , invoices , encrypted , for , features , authentication , available , method , sending , session ,

 Authentication for Web Services

This web service tutorial teaches and guides the learners about how to create authentication service on web services for security. It helps them to encrypt data from hackers for full security. Use of Secured Socket Layer on web services and about digest authentication service are also explained in this article.
Tags: web , data , create , encrypt , service , tutorial , services , for , webservice , authentication ,

 Simple Password Gate JavaScript

Three scripts based on Simple password gate is displayed and ready for webmaster's usage. The administrators can make use of these scripts to have basic authentication on their websites. This application can be integrated into any web application for basic security. This is built using java scripts.
Tags: web , password , java , make , application , using , scripts , basic , into , for , authentication ,

 Determining the Windows Users for Web Forms Applications

This is a tutorial tells about how to find out the identity of the users or clients who visited the site. In ASP.Net Web Forms using Windows Authentication, the author gives the example of this operation and its feedbacks. The author sets the security check for folders and then assembles authentication types to identify the signed-in guests or visitors. This article is very useful for the webmasters to check the address of the guest who visit their sites.
Tags: security , find , using , address , check , folders , tutorial , author , for , identity , useful , users , authentication , out , clients ,

 User Management Utility for Web Form Authentication

User Management Utility for Web Form Authentication is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author discusses about generating form authentication for securing the website by managing the user login and password. From the code given in this article, users can modify it to handle the passwords in MD5 format or clear format and also this code allows only the admin section to modify user information.
Tags: website , code , format , form , passwords , admin , user , tutorial , login , author , clear , for , modify , users , authentication ,

 Security Practices for Web Services (Part 1): Now I Understand

Security is the most mature area of the Web Services architecture and it should be. However, getting up to speed on what security means in a Web Services world is a daunting task. This session (of a two part session) is dedicated to covering the foundation for security in the Web Services architecture. Specifically covering encryption, integrity via digital signatures and using various credentials like Windows identity, X509 certificates and custom tokens for authentication and authorization. We will review several patterns for proper programming techniques. Use of the WSE will be shown. Other topics like choosing the right ciphering algorithm will be discussed. Walk away with a strong understanding of how to secure your Web Services.
Tags: security , secure , digital , speed , using , programming , world , custom , area , for , patterns , authentication , part , algorithm , review , session ,

 ASP.NET Forms Authentication, Best Practices for Software Developers

ASP.NET does an excellent job of providing out of the box support for multiple forms of authentication using the classes in System.Web.Security namespace. In v1.1 of the framework, there exists support for forms-based, Microsoft Passport based and Integrated Windows (or NTLM) based authentication. These are intended to provide developers with easy access to an intuitive API which they can use to add authentications features to their own applications without having to reinvent it from scratch.
Tags: access , easy , using , forms , multiple , support , job , applications , box , for , features , authentication , out ,

 Custom Security/Authentication #1

Custom Security/Authentication #1 is an ASP tutorial which deals with custom authentication. Here are some of the examples that can be used by the users to provide limited access for certain pages by the visitors. In this tutorial author describes various codes with examples for users to create a custom authentication system on their websites.
Tags: create , system , access , custom , tutorial , pages , author , for , users , authentication , codes , examples ,

 Creating a Database-Driven Login Page

Creating a Database-Driven Login Page is an ASP article in which author discusses about how to generate an authentication system using password protection to the users website by using database-driven codes that the author offers for the users. Here the author provides various sample codes through which users can generate login and tracking system in the users website.
Tags: password , system , website , protection , using , tracking , generate , login , passwordprotection , author , sample , for , users , authentication , codes ,

 ASP Power Widgets IMAP4

This object has been designed mainly to access IMAP mail servers. This object performs secure password authentication to verify the mails on the servers. This object has the capability of handling all the folder operations on IMAP. This object offers many extensive functionalities that makes the access of emails from the IMAP servers more simple.
Tags: password , mail , access , secure , folder , emails , verify , object , servers , authentication ,


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