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This auction program is simple and enables you to integrate auction script on your website. Through the powerful admin panel of this MySQL supported auction software you can create product catalog, edit catalogs, design and modify the layout and templates for the site etc., After registering themselves for this program visitors can search for products and bid on any desired objects or items. This program uses paypal payment gateway to deal with customer transactions.
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 Active Auction Pro

Those who deal with auction system through web based interface can utilize this ASP supported program. You can customize the auction listing pages using WYSIWYG editor. Gallery manager supports uploading of pictures with listings. Bidding session includes dutch auctions, history, and statistics. Items can be set to expire after certain period. Searching can be done with advanced options. Newsletter helps to notify about offers, listings, etc to subscribers.
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 PHP Pro Bid

PHP Pro Bid is one of the market leaders in web based auction software. Visually its miles ahead of its competitors. Itís features also make it one of the most powerful auction software packages around. Installation is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. Visit us now for more information and a live demo
Tags: software , web , make , information , simple , market , auction , live , now , for , features , webbased , auctionsoftware , us , powerful , provides free url re-direction services (with a small text link) that will convert your long url into a short, easy to remember one. The thing that makes unique is that the redirect actually makes sense. Choose from,, and This site also contains forums and a domain auction which is all free.
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 Auction Broker Software

This hosted auction listing application consists of several facilities to manage auction listing and bidding with selling products. Can be run with any language. Auction activities can be informed to the buyers and sellers via emails and phone. Supports four style in reverse auctions. Multiple buyers can bid on a same item at the same time. Several payment accounts are accepted. Profiles can be changed by administrator. Auction time can be extended according to the bidding intense. Large amount of inventory can be uploaded.
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This web based e-bay auction management software has all the facilities to help you to sell your products all over the world using the provided hosted features. Marketplace tools places your product items into major auction sites like Yahoo Auctions, ebay motors, etc., Inventory tools lets you add more items with previewing option. Image manager helps you to upload your own iamges for items. Supports hit counter with sales system. Storefront tools, order management, customizable online reports, customer supportive tools and still lot of functionalities are available to ease your work with auction based sales.
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 BuildDotCom's Auction Website CGI

Through this 'BuildDotCom's Auction Website CGI' templates, e-commerce professionals can create and manage auction websites online. These ready made templates are available different colour schemes that can be easily edited to suit your website requirements. You can integrate these e-comerce auction templates on any existing website.
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 AClass Auctions

The auction site is one of our most popular web sites that allows you to set up your own paid auction site like ebay. The site is PHP/my SQL and runs on cron jobs for full automation. The admin area features all aspects of user and site control from account moderation payment options and advertising features. In addition, our auction site features muti currency support and payment processing support from PayPal, Stormpay and 2Checkout all moderated in the admin area, which also allows you to pick which payment processors you wish to use and set processing fees. All scripts are included, you only need a hosting account with mySQL/cron!
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 Auction Website

Dt6 Software - Auction Website is an user friendly website template through which the users can build a fully functional auction website. This website offers several modules like banner rotator, form creator, guest book, RSS etc.
Tags: website , form , user , template , build , auction , banner , users ,

 RadNics; Domain Name Auction Software

Domain Name Auction Software: - A premier domain name auction script capable of auctioning thousands of domain names and turnkey websites simultaneously. Simple to install and integrate into any website. With well over 200 user friendly and administrative features, RadNics is a powerful php/mySQL powered domain name auction script. Built for speed, features include the ability to bulk load domains, who is search software, for sale by owner option, message board, built in search engine ranking software and the ability to search for expired domains to auction. Have an active website, use our auction software to auction top rated turnkey web sites.
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 PayPal Anti-Fraud Portal

PayPal Anti-Fraud Portal is a PHP script specially designed for Paypal sellers. Using this software you can sell any items and files without manually processing orders. Detailed IPN Logging and EBAY auction are the unique features of this script. There are provisions for generating PayPal codes and E-mail/HTML template editing. Online demo is available in the website.
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 Advanced Auction Master System

You can implement this remotely hosted auction software to handle and monitor the flow of auctions. Current bids can be notified to available sellers and bidders with up-to-date info. Supports multi-server for faster auctions. Countdown clock is available to work with auction timing. Payments can be accepted through several payment gateways. Graphical evaluated charts can show the statistical details in real time.
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 Professional Auction Scripts

The auction site is one of our most popular web sites that allows you to set up your own paid auction site like ebay. The site is PHP/my SQL and runs on cron jobs for full automation. The admin area features all aspects of user and site control from account moderation payment options and advertising features. In addition, our auction site features muti currency support and payment processing support from PayPal, Stormpay and 2Checkout all moderated in the admin area, which also allows you to pick which payment processors you wish to use and set processing fees.
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 Esvon Classifieds - Auction module

Esvon Classifieds - Auction module is an online e-commerce software that allow online sellers and merchants to create and manage their own online auction application with "esvon classifieds" engine. Only the highest bidder will be encouraged, and this auction software is capable automatically extending the auction time limit if desired and also closes the auction automatically when all biddings are stopped. Some of the many features includes unlimited categories, auction bidding confirmation, ability to view sellers other auction items along with closed, won, sold items etc.,
Tags: software , create , time , online , application , view , manage , module , automatically , auction , limit , features , auctionsoftware ,

 Ebay add on module for X-cart

Ebay add on module for X-cart is a template based e-commerce software for merchants to produce Ebay auction descriptions in seconds. These templates are easy to edit and is provided with a lot of customizing options like size, colour etc,. This script also reduces the average consuming time in uploading the files.
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 Ebay Cross Promotion Tool

By using this Ebay cross promotion tool the web developers can easily generate an auction tool on their website that helps them to provide store items with display options on their website easily. Installation of this program is simple. The users have to just fill out the given field and automatically this tool will generate HTML codes and the users can use the given codes on their website.
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 PHP auction 2.1

PHP auction 2.1 is a powerful, feature rich auction software.It has an install utility to help you install your software. It is also much more robust and attractive, and is database driven for speed.This is very easy to install and comes with setup instructions.Another feature is the built in banner ad rotator software that puts banners on every page of your auctions. It provides the ability to sell advertising on your auctions.It has more features like customizable HTML templates,mySQL database backend,HTML product listings,display of current users and current auctions, new user registration,User defined usernames,password retrevial via email,free bids for registered users,addition of photos etc., This script requires PHP4,an apache web server,MYSQL data base and ability to run cron jobs.
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Greatplaces4u is a remotely hosted application for users website to make revenue and increase more hits to their web pages. This offers many online applications like, auction site, freelancers work place, advertising, job market and more. It is easy to link these remote application from your site.
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 ebay keyword tracking tool

ebay keyword tracking tool is a web based business software that lets you include an auction folder for selling your products and assists you to submit into e-bay auction system. You can build a list containing your products along with description, picture where with font size, color are customizable. You can edit the existing list to make changes and can delete the finished listings. All created auction list can be tracked into auction folder on your system.
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 How to upload multiple files

In this tutorial, you shall learn how to let a user upload multiple files to a Web Server. This could be useful in an online auction application where the users upload pictures of the goods they are selling. Or maybe you want to let employees upload documents on the company intranet. In any case, you can use the following framework.
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 About Nuke hosting - PHPNuke, Postnuke, Xoops etc

No nonsense performance based web solutions. Cheap Hosting for everyone, PostNuke and PHPNuke hosting with free installalation. 1Click Installation of shopping carts, chat, PHPNuke installation and Postnuke installation with Fantastico and Cpanel. Absolutely Free setup! Guaranteed and proven hosting solutions with great benefits.Featuring 1Click Install for PostNuke, PHPNuke, Xoops and PHPWebsite. With one click you can install your site or multiple sites. Your site will be up in seconds not days or weeks. Install, uninstall and reinstall your sites and programs in seconds not hours or days. Create and manage databases with a simple click. Free search engine submissions You can save days or weeks of work by using 1Click Install. Redesign your site with 1Click Theme Manager. Edit your site anywhere at anytime on any computer. You can install bulletin boards/forums, shopping carts, guest books, image gallery, an auction site, MySQL databases, a web log and more.Download backups of your site with 1Click. 1Click database backups. 1Click install shopping carts including OS Commerce 2.2,Interchange cart and Agora Cart. Automatically install bulletin boards including PHPBB2 Forum, Invision Board, XMB Bulletin Board.
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 Component vs. Component

Component vs. Component is a tutorial in which author discusses about COM objects and its advantages. Here author discusses about auction sites, data modelling on auction site, tag time and more for the beginners to know more about the performance and stability of creating components.
Tags: data , time , creating , performance , tag , tutorial , auction , author , for , objects ,

 SFS Downloads Store

The site features and easy to use admin area that allows for category and product moderations including administration of a built in banner, link and newsletter system. With the amount of reseller products available today on auction site such as ebay, filling your store with anything from scripts, templates, ebooks and software is a breeze.
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 E-Bay Auction Clone

Here is the auctions script that you have been searching for. This one was coded after the famous e-bay website script. Start your own auction site today and start making money in 5 minutes.
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 HYIP Cyberinvestment with E-Gold/Springpay

HYIP Cyberinvestment - Operate a site that offers attractive returns or unresistable investment opportunites for your participants, or sell your interest terms to willing buyers that are willing to invest with you. Our CYBERINVESTMENT SCRIPT will faciliate you to operate such a site call HIGH YIELD INVESTING ONLINE (HYIP) with all necessary features and functions to control and to administrate, to collect deposits and to disburse returns. This auction is for the the ready to go script, with preset design templates, you just need 5 minutes to be installed into hosting and you are ready to offer your investment ideas to the market. Equiped with with E-Gold/Springpay. Internal payments system with all history transactions and users.
Tags: control , system , design , site , history , collect , into , call , auction , investment , for , features , functions , sell , hosting , ideas , invest , auction and e-business solutions

Phpauction family includes from standard auction to reverse auction, classifieds ads and webstores packages. From the simplest basic package (released under GPL license) up to the sophisticated Phpauction XL version, you will find your business solution. Our programs offer a friendly administration interface, flexibility, reliability and easy customization.
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 Auction On the Fly

The product has been designed for both the ASP webmaster and the customer with no scripting knowledge. It features easy to use interfaces for bidders and administrators and allows you to update your auctions "On the Fly" with no FTP. It is offered in two Auction models: User Model where registered users list their own items to auction (Typically Consumer to Consumer or business to consumer), and Business Model where an entity auctions products they own or act as an agent for, typically business to consumer. Auction On the Fly is an NT designed SQL 6.5 -7.0 or Oracle 8i database servers and uses Microsoft Active Server Page technology. General Auction Automatic Auction Engine Component. Auctions can be run daily, 3 days weekly or monthly. User Registration Automatic assigning of User IDís User Selects password upon registration. Instant access upon registration, no need for users to wait for e-mail. Users add their own items for listing to the auction. Easy to use forms Image upload component from users local Hard drives. Html Descriptions Allowed User choices for length of auction. Auctions for Single item or multiple item lots. Bidding for single or multiple items Automatic or Proxy Bidding features. Automatic outbid features. Bid History listing. Bid Status shown Winning Bid /bidders Shown Search engine. Whole site or just this category. Load reducing automatic refresh function. Auction State identified. Open / Closed. Automatic Forgot password E-mail. Number of items available in each category. Category listings with number of bids received and date closing. Category listings with new listing and Image vailable shown. Sellers feedback component. Seller rating component. Spam protection for auction users e-mail addreses. User Administration Features:- A user can View all items they have on offer at auction View all bids they have placed View current status of Auctions Update their personal information
Tags: database , password , business , easy , site , list , automatic , date , forms , multiple , user , engine , number , scripting , update , agent , auction , local , product , length , for , features , rating , users , servers , registration , listing ,

 Commerce Manager

This software provides you more solutions in handling online stores through a web based interface. You can build your own cart and can submit your product listings into auction sites dynamically. Upto 10000 items can be defined with catalogs. Credit card and paypal payments can be allowed for payments. Existing sites can integrate this shopping cart to match with site appearance. Orders can be accessed round the clock and order status can be mailed to cusotmers.
Tags: software , web , online , clock , site , build , into , submit , auction , shopping , match , product , shoppingcart , for , sites , webbased , solutions , paypal ,

 Automated Instant Digital Product Downloads - DownloadNow!

If you sell downloadable digital products using Paypal, particularly on Ebay, DownloadNow! can make life easier for you. Stop delivering your products manually by email. DownloadNow! takes care of everything automatically and requires NO DATABASE! Enter you auction product titles into DownloadNow! and upload your products. Each time an auction product sells and payment is made using Paypal the buyer receives an automated email with a download link and password good for 3 days. The buyer clicks on the link, enters their password and downloads the product. The best part is, there are no special product numbers or IDs to enter for each particular auction. DownloadNow! knows each product by it's auction title no matter how many times it is sold! Each product may only be accessed if the product name, file name and password all match. Plus, products may not be accessed after the 3 day time limit expires. DownloadNow! includes a secure, easy to use, control panel.
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Include enhanced eBay auction searches on your site with ModBay. ModBay features include: - mod-rewrite to create dynamic pages with HTML extensions - more search engine friendly (Unix only) - 3,000 most-searched-for eBay terms with simple URLs for use with the mod_rewrite. That's 3,000 search engine friendly URLs ready to be crawled. - search terms automatically included in page title - easy configuration and customization
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