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 Accessing .NET Components from COM Clients and COM components from .NET Clients

This is an online tutorial expalining about the art of accepting .NET components from COM clients and vice versa. The author starts this tutorial by briefing about COM and .NET. The author shows how to access .NET components from COM through a worked example. The article highlights the importance of finding the assembly and the usage of RCW. This article teaches the webmasters about the access of .NET and COM components and how those could be called from each other.
Tags: online , access , art , components , tutorial , assembly , usage , author , clients ,

 COM Interoperability in .NET: Part 2

The main highlight of this tutorial is about the usage of classic COM components in .NET code and .NET components in classic COM components. The author starts with the process of writing and compiling the managed code and then creating a type library. The assembly is registered and then installed which is demonstrated. Author's description about writing and compiling the unmanaged code is more helpful for the users to understand easily.
Tags: code , creating , classic , components , process , type , tutorial , assembly , writing , usage , author , for , users ,

 Building a Web Service component using C# and .NET

This is a place where the users can find the solution to create their own web service by using C sharp and .NET framework. This tutorial offers simple steps to the users for creating OIDserver class file and also it steers them to modify the generated AssemblyInfo.cs to allow users to add assembly information.
Tags: file , web , create , find , creating , using , service , class , simple , tutorial , assembly , solution , for , modify , webservice , users ,

 Reflector for .NET

Reflector for .NET is a powerful tool for browsing .NET components. Users are allowed to view C# and XML documentation and view assembly and namespace. This program also supports Delphi, Visual Basic and C # scripting languages. This program has other features like, ability to provide type and member search facility, VB and C# disassembler, dependency trees etc.
Tags: tool , search , program , view , scripting , type , documentation , assembly , trees , browsing , for , features , powerful ,

 Using Managed Components from Unmanaged Code

In this tutorial the author demonstrates by creating a .NET component in C# which is a component of managed server assembly and also creates a VB based client which uses these services of the managed server. The main aim of this article is to describe the method of using managed components from unmanaged code. The author concludes his article by giving few tips to the webmasters while creating an application component in .NET.
Tags: server , component , creating , client , application , using , components , tips , aim , tutorial , services , assembly , author , method ,

 Serviced Component Example

This article is an example of a serviced component which has two main parts, a server and a client. Applying few attributes, the author explains an example of the Account class. The attributes used in this Account class is explained with a short description. The author explains the different assembly level attributes which is used to give COM+ registration details. The article describes that a service component should be strong-named to be kept for manual registration in the GAC. The source code of compiling the client and the server is given in this article.
Tags: server , component , code , client , service , source , class , sourcecode , assembly , author , for , manual , registration ,

 How To: Use Role-based Security with Enterprise Services

This article deals with utilizing role-based security with Enterprise Services. This tutorial covers on creating and configuring the serviced component, generating a C# class library application for hosting the serviced component, registering the serviced component manually, testing the configured application, creating an assembly and including the same to the Global Assembly Cache, Generating a test client application etc.,
Tags: security , component , library , creating , client , application , test , class , testing , tutorial , assembly , for , hosting , covers ,

 INFO: ASP.NET Does Not Support Pre-Just-In-Time (JIT) Compilation Through Native Image Generator (Ng

This is a tutorial that explains about why it is impossible to use Native Image Generator with ASP.NET. This article explains that normally Ngen.exe generate native image from a managed assembly and performs the installation of the image to the native image cache on the local system, but common language run time omits the images which are generated by Native Image generator from ASP.NET.
Tags: image , time , images , generator , language , generate , cache , run , tutorial , assembly , installation , local , native ,

 RegistrationHelper Class

In this article the author explains briefly about the installation process of the assembly in COM+ list. The author also designs the configuration of this class in this article. The author gives the source code of this class. The user could go through the thread safety which is given along with this article. The .NET Services Installation Tool and the Automatic registration steps use this registrationhelper class during the first activation.
Tags: code , source , class , user , process , sourcecode , safety , assembly , installation , author , configuration , registration ,


This is a program that allows webmasters to upgrade all their ASP projects to ASP.NET saving their time and money. This program can be also used as a powerful tool to transfer VB script into VB.NET or C#, file access to nce.scripting namespace, RegExp to nce.regex namespace, CDONTS new mail to nce.cdonts namespace etc., Webmasters can utilize this tool to produce .NET assembly for the activeX/COM and VB.NET code in a most understandable form. It has the ability to check whether the parameters of subroutine is byVal or byRef. Webmasters can have the reports of the entire migration. This program has several enhanced features for the benefit of the webmasters.
Tags: file , tool , program , mail , time , access , code , script , transfer , check , reports , into , assembly , for , features , powerful , projects , upgrade ,


The TeeGofer Component Documenter Tool was conceived and has been designed to greatly facilitate the creation of documentation for Visual Studio .Net and C# Builder components. Written in Microsoft Visual C# .Net , the TeeGofer Component Documenter Tool takes as input a Visual Studio .Net created assembly and outputs a Help template, either in Microsoft's HTML Help v1 or v2 format or as a Webpage, which mirrors the internal type and member structure of your component.
Tags: component , format , type , documentation , assembly , creation , input , for , structure ,


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