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eBusiness is the art of selling via a Virtual Subsiduary. This program helps to minimize overheads in engaging staffs and setting up an office. It helps to efficiently increase market share for any business by establishing virtual subsidaries. This program helps a business with Quote systems, auctions, shops, sweepstakes, coupons and classified systems.
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 Menu graphique

Users can let their visitors to create their own drawings on their web pages or forums. This is a drawing graphic interface, by using this tool visitors can add graph to assist their text on websites. The art or drawings made by them can be saved as a JPG image. This is a very simple utility and the interface resembles a basic paint brush.
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 Using Cookies in ASP.NET

Cookies are nothing but stored informations in the form of small files on user's machine. This tutorial describes about the importance and need of a cookie while developing any web application. Cookies are mainly used to store user's settings, nick name and personal details. Here in this article the author demonstrates about the art of reading and writing cookies in ASP.NET. The author's sample needs no description as it is very easy to understand and so simple.
Tags: web , files , easy , form , personal , art , cookies , store , small , name , reading , tutorial , cookie , writing , author , sample ,

 Accessing .NET Components from COM Clients and COM components from .NET Clients

This is an online tutorial expalining about the art of accepting .NET components from COM clients and vice versa. The author starts this tutorial by briefing about COM and .NET. The author shows how to access .NET components from COM through a worked example. The article highlights the importance of finding the assembly and the usage of RCW. This article teaches the webmasters about the access of .NET and COM components and how those could be called from each other.
Tags: online , access , art , components , tutorial , assembly , usage , author , clients ,

 ASP.NET Guestbook using MS Access

This article explains the art of creating a guestbook in ASP.NET. The author uses Access datbase to save the data. To access and retrieve the data on the server, ADO.NET is used. From the VS.NET, the repeatercontrol is used to format or change the data. The guest could open and write in the guestbook and also shows all the guestbook entries. For the better understanding the source code is available.
Tags: data , access , write , code , creating , format , save , art , change , source , open , sourcecode , retrieve , author ,

 PopChart Server

PopChart is an art based tool capable of producing an attractive charts and graphs for users websites. It can create text boxes, callout notes that will appear on the graphs and charts. This chart contain variety of graph images. It has variety of features like graphing, drilldown, data connectivity etc. It include different types of graphs like pie, line and bar.
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 Dreamland Studios

Dreamland Studios is a PHP website where you will find some useful and interesting scripts on web designs. You can either design your website logos, banners and ads or purchase the same from this website. You will also be provided with printing services for business cards, letter heads, envelopes, brochures, postcards etc., with desired colour stationaries. Still, a lot of services like e-commerce solutions, web advertising solutions, web art and web design, multimedia and animation are available in this website for the use of visitors.
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 Goetz's Signature Applet

Goetz's Signature Applet displays a signature area for the user to sign the form instead of just typing in the name. Once the signature is made, a CGI script interprets the coordinates and recreates the signature as an image file either as JPG or PNG. The server script sends the signature via email. This requires uuencode or a similar encoding program installed on your server. This feature can also be utilized to have an art gallery of the pictures submitted by your visitors.
Tags: file , image , program , server , pictures , script , form , art , gallery , user , area , typing , signature , feature , encoding , for , sign , coordinates ,

 Sending Email From ASP.NET Pages, a Complete Example

Sending Email from ASP.NET Pages, a Complete Example is the highlight of this article. Smtpmail is the new concept of ASP.NET which is used in sending emails in ASP.NET web pages. You could download the working example of this article right from the same site. Mail message object properties is to be prepared and send method is used to complete the art of sending emails.
Tags: download , web , message , art , send , emails , object , properties , complete , method , sending ,

 Handling Errors

Handling the errors in a more simpler way is the thought of every webmasters. This article is the one to give satisfaction to those webmasters. In this article the author describes the art of customizing the error pages in ASP.NET. ASP.NET gives the page error message to the clients through the email. The author also discusses about writing to the event log. In a nut shell, this article is a handbook for the users while handling the errors.
Tags: message , art , page , error , errors , event , pages , writing , author , for , users , clients ,

 How to Connect to a Database (DSNLESS)

At the end of this article the developers can learn the art of linking to an Access Database with a DSN Less connection. The simple souce code helps the webmasters to understand easily. The author explains this concept in a very easy manner with an example.
Tags: easy , code , learn , art , simple , author ,

 Writing Exceptional Code

This tutorial deals with writing exceptional codes in ASP.NET. In this article the author explains about the how to and why to use exceptions in ASP.NET. The author also discusses about the exception handling and its performance. This article explains the users about how to write code that works with it. Few design guidelines for handling exceptions is also added along with this article. This really helps the users to know about the art of writing exceptional code.
Tags: design , write , code , art , tutorial , writing , author , for , users , codes ,

 Basics of Cookies in ASP.NET

To store user specific information in the web applications these Cookies are the main components. The main objective of this tutorial is to create awareness of these cookies among the webmasters and explaining the basic functions of it. The author shows how to read and write HTTP cookies in an ASP.NET. The article covers the basic detail about working with cookies in ASP.NET applications through which the users would come to know the art of writing cookies and reading them later whenever needed.
Tags: web , create , write , information , art , cookies , store , user , read , basic , reading , tutorial , applications , writing , author , functions , users , covers ,

 How To Debug an ASP.NET Application with the Microsoft CLR Debugger

In this tutorial the author explains about the unique way of debugging using the Microsoft CLR Debugger. The author demonstrates about the arrangement of ASP.NET application for debugging. The article shows about attaching the ASP.NET worker process to the Microsoft CLR Debugger. With the help of this tutorial the webmasters should understand the art of debugging in a simpler way.
Tags: help , application , using , art , process , tutorial , author , for , debugging ,

 Adding Variables To Style Sheets

The author defines about the HTTP Handler at first. This gives the response for the user's request about the source just by getting the extension. The author shows how to write a custom handler and how to bind it with .css files. Implementation of configuration section handler is shown in this tutorial. The author shows the art of adding variables to style sheets which is much simpler and easier in ASP.NET.
Tags: write , art , source , custom , style , author , configuration , for ,

 Building Application Framework with C# - Introduction

This online tutorial helps the webmasters to know about the art of creating application framework with the help of C#. The author briefs about the frameworks and its usage. For specific application domains, data processing and user interfaces these frameworks are used. The real good framework should have the capability to create one or more user interface which is explained with an example in this tutorial.
Tags: data , create , online , help , creating , application , art , user , processing , good , tutorial , interface , author , real , framework , userinterface ,

 Serial COM Simply in C

This article starts with the task of getting MSComm.ocx to do a custom install of VS6. After installing the ActiveX components, the author describes about the art of communicating through a serial port with the help of MSComm.OCX, which is the main highlight of this article. Really through this article the author proves that the serial COM port communication is much easier when compared to the rest.
Tags: help , art , task , install , custom , port , communication , serial , author , serialport ,

 Build an Easy ASP.NET RSS Client in Two Minutes

This tutorial proves the webmasters about the uses of RSS Client and the art of building it with the help of ASP.NET very quickly. With the help of ASP.NET ServerControl, the author sets the control property through XSL. This article shows the easy way to handle an RSS feed which could display out of it more effectively and attractively in an ASP.NET Web page.
Tags: control , easy , help , art , display , tutorial , feed , author , property , building , out ,

This website acts as online resource centre for flash templates. You can search and get editable templates in photoshop and HTML formats using which you can build active websites. Besides offering customizable flash templates, free clip art library with images, icons, sounds, animations are also available as downloads for the visitors. You can even earn money by subscribing as an affiliate for this website to promote template sales.
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 Art, Antique Organizer Deluxe

Art, Antique Organizer Deluxe is a software that helps users to add, delete or edit art and antique data. This program has easy to use intuitive interface. Virtual gallery organizer and web resources organizer are available in this program. You can modify database templates using flexible productivity tool. This program has ability to access your art and antiques data.
Tags: software , database , web , program , access , organizer , delete , edit , easy , using , art , gallery , templates , productivity , resources , modify , users , available ,


DDNSServ allows you to Run your own DDNS or dynamic DNS service. The server suite is fully featured with full support for MX, CNAME, and even NS records. With DDNSServ, you can offer the internet community a valid alternative to static IP addressing. This enables you to provide Dynamic DNS services, which enables people who use your DDNS service to do just about anything they could do with a static IP address. Those people can even run their own DNS server, despite changing IP's. Your options, on how you offer this service, are truly unlimited. For example, you could offer the internet community dynamic VPN gateway services, Dynamic DNS, or offer the service to your existing customers only. DDNSServ is one of the easiest ways to tap into the ever expanding DNS services market. Your users can use there own domain names or use domains provided by you. Features include dual functionality for paying versus trial users, service pricing, accounting, and user management. Service pricing and user management are built in and completely configurable. DDNSServ includes all the features you would find at the leading dynamic DNS services. The package includes state of the art client software as well, which fully supports transparent proxies, firewalls, and routers on all Win32 operating systems. Server component requires Windows 2000 Server or 2003 Server.
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 Xored TruStudio php IDE

TruStudio is a php based program that allows users to debug their php scripts remotely or locally. It is an IDE developed on top of eclipse platform. It can manage project components and codes. It has session level remote and local debugging and supports DBG PHP debugger. You can edit time source code validation. It has state of the art features for python and open source technologies.
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 Add live chat for help-support to your site in $8.99

Live2Support -One to one Live Chat hosted software application is state of art development for interactive sales, supports CRM solution. We constantly research and improve our software to provide our customer advance, smooth and cost effective solution.
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