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 Calendar Scheduler

Calendar Scheduler is a PHP based programme. It schedules your current day's appointments. It allows the visitors to view day, date, month and year. This script has a view page that gives you appointments date and day. You can view your appointments for any selected month. It has switch variable to switch from having two hour appointment span and one hour appointment span.
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 An online remote access calendar system

This script is used for creating an online remote access calendar. This script is helpful for the webmasters to generate their site with event calendar. This event calendar allows users to add, edit and remove events. Their clients can book appointments with webmasters through this calendar. Users can access this calendar from any where.
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 Knabba appointment scheduling system

This script is used for creating an online appointment scheduling system on your web server. This program is useful for private firms, organizations, doctors or individuals to give appointments to their clients. This program is used for resource booking. This script comes with customization facility to add or remove the events.
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This is an utility that has the ability to store the users bookmarks, MP3 play lists, project files, to-do-lists and appointments. The search function permits the users to locate entries. The users can store and access multiple informations. Features like more space for storing informations, embeds plug ins, reminder can remind the users for their appointments and schedules dates, print preview facility, reminder size can be changed, small icons for the reminder and calender can be turned off and more are available. This tool provides backup and recovering facility.
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This script can be used in hospitals, small to large organizations to manage their clients appointments online. Customers are allowed to customize their appointment time and date easily. It has secure login with email address. It protects users from unauthorised users. It has automatic email remainder which reply message to the specific users. Easy to administrate and to use.
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