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 The Knight's Calendar

The Knight's Calendar is a PHP based calendar script. It is an event calendar. Users can enter their main events like, marriage day, carnival day, birth day, school functions, date of appointment etc., Several features of Knight's Calendar are, ability to add date, time of reminders, can navigate month either forward or backward, simple like a real monthly calendar to view year, month, day etc., It allows you to search all reminders in your calendar.
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 Calendar Scheduler

Calendar Scheduler is a PHP based programme. It schedules your current day's appointments. It allows the visitors to view day, date, month and year. This script has a view page that gives you appointments date and day. You can view your appointments for any selected month. It has switch variable to switch from having two hour appointment span and one hour appointment span.
Tags: script , view , page , date , appointment , appointments , switch , for , schedules , span ,


Scheduler is a scheduling system based on PHP. It allows you to enter the events to refer later. It has several features like, two day reminders, email notifications and same day reminders. It was designed to minimize accidental appointment requests and over booking of appointments. You can delete the events or appointment details from this programme. It displays you a statistic report of total scheduled hours of appointment, percentage of showed and unshowed appointments.
Tags: email , system , delete , report , scheduling , appointment , day , events , minimize , features , booking ,

 JAL App

This is an online appointment tool basically built in ASP that helps company organisers and managers to provide appointment schedules to their clients online. It has full customizable components by which the users can update and remove the appointment schedules easily. This utility allows them to set time, date, appointment number etc., on the appointment chart.
Tags: utility , tool , online , remove , components , number , set , update , appointment , users , schedules , clients ,

 Knabba appointment scheduling system

Knabba online appointment scheduling can provide you with a simple, fast and inexpensive e-scheduling solution. It can be useful for suitable for companies, organizations or individuals who have resources that can be booked by time.
Tags: online , fast , scheduling , appointment , resources , for , useful ,

 Knabba appointment scheduling system

This script is used for creating an online appointment scheduling system on your web server. This program is useful for private firms, organizations, doctors or individuals to give appointments to their clients. This program is used for resource booking. This script comes with customization facility to add or remove the events.
Tags: web , program , online , system , remove , creating , script , scheduling , private , appointment , resource , appointments , for , useful ,

 Ourline Appointment book

This tool is built in ASP which is used by webmasters on their website that allow their site visitors to book their appointment date, day and time online. Any private firm can use this script on their website to manage their clients appointment schedule correctly. Microsoft Access database holds the appointment data with full security. It can be integrated into any website.
Tags: database , tool , data , time , website , book , site , schedule , script , manage , private , into , appointment , day , clients ,

 Online Appointment Scheduler

The script is PHP and MYSQL driven and allows customers to reserve an appointment with a Company via the Company's homepage. Appointment and customer data can be edited in the administration area by the operator.
Tags: data , script , administration , area , customer , appointment , customers ,


SZCalendar is a PHP based calendar programme. MySQL database is supported at the backend of this script to store data. It gives you the rights to add events like, birth day, appointment date, carnival day and more in the calendar. You can view the added events from the calendar. Events that you added will be stored in database. This script comes with two different styles- Mini and Vertical layout. You can use it as a diary.
Tags: database , calendar , script , view , store , appointment , day , events ,


This script can be used in hospitals, small to large organizations to manage their clients appointments online. Customers are allowed to customize their appointment time and date easily. It has secure login with email address. It protects users from unauthorised users. It has automatic email remainder which reply message to the specific users. Easy to administrate and to use.
Tags: email , time , secure , script , automatic , message , manage , date , small , appointment , login , customize , appointments , users , reply , clients ,


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