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 .htaccess Guide And Tools

This is an introduction as a tutorial on usage and creation of .htaccess text files. These files can be used to control the apache server behavior. It covers apects such as directory listings, custom error messages, password authentication, redirection and blocking IP's. These are the commands required to control the behavior. This also configures the web server settings as per the directory and sub directories.
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 Fast Pitch

Fast Pitch is an installation kit system and is a simple script based on php. With the help of fast pitch users can install linux web server and mail server. You can integrate your own scripts into fast pitch. It can be used as a learning tool if you have no experience in linux. Webserver starts with apache that supports Analog, php, Mysql and perl. You can generate qmail server containing autoresponder, POP3 and courier IMAP.
Tags: web , tool , mail , server , system , fast , help , script , scripts , linux , generate , learning , install , simple , webserver , apache , into , installation , kit , pitch , users ,

 Dot htaccess generator

Dot htaccess generator produces .htaccess files for your Apache server on PHP implemented webistes. It supports execCGI, includes for files with extensions, MultiView, protection files, IP banning, and various MIME types. It gives you a form to configure your requirements and instantly generates the syntax for apache .htaccess files. An online demo explains it's functions clearly.
Tags: online , server , files , protection , generator , form , demo , apache , syntax , for , functions , configure ,


This is a php based program that allows to compile apache web server with over 63 third parties modules and other modules like mod_auth_sys, mod_relocate, mod_bandwidth, OpenLDAP, mod_fastcgi, Mysql, mod_dynvhost and SSL. This tool is a menu driven program and easily customizable. It improves your security and reports a differnet version of httpd all together. It supports mod_log_agent, mod_cgi, mod_rewrite, mod_negotiation and mod_speling.
Tags: security , web , tool , program , server , menu , php , reports , webserver , apache , version ,

 Simple PHP based Webpage Protection

Simple PHP based Webpage Protection is written using PHP and is used to secure the web pages with .php extension. It is based on the principle of htaccess for apache web server. This script is used to restrict non members and allows only the members of your site. It can be used for admin login and for many online custom websites. If you dont want to show any page for public view, you can make use of this code.
Tags: web , online , secure , make , php , script , using , page , show , admin , custom , restrict , apache , login , pages , for , webpages , public ,

 e-novative WAMP

This is a php based program which allow users to install and configure apache web server with php programming language, phpMyAdmin database administration tool and Mysql database on windows systems and together they create platform for websites. Installation takes less than two minutes. This program enables password protection in Mysql and has easy update process which keeps your system uptodate.
Tags: windows , database , web , tool , password , program , create , server , system , protection , easy , php , programming , install , administration , process , webserver , apache , update , passwordprotection , platform , for , users , configure , systems ,

 Waddlesoft Message Board

Waddlesoft is a message board program in PHP/mysql. This board requires apache web server and is simple in its integration providing easy customization. This board has no password and hence can be easily logged in from localhost. This board is supported by HTML codes. Waddlesoft message board is equipped with full administration support.
Tags: web , password , program , server , easy , board , message , administration , simple , webserver , apache , integration ,


phpdev is a installtion kit program based on php that installs apache webserver containing Mysql and php. Features include cerebus FTP server, phpmyadmin, analogX php.ini configurator, PHP GTK, Mysql and mod_perl. This program is available in single distribution and for a windows machine. This program also updates latest php and apache versions. phpdev users can get mod_perl with apache and perl.
Tags: windows , program , php , apache , distribution , kit , for , users , available ,

 Franciscocharrua's Secure Sockets Layer

Franciscocharrua's Secure Sockets Layer is an aritcle by which you can learn about SSL and its usage in securing the web services. In this article the author has also provided his valuable tips and guide lines in implementing SSL on webservers. You can gain knowledge on SSL, how to generate an SSL certificate, how to install them on your apache server etc., This is an useful article for all webmasters who needs to protect their online applications.
Tags: web , online , server , protect , learn , lines , generate , install , tips , apache , usage , author , knowledge , for , guide , useful ,

 PHP auction 2.1

PHP auction 2.1 is a powerful, feature rich auction software.It has an install utility to help you install your software. It is also much more robust and attractive, and is database driven for speed.This is very easy to install and comes with setup instructions.Another feature is the built in banner ad rotator software that puts banners on every page of your auctions. It provides the ability to sell advertising on your auctions.It has more features like customizable HTML templates,mySQL database backend,HTML product listings,display of current users and current auctions, new user registration,User defined usernames,password retrevial via email,free bids for registered users,addition of photos etc., This script requires PHP4,an apache web server,MYSQL data base and ability to run cron jobs.
Tags: software , database , web , utility , data , photos , easy , help , script , page , install , user , run , apache , auction , advertising , banner , product , feature , for , features , base , users , banners , sell ,


This is a java applet software which supports dynamic and threaded discussions on websites. This program is well suited with the servlet containers that provide support for JSP 1.2 and servlet 2.3. This program supports all oracle versions. This program offer tested environments for the users which includes weblogic, orion, apache using tomcat, IIS with resin and IBM websphere. This forum implies with J2EE / servlet. This program can be customized and handled easily by the users.
Tags: software , program , java , using , oracle , applet , support , dynamic , apache , javaapplet , forum , for , users ,


iConductor is a powerful ASP software for developing and hosting online applications on apache servers. This software focusses mainly on e-commerce functionalities like sales and accountings, online transactions etc., in various formats. You can communicate with non compatible systems by getting connected with multiple remote servers. All information regarding the site can be easily retrieved, integrated, manipulated and displayed to and fro between multiple sources.
Tags: software , online , information , site , remote , sales , multiple , apache , applications , for , powerful , systems , hosting ,

 The Soothingly Seamless Setup of Apache, SSL, MySQL, and PHP

This tutorial educates the details of installing and setting up Apache web server with SSL, Mysql database server and php language. Downloading of all packages are free. Mod_SSL, Mysql, php, RSARef, OpenSSL and apache tools are needed to perform installation and setup. Mod_SSL and OpenSSL can be used for secure connections. You can create secure websites with php language that integrates with Mysql database server.
Tags: database , web , create , server , secure , tools , php , language , webserver , apache , tutorial , installation , websites , for ,


PHP Referer is a programme built for analysing web traffic with accurate statistical information. It analyzes a log file of apache to show your most common referers ie webpages that link to your site. It tracks number of times the particular page viewed by the visitor. Very useful tool for webmasters.
Tags: file , web , tool , log , page , show , ie , link , traffic , number , tracks , apache , accurate , for , useful , logfile ,

 PHP Triad

With the help of PHP Triad users can install apache web server with php and Mysql. This program is available in single distribution pack. This is an installation kit program and is a simple script based on php. It is easy to understand and use. Anyone can just install whole php website on a server easily with this installer.
Tags: web , program , server , website , easy , help , php , script , install , simple , webserver , apache , distribution , installation , kit , users , available ,


With easyServ users can install apache web server containing Mysql and php. This program is available only in single distribution which is windows. This program is also a configurator for windows. To configure it all you has to do is just a click of button. Installation is very simple and easy. It can be integrated into any active website. It is a handy tool for users.
Tags: web , tool , program , server , install , simple , webserver , apache , into , click , distribution , active , for , users , configure , available ,

 phpMyVisites | powerfull web stats analyser

phpMyVisites is a php/MySQL Web Traffic analyzer with very detailed reports and advanced graphics. It is NOT a apache log analysis tool because phpMyVisites creates its own logs (with a complex php script, logs are saved in a MySQL database). It allows to access to complex stats about the visitors and his behaviour on the web site. phpMyVisites provides informations about : - Visitors (time spent on the website, numerous stats), pages views (detailed reports), hours of visit (local and server hours), Summary Chart, Visitors Chart by Visits Length, by Viewed Pages. - Visitors Follow-Up : Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Visitors Follow-Up. - Origins : Countries Summary, Automatic Coloroured maps, Providers - Visitors Configurations : OS, browsers, Screen Resolutions, Normal/widescreen, Screen Depth Color - Referers : Visitors Chart by Referers, Search Engines and Keywords, Keywords by search engines, Websites or Direct Request. And also a powerfull administration and configuration tool. Easy install, ONLY NEED php and a MySQL database. You'll have to add a short JS code on your web pages. A complete doc is available (french, but I hope in english very soon).
Tags: web , tool , search , server , access , code , php , log , analysis , english , doc , advanced , administration , analyzer , reports , apache , stats , pages , configuration , logs , loganalysis , complete , available ,

 Reliable & free! It has to be Apache

Apache is the most popular Web servers on the net which works on all operating systems now available with new features. This works fast and has overall stability. If you are hosting a website mostly with static content, Apache is a fireball. If you are new to the Unix/ Linux/ BSD Os, you have to install source and binary packages. While downloading the apache package, you must grab the documentation also for easier operations. Easy to download and simple to run. Totally apache is an excellent webserver to the internet world.
Tags: download , internet , website , fast , source , install , grab , simple , apache , documentation , binary , popular , now , for , servers , available , systems , hosting , static ,

 A WebServer Guide - Help Using Apache

The author in this tutorial has elaborately explain about the concepts of the web servers, the advantages of the apache server and its installation procedures on a linux environment. The tutorial helps users in downloading the apache server with documentations, installing and running apache, building apache from source, configuration, performance settings and starting apache. A helpful tutorial that installs apache on linux.
Tags: web , server , performance , linux , settings , apache , tutorial , installation , author , users , building ,

 Installing Apache Web Server and PHP 4 on Linux Tutorial

This tutorial teaches the details of setting up apache web server and php 4 on a linux environment. You can download apache web server and php from the given URL to your PC. There are two steps to setup them. First step is to obtain the source packages and you can compile it through source package. The second step is to unpack the source pack. This article is useful for the beginners of php.
Tags: download , web , server , php , linux , source , webserver , apache , tutorial , second , for , useful ,

 Custom Error 404 Documents with PHP

This is a tutorial which teaches the users how to avoid errors like Error 404 Not Found and for redirecting peoples back to their newly designed page with php. This tutorial tells the users about handling errors in which they can setup their own error document and redirects them to their index page. The author tells the users how they should setup a htaccess file that permits apache to use the script. This tutorial provides more tips for the users to follow.
Tags: file , document , page , error , index , tips , apache , tutorial , errors , author , for , back , users ,

 42go ISP-Manager

The 42go ISP-Manager is a PHP based software designed for linux webserver management solution. 42go ISP-Manager Professional has several features like, FTP-administration, sendmail and postfix administration, POP3 administration, firewall configuration, monitoring services, apache administration, phpMyAdmin, web-invoice, web-ftp and start, stop, restart services administration. Trial version is available.
Tags: software , management , monitoring , firewall , linux , apache , version , services , restart , for , features ,

 Apache Compile Kit

Apache Compile Kit is a simple script based on php and is an compiling program. With apache compile kit users can compile apache web server with php. This program bundle consists of following modules like mod_perl, openSSL and UWimap. If the ORACLE_HOME environment variable is present, oracle is detected automatically.
Tags: web , program , server , php , script , oracle , simple , webserver , apache , environment , kit , users , bundle ,

 Reactor Server

Reactor Server is a installation kit software program based on php with which you can install apache distribution with Perl, PHP Nuke, Zina, Php and Mysql. It is available in only one distrbution which is windows. To remove reactor server from your system you just delete C:/Reactor directory. Windows distribution contains MySql, PHPMyAdmin, Zina, Turck MMCache, SQLite and PHP-Nuke. Registry changes are not made for this program.
Tags: software , windows , program , server , system , delete , php , remove , install , apache , distribution , installation , kit , for , available , changes ,


Webgenerator-X is an open source content management system aimed at powering an entire website by itself. The engine is centered around new caching and template layers. Every output can be cached and therefore the system saves a lot of apache and mysql precious server load. The adminstration can be shared by multiple administrators whose rights can be set precisely. XML is used as a mean to easily and safely drive the engine. A new yahoo like directory engine is available.
Tags: server , management , system , website , mysql , drive , directory , source , content , multiple , open , yahoo , template , engine , set , apache , contentmanagement , contentmanagementsystem , shared ,

 Linux Control Panel

This is an utility which automates the Linux and FreeBSD server hosted. This tool provides server administration control for the users and also activate the new accounts of the users. Admin features like managing the clients and can set customer websites, editing apache handlers, FTP and web status, webmail system, web protection, mysql databases managment, can view error log, uninstalling and installing frontPage extensions, file manager, web protection etc are available. The resellers have the ability to set logo type of their own.
Tags: file , web , utility , tool , server , control , protection , mysql , view , error , administration , editing , set , customer , apache , type , accounts , logo , databases , for , features , users , clients ,

 How To Install Apache, Php and Mysql

Installing Apache, php and Mysql in a windows environment is what this tutorial is all about. This article even has links to download php, Mysql and Apache from their respective sites along with the installation readme files. The article describes installation of Mysql then Apache with php, configuring apache and php, Apache + PHP (DSO Module), compiling Apache with DSO support and installing PHP as a module. This is a very useful tutorial for users.
Tags: windows , download , php , links , support , apache , tutorial , installation , environment , for , sites , useful ,


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