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This program allows you to create animated themes as well as place them on your desktop. You can also place pre created themes that are in Flash, Java, Active X components and HTML pages. It also allows you to also set the regular wallpaper, join different wallpaper themes together into collections and make them change in accordance with time. The software supports numerous graphic formats. Its features are animated desktop, create your own animations for your desktop, convenient settings menu, collections of pictures for your desktop, supports numerous graphic formats, multi lingual support, user friendly interface and convenient and comprehensive help system.
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ABCMenuMan is a Java applet that can be incorporated into your web pages to display amazing menus without the use of separate GIF images. It can contain lots of menu items and allows you to background loading color, highlight color, add sound effects, use of frames, specify font type, create your own animations with different sizes etc. This applet loads very fast and adds stunning mouseover effects than animated GIF menus.
Tags: web , create , menu , sound , fast , animated , amazing , effects , display , font , applet , background , menus , into , pages , animations , webpages ,

 FlashKeeper, Handy flash tool kit

FlashKeeper is a handy flash tool kit with five easy-to-use Flash tools that help you to get many of your flash files organized and also simplify and accelerate Flash development. Preview and browse flash files, download flash from the Internet, donwload management, Create screensaver with batch of flash files, convert SwF and EXE format to each other individually or in batch etc. All of these features will help you enhance and extent the using possibility of existing flash files. And with friendly easy-operation user interface, Sparkle Flash Keeper offers you a fantastic animated flash world!
Tags: screensaver , download , convert , tool , flash , files , tools , help , batch , animated , format , using , user , browse , enhance , accelerate , kit , features ,

 Antechinus Animator Professional

Easily create and edit animations, videos, images, and sound files: over 40 formats are supported. Have your first animation running in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES with morphing or multitudes of other animated effects. No need to guess: see in real time what happens as each option is changed. Show-case your product/service or enhance your family photos with stand-alone musical slide-shows. View and organize all images on your computer. Save time: process, convert, and do multiple changes to multiple files in ONE SINGLE go. You can even do it from other programs or command line. Waste no time on repetitive animation/imaging jobs - Animator automates intelligently everything that can be automated. Do with ease common animation/imaging tasks: merge animations with sound files, extract images and sounds from videos, or put videos or sound files together. Give new life to your family photos: enhance and perfect them with over 30 filters and effects. Optimize files to load your web pages up to 75% faster. Reduce the size of already compressed images by further 40-65% with the best compression tools available. The preview lets you see how the image will look like and how big it will be in the optimized state. You even know how fast it will load depending on your visitors' connection speed with the built-in download time calculator. Also, create roll-over buttons for the web with one click, and visually create image maps. Enhance the visual appeal of your images with drop shadows, embossing, and blending. Illustrate your documents, presentations, web pages, or applications with advanced screen and resource capturing. Capture anything of any shape you see on screen, manually or automatically, or capture images, icons, and cursors embedded into programs (.exe) and dynamic libraries (.dll). Never before seen precision polygon/freehand capturing with zoom preview. Capture images directly from scanners, cameras and other devices, to retouch and perfect them.
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 Handwriting Imitation.

Add dynamics and realness on your pages. Drawing animated pictures using one pixel and JavaScript. This is the way to imitate handwriting, line drawing. You can also put down your signature under a document.
Tags: pictures , animated , using , drawing , line , signature , pixel ,

 Flash Intro and Banner Builder

Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder is a Flash text effect tool to help the web designer create and design animated Flash intros, Flash banners, Flash ads, Flash pop-ups and any other Flash animation. With Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder you can take your own photo and music, and combine them with animated text to create professional looking advertisements, banners intros and more in just minutes. The Flash Intro and Banner Builder allows you to create simple but also complex animations whereby you can combine different fonts and effects and an unlimited number of text lines in one Flash animation. Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder saves your settings. All your personal settings for pictures, URL links, fonts, text ,colors, sound etc. ,are automatically loaded the next time you use Amara Flash Intro and Banner builder. But you can also easily change and update them. No Flash or programming skills are required. Features include: 1) Use an unlimited number of text blocks (lines) 2) Use different font, styles, colors thru out the animation. 3) Create any intro or banner you have ever dreamed off. 4) Automatic skip intro link 5) Position the text exactly where you want it to appear in your animations 6) Many different text effects 7) Make the text freeze as long as you want. 8) Make the text appear and disappear any time 9) Import Gif, BMP, JPEG and PNG files 10) Import music files for background music 11) URL links and Target Frames per text block 12) Background colors 13) Border colors 14) Movie dimensions 15) Easy to update 16) WYSIWYG interface 17) Transition Time control 18) Sound volume settings 19) Insert Background pictures 20) Save as Flash animation (SWF) 21) Compatible with all HTML editors
Tags: web , tool , music , photo , create , text , time , files , builder , design , sound , help , animation , animated , programming , personal , effect , change , effects , lines , links , background , simple , colors , number , designer , professional , settings , update , automatically , volume , banner , animations , fonts , combine , skills , for , banners , intro , out ,

 Smart Guest Book 2.0 - Flash and ASP Guest-book

This Flash & ASP Guest-Book has Smart eye-catching interactive, animated & multiple entry display interface choices, password-protected browser-based complete administration panel, active bad word filter. Free Download Version available. Fantastic load time due to highly optimized code and small Flash file size. Cross Browser Compatible, works well in both Netscape (4+) & IE (5+). Comments field can accept HTML text. JavaScript validation for fields. It is very easy to install & customize for any web site. Uses a SQL Server or Access database. Cool Features of the Smart Guest Book: Smart eye-catching Interactive Flash Interfaces plus 2 free Animated Interfaces (limited offer), whose background color and heading are customizable to suit any site. Extra Flash Interfaces, including Multiple Entry Display Interfaces to display 2 or 10 entries per page. Fantastic load time due to highly optimized code and small Flash file size (33-84 KB). Active bad-word filter , editable from the administration panel. Complete Administration Panel - Password protected browser based administration panel with facility to change password whenever required. Easy deletion of unwanted records. Modify the bad word filter easily. Cross Browser Compatible, works well in both Netscape (4+) and Internet Explorer (5+). Comments field Scroller appears for records that go our of display range. Comments field can accept HTML text (bold, italics and underline). Guest book entries stored in a MS SQL Server or MS Access database. Client-side javascript validation for Name and E-mail Address fields. This guest-book is thus ideal for new webmasters who are moderately web savvy and busy webmasters with little time to recheck entries and delete them from the database. A small price to pay for saving you loads of time and getting much needed user feedback :-)
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 Easy Slide Show flash component

Easy Slide Show flash component is intended for simply designing slide show and supports flash mx and flash mx 2004 authoring tools. Easy Slide Show flash component allows you to add nice looking animated slide shows to your website in no time.
Tags: flash , slideshow , component , website , animated , authoring , show , slide , nice , for ,

 Apycom Java Menus' Tutorial

Apycom Java Menus' Tutorial provides a vast collection of java applets that enables the users to create impressive and attractive menus. Using these applets, the users can generate different varieties of menus like lake menus, trail menus, image transition menus, and buttons like animated buttons, flash menu buttons etc., This tutorial can be used by people with any level of skills.
Tags: image , flash , create , menu , java , animated , collection , generate , buttons , menus , tutorial , transition , lake , applets , users , flashmenu , people ,

 BlaBla4U Forums

This user friendly forum module has more advanced features for online communication that is capable of creating and maintaining multiple forum groups. Inbuilt templates can be used to create more forums. Gives compatibility to be accessed in many languages. You can include your company logo, animated banners, ad links with forum display. Searching can be done with posted forums. No java support is needed.
Tags: create , online , java , creating , animated , links , advanced , multiple , templates , user , communication , module , support , forum , for , features ,

 Builddotcom's Auto Classified PHP

Builddotcom's Auto Classified PHP is an useful template that can be used to generate PHP built auto classified ads website with all essential features. Both flash animated and general web based templates are available for the webmasters and these templates can be edited and customized according to the needs through a simple interface. These PHP templates are designed in such a way that they fit well on all web applications.
Tags: web , flash , website , animated , auto , generate , templates , ads , template , simple , for , useful , webbased , available ,

 Camdate Audio and Video Chat

This is a PHP based program which can be used for creating chat room with fully functional features like audio and video chat, it allows site visitors to chat with their friends from any where in the world using microphone and webcam, it has one click operation, it offers customizable feature and many enhanced features are available. Users are allowed to change animated emoticons and the design of text. Web visitors can use this feature for their dating purpose.
Tags: video , audio , program , design , creating , site , animated , chat , using , change , world , click , microphone , emoticons , feature , for , features , friends , dating , room ,

 Motion Tweening Buttons

Motion Tweening Buttons is a simple and easy to learn tutorial available in flash which guides you in creating motion tweening buttons using animation in Flash. After learning this tutorial, you will be able to create your own tweening buttons as well as animated banners using this button. The tutorial is well explained with examples and screenshots in order to understand the tutorial quickly.
Tags: flash , create , easy , animation , creating , animated , using , learn , learning , buttons , simple , tutorial , motion , banners , available , examples ,

 Read animated GIFs with GDI+ and ASP.NET

Read animated GIFs with GDI+ and ASP.NET is a web based tutorial in which the author elaborates the method of reading animated GIFs using GDI+ and ASP.NET. Through this tutorial the programmers can get details about how to read the individual frame from TIF files. The author explains this topic with the help of example and source code.
Tags: web , help , animated , using , source , read , reading , tutorial , frame , author , webbased , method ,

 Read animated GIFs with GDI+ and ASP.NET

This is an online tutorial that guides readers to read animated GIFs on ASP.NET with the help of GDI+. Here this tutorial explains extracting and counting the individual frames can be done by using GDI+, so here the author demonstrates by performing this process. This article suggests that this same process can be utilized for reading TIF files too.
Tags: online , files , help , animated , using , process , read , reading , tutorial , author , frames , for , counting ,

 Winter Snow Applet

This applet comes with including one background image and various snow ball or flake graphics to be customized by the users in sharing animated image with their friends, well wishers, relatives etc., They can have the entire control to fix the number and size of balls or flakes. It is easy to use this applet on any website.
Tags: image , control , graphics , easy , animated , sharing , fix , applet , ball , background , snow , size , number , balls , users ,

 Cool Focus NewsLine

NewsLine is an animated news-headline display with a typewriter style. An unlimited number of single-line headlines can be shown, each with its own text color and linking to a different URL. NewsLine will pause when the mouse moves over a headline rather than moving onto the next and forcing the user to wait until it comes around again. The speed of animation (in characters-per-second) is definable, along with the length of time (in seconds) that a complete headline should remain onscreen.
Tags: text , time , speed , color , animation , animated , mouse , display , user , number , length , complete , moving ,

 Cool Focus OutlookBar

OutlookBar is a 2-level animated menu based on Microsoft Outlook's navigation bar. Any number of buttons can be displayed. When a button is selected, the buttons slide to new positions to reveal a page of icons. Each icon has a caption of one or more lines, and links to a URL. OutlookBar adds scroll-arrows to allow hidden items to be scrolled into view. OutlookBar's options include 3D or flat buttons, gradient-filled page background, sound effects, and full control over colors and fonts.
Tags: control , menu , sound , icon , animated , navigation , page , links , slide , buttons , button , hidden , colors , number , into , options , reveal , caption ,

 Cool Focus LiveWire

LiveWire is a three-level animated menu system. The 'first level' consists of menu captions. When the mouse moves over a caption, a column of Items slides and fades into view. Moving the mouse over an item causes a row of Subitems to appear. LiveWire also contains an optional 'statusbar' area where related messages can be displayed as the mouse moves over menu items. The fonts and colors for all text in all states can be selected, along with design options such as spacing, line and fill colors.
Tags: text , menu , design , animated , mouse , colors , line , messages , area , into , fonts , options , fill , column , for , states ,

 Deonix Design's Templates

Deonix Design's Templates is capable of offering variety of templates to design the website. Some templates available are, logo templates to create website with better brand, web templates to create a professional website, flash animated templates to enhance website with animation, button templates, flash intro templates to edit site background etc. This website helps novice to create their own website and helps users to save time and money while they creating a design from scratch.
Tags: web , flash , create , time , website , design , edit , creating , site , animated , money , save , templates , background , button , professional , enhance , logo , users , intro , available ,

 DHTML Vertical Scroller

This Java applet is a vertical text scroller that can be incorporated in your web pages to implement a very smooth scroll coupled with smooth animation effect. This is cross browser compatible and can operate on both Internet Explorer and Netscape 6 with backward compatible standard scrolling support for Netscape 4.x. Supports other features like animated GIF and HTML formatting support, fully customizable colors, fonts, positioning, icon images, scroll speeds, custom delay timing and automatic vertical spacing options etc.
Tags: web , text , browser , icon , animation , animated , automatic , applet , custom , support , pages , options , vertical , for , webpages , features , scrolling , scroll , standard , scroller , formatting ,

 Animated DHTML popUp window

This is a simple windows and frames application in javascript with animated DHTML popup windows. You can integrate this script on your website pages to give a sliding effect for the popup window on the browser screen. You have the ability to delay and set the time for the popup to start and to choose the side from which it has to slide on your visitor screen.
Tags: windows , time , website , browser , javascript , animated , script , application , effect , window , slide , simple , start , set , pages , frames , for , visitor ,

 Vitalmaster's Website Templates

This website is capable of offering variety of website templates for designing needs. HTML templates are available to edit html resources. Users will get flash intro templates to edit site background, flash animated web templates to enhance website with animation, phpnuke templates soon. They can improve their site design with an attractive look.
Tags: html , web , flash , website , design , edit , site , animated , templates , enhance , for , improve , intro , available ,

 ImTOO MPEG Encoder

ImTOO MPEG Encoder is an ultimate video and audio format converter. Whether you're encoding MPEG for DVD production or extracting audio from video files, the program makes conversion from one format to another quick and easy. It supports large numbers of video and audio formats such as DVD, VCD, SVCD, VOB, AVI, DV, MOV, animated GIF, swf, MPEG4, RM, WMV, ASF, WAV, WMA, MP3, 3GP, m4a, mp4, h264, raw YUV, MP2, ogg, m4v, AAC etc. With it, you can extract audio from video files or remove audio from video files. ImTOO MPEG Encoder supports batch conversion even if the files in the list use various settings or have different target formats. Before encoding, you can preview the original files through the preview window. Users can see the file properties and settings without opening another window. All settings can be easily set in the interface. The program allows users to choose a start point and file duration if they want to convert a clip. All codecs are built-in.
Tags: file , convert , video , audio , program , files , conversion , extract , batch , remove , list , animated , format , quick , start , settings , set , preview , original , raw , numbers , encoding , properties , ultimate , for , users , point , codecs ,

 3D Fobwatch Clock

Use this movie clip to display your visitorís local time on your website in an animated image of a clock. This Flash program displays the time what the client side PC shows. This program facilitates you to use other images replacing the clock and to utilize single elements. This can be easily used by the users.
Tags: image , program , time , clock , images , website , movie , client , animated , display , local , clip ,

 3D Camera Flash

This is a flash program that helps users to display a picture of a 3D camera as animated one. This movie clip can be exported and used as a Flash file, an animated gif or as single element. Users can also have the facility to display their selected image along with this 3D camera loop. An online demo is available for the users.
Tags: image , picture , flash , program , online , gif , movie , animated , camera , display , demo , clip , for , animatedgif , users , available ,

 Water Mill

Water Mill is a desk top utility which is designed with animated effects with real life color and sound. All the animated objects, butterflies, etc are animated with 3D technology. It also contains the function of time and day changing. The water mill is very decorative to your computer and heals your soul. You can subscribe on this website to know the new products.
Tags: utility , time , website , computer , color , animated , effects , water , life , function , day , real , top , desk ,

 FlyLip Interactive Suite's Message Board

FlyLip Interactive Suite's Message Board is a web based online ASP component that can be integrated into users website. It offers various features like customizable font and colour, formatting of users comments, unlimited page view / posts, animated emoticons, bad words filtering, provide admin to delete unwanted messages and many more. An online demo is provided for the users.
Tags: web , online , component , delete , animated , view , page , words , demo , font , admin , messages , into , for , features , webbased , users , formatting ,

 CLOX WebMaster - Live World Clocks Version 2.0

CLOX WebMaster puts live newsroom-style time clocks on to your web page or portal site and keeps visitors coming back for more. CLOX WebMaster (AKA Webclox) uses an ultra-fast DLL component and tiny, ultra-optimised animated GIF files, no messing with browser unfriendly Java or Active-X components or requiring plugins, any browser will do perfectly! You choose the timezones. Installation takes about 10 minutes. Choose from loads of different clock styles. Free personal Clox software with support and timezone news backup is provided too so you can double-check the settings of your clocks. Checkout the working demo on the product description page and classier web sites worldwide.
Tags: software , web , backup , time , clock , component , browser , site , animated , personal , page , news , demo , components , webpage , support , settings , live , product , for , sites , back , portal , clocks ,

 fXgraph - animated graphs

fXgraph V4.0 - animated graphs is a program which helps the user to generate animated graphs. This tool has many useful advantages which helps the user to feel easy to build the graph. Some of the features are compatible with scripting languages like ASP, JSP, PSP, perl, CGI etc., being small it is helpful with slower internet connections, reduces load on the server, animated graphs can be easily customizable, and many more advantages. This tool can be run through many browsers.
Tags: internet , tool , program , easy , animated , generate , user , small , run , build , scripting , graphs , load , languages , features , useful ,


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