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 .NET Email & MX Component

.NET Email & MX Component is a web based email application which offers four methods for validating email addresses. This software runs on server side and analyse the emails whether it can be stored in the server or not. This analysis can be done through four different methods for validating the emails for storing. In syntax level email address syntax are checked, in MX Record level it checks whether the email address has MX records, in SMTP level it checks about the server existance and in mail box levels it will check whether the server will accept any emails.
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 Apex SQL Log

Apex SQL log is a software which analyse the MSSQL server transaction log and allows auditing the content of the database and by displaying the audited messages. It has several features like allowing batch or command files exporting, auditing multiple backups in the transaction log, allowing reconstruction of updated files automatically, exporting XML files, providing filters for sorting and batching log data and more.
Tags: software , database , data , server , files , batch , log , content , multiple , command , analyse , filters , for , features , backups ,

 How to Check URLs Using .NET

The author gives a solution to reap out the unwanted or dead links from the user's site. In this article the author describes about how to erase or stop the various broken links on the website using ASP.NET. The author also uses screen scraping methods to verify the validity of website links on the user's site. This is possible from validating for 404 errors to analyse that URLs are correctly linking to that concerned URL or not.
Tags: screen , website , using , erase , links , stop , errors , solution , verify , analyse , author , for , broken , out ,

 Seeing current connections

This article is used to verify about how to create a web traffic analyser program to analyse the website for finding who is currently connected to the website. It supports global.asa for physical access to the server. It stores the events and objects used globally.
Tags: web , program , create , access , website , traffic , events , verify , analyse , for , objects , analyser , physical ,

 CMedia CMS

This is a content management solution that helps users to add, delete or edit dynamic contents on the websites. Admin can edit site layout, forms and designs according to their needs. This program has an ability to export and import data from other systems such as, ERP, CRM, SFA etc. Admin can add menu items, text, graphics into their websites. This progam uses MS Access database to store and retrieve data. Users can update contents on their websites. This program has features like, updating everyting online, providing tools to analyse statistics and more.
Tags: database , program , data , menu , management , graphics , delete , edit , tools , export , site , import , statistics , forms , content , store , dynamic , retrieve , into , update , solution , analyse , features , contentmanagement , users , contents , systems ,

 CQ Counter

CQ Counter is an online tracker that allow webmasters to analyse their website traffic periodically. By using this script webmasters can find through which search engine or website did the visitor enter the website, number of hits made by them daily, weekly, hourly, monthly etc., what type of operating system is used by the visitors, browser type used by them, how many times the pages are reloaded and visitors IP address. Password protected statistics is available with pro version.
Tags: search , online , system , website , browser , find , script , using , statistics , traffic , engine , number , searchengine , tracker , type , pro , pages , analyse , protected , available , monthly , visitor ,

 IntelliVIEW Interactive reporting for real time enterprises

IntelliVIEW can transform data from Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Access, MySQL and other databases. This free-form report tool includes sub report, summary, charts, cross-tabs etc. It helps the users to transform data more easily and quickly from one format to other. This tool helps the user to analyse the information in real-time providing efficient information with better decision making.
Tags: tool , data , information , report , format , user , analyse , users , transform ,

 Data Integrity in Web Services

This online web service article gives detailed instructions about data integrity in web services which helps them to get facility to analyse what happens when a web service sends a return value. This article is a correct platform for every users who need to know completely about data integrity and it helps them to track the errors while passing data to web services.
Tags: web , data , online , service , track , errors , services , platform , analyse , for , webservice , users ,


This is a networking utility that can analyse the data and produce status reports in graphs and real time charting form and monitors the websites on network. This utility view log file and statistics in real time. This tool increases and decreases the charting points. This program has the ability to manage more number of watch items. Features like chart priniting, chart zooming, viewing outputs updated, can edit unlimited watch items, has capability to change the look of the GUI interface, schedule running of reports, etc are available.
Tags: file , utility , tool , program , data , time , edit , schedule , log , form , chart , view , manage , change , statistics , watch , reports , number , networking , graphs , charting , analyse , websites , real , logfile ,

 Elite Stats

Elite Stats is a script that will be useful for webmasters to analyse the traffic to their website quickly and easily. The script is coded in PHP and does not require MySQL database. It can be easily installed on your system. The main features of this script contains auto-pruning, monitors your site continuously and provides you with details such as visitor IPs, their time of visit, the pages visited by them, referrals, last page viewed by the visitor, percentage of hits etc and produces the output in a graphical format, selectable time offset, displays averages based on overall site activity and much more.
Tags: time , website , site , script , page , traffic , activity , pages , analyse , for , features , useful , graphical , visitor ,

 Using FWA Docs for complex financial instruments evaluating

Here the complete working of FWA Docs is clearly explained right from the beginning where a financier manipulates data in a database like MS Excel etc., and the second step where xperts analyse and move on to decision making.
Tags: database , data , move , analyse , second , complete ,

 Sentinel MP Advanced Server Monitoring

Sentinel MP is an advanced server monitoring system that identifies and alerts concerned persons anticipating any system failure and allows enough time for administrators to rectify the problem before it happens. It can monitor and analyse server databases, applictions and reports information with detailed graphs in real time, has the ability to send alerts through email, AIM, web interface or through phone or fax.
Tags: web , time , server , monitor , system , monitoring , information , phone , send , advanced , reports , interface , graphs , analyse , problem , real , for , servermonitoring , failure , alerts ,

 Google Backlinks Comparison

Google Baclinks Comparison is a powerful utility that will help you analyse the performance of your website links on google. With the result of this backlinks you would be able to evaluate the performance with google backlinks for your website. Just by entering the corresponding URL on the form field you will be provided with the total number of backlinks for the website along with its page rank.
Tags: utility , website , help , form , page , performance , links , google , number , analyse , field , for , evaluate , powerful ,

 ASP Documentation Living Doc

It is a documentation tool which comprehensively documents the web applications. This program will get into the application to document the ASP and the HTML pages. This tool will analyse the database, all tables, views, stored informations and many more functions.
Tags: web , tool , program , document , application , documents , into , documentation , analyse ,

 Urchin 5

Urchin 5 is used to analyse the web traffic of your website. This script helps webmasters to view the track record of their site visitors. This script is designed to analyse traffic more than one website accurately. Users can find how the site visitors are entering your website and how are they utilizing the website. It gives more report about the visitors to your site. Reports are displayed in multi language.
Tags: web , website , find , record , site , report , script , view , track , traffic , analyse , multi ,

 LS PHPWebQuiz

PHPWebQuiz is a PHP scripted and an online quiz application. This can be utilised directly on internet or on intranet. Runs on a Internet server. This was developed to use together with Quizpro which uses the same format for the question files. WebQuiz is compatible with QuizPro. The possibility to run a test with your students on the Internet, and analyse the results statistically by using QuizPro. The registration of QuizPro includes WebQuiz.
Tags: internet , online , format , using , test , run , quiz , analyse , for , registration , question ,


IP-ip-logger is an effective online full featured log analysing program with a text file support. All visitors for your website are logged with their IP number, date and time, HTTP refferer, browser details etc., All details of your log files are stored on a text file instead of MySQL database and thus you can easily analyse your visitor behaviour. Apart from being an efficient log analyser this program can also be used as a counter program to calculate the total visits for the website.
Tags: file , database , program , text , online , files , website , browser , log , ip , date , counter , calculate , analyse , for , analyser , visitor ,

 Traffic Monitor

This is an web based server traffic mointoring program that help users to watch and analyse traffic related data and output the details to any format or directly write to the data base. This program facilitates users to customize the traffic details to be logged and which actions should be reported like number of clicks, page visits, banner display etc. It has other features like, eliminating unwanted hits, generating recognizable data and more.
Tags: web , program , data , server , write , help , format , page , watch , display , traffic , number , customize , banner , analyse , features , webbased , users ,

 Recipe Organizer

With the help of recipe organizer, users can maintain recipe related informations and organize them. This program comes with rich and powerful features. Graph and summary functions can be included to analyse recipes. This program displays the whole record in the WEB page form. Users can define and print a variety of recipe reports and labels by using report and label wizard. This program has several features like, protecting data, data control and maintenance, viewing and retrieving data, JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG image file format support etc.
Tags: file , image , program , data , control , print , record , help , report , format , using , organize , page , reports , support , label , labels , protecting , analyse , recipe , features , functions , maintain , users , powerful ,

 Sports Card Organizer

This is a organizing software that would be helpful for hobbyists, clubs, sports card collectors to access and process sports card data. Sports informations are displayed along with card name, position, player or team etc. This program uses organizer publishing facility to create catalogs and web ready storefronts and to publish them on the web. Graph and summary functions can be included to analyse sports data. Data maintenance functionality are available to restore, backup and repair data files. Other features of this program are report, label and HTML wizard, data control and maintenance etc.
Tags: software , web , backup , program , data , create , control , access , organizer , repair , process , publish , sports , label , maintenance , publishing , analyse , team , for , features , functions , organizing , available ,


This script is helpful for the webmasters to build their site with web counter to analyse their website traffic regularly and displays those report in statistical mode. Detects artificial traffic generation, in which they are spending more time, it comes with real time product demand for ad campaigns etc., It tracks entire important informaton of the website visitors.
Tags: web , time , website , site , report , script , traffic , tracks , build , counter , analyse , product , real , for ,

 php exam management

This script is a simple utility for the management of online examination.php exam management has features like section for question papers, and tests for the students and staff management evaluation and to analyse test papers.this programme is very user friendly and has intuitive user and admin interface.
Tags: utility , online , management , script , test , exam , admin , user , simple , tests , staff , analyse , for , features , evaluation , question ,

 Site Mapper

This is a script which has the ability to analyse the users websites. This script also validates the links for avoiding errors and broken images for the users on their website. This tool builds indexed map listing with the category and page resources. Features like integrating with users document editor, saving files in directories, supporting proxy and firewall, spellcheck documents, providing local and online file functions, viewing file properties and more are available.
Tags: file , tool , online , files , images , document , script , page , proxy , map , links , errors , local , analyse , properties , for , users , broken , listing ,


BeOnTop is a program where user can analyse their top ranking on major search engines like, alltheweb, looksmart, yahoo, lycos, hotbot, whatuseek etc. For each search engine, this program generates ranking reports in HTML format. This program has features like, detailed ranking reports which displays the position of the ranking for each search term, ranking analysis, proxy server support, automatic program updates etc.
Tags: search , program , server , automatic , proxy , user , reports , analyse , position , for , features , proxyserver , ranking , top , engines ,

 ZoomChart - An Interactive Charting Tool

This is a java applet chart software where users can analyse different types of financial data like investment trusts, indices, unit truts, histories etc and shows them in a chart mode. They can compare data with each other and zoom in and out of them. Advanced streaming and caching techniques are available that permits deep zoom capability to access chart. This program has several features like, ability to select and deselect indices, multiple funds, unit trusts, chart multiple moving averages and more.
Tags: software , program , data , java , access , chart , compare , applet , multiple , zoom , financial , streaming , investment , analyse , javaapplet , features , select , users , unit , available , out , moving , deep ,

 WebPosition Platinum

This tool can be used to generate optimized search engine HTML webpages that supports appropriate search results for the queried entities. This dynamic search engine optimization utility also has the ability to analyse and report on the performance of your website pages and helps you to submit your website to major US based search engines. Search engine ranking for your site on popular search engines will be provided and tracks your site visitors, the keywords used by the visitor etc.,
Tags: utility , tool , search , website , site , report , performance , generate , engine , optimization , tracks , dynamic , searchengine , keywords , submit , searchengineoptimization , pages , popular , analyse , for , ranking , visitor , engines ,

 Widexl's Meta Tag analyzer

Widexl's Meta Tag analyzer is a meta tag analysing script and is a remotely hosted program where webmasters can analyse their website meta tags. This program uses spider technology. Users just have to submit their websites along with their URL's and email. Users can submit their websites on popular search engine. This program has features like, analysing keyword description and title metatag, displaying meta tags, searching keywords in achor URL tags and in the images, checking adult keywords in the keywords, description, title meta tag and in the web pages etc.
Tags: web , search , program , website , script , tag , spider , analyzer , keywords , submit , pages , checking , keyword , popular , analyse , websites , searching , webpages , features , tags , meta ,


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