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 Browser Soccer

Browser Soccer is a web based java applet that allows you to play Web-based Soccer. The aim of the game is to beat the five teams and win the championship. The distribution file include several audio files including whistle, kick, and goal. You can play it with the feel of real soccer. While you kick/pass the ball, you can set the destination of the player who kicked the ball, by simply dragging the mouse to the desired location
Tags: game , file , web , audio , files , java , play , mouse , applet , set , aim , win , distribution , soccer , javaapplet , real , webbased , beat ,

 Easy to use Hit Counter

The author's main aim of creating a Hit Counter which is very easy to use has been fulfilled through this tutorial. The author created a custom control which shows a HTML table. This table shows every one counter digit in each cell. This counter is mainly designed for Visual Studio, accepting the Visual Studio toolbox. Then with the help of drag and drop method this counter could be used in user's webpage. In this tutorial the author gives the sample demo and the source code is downlodable.
Tags: control , easy , help , code , creating , source , table , demo , sourcecode , custom , aim , tutorial , counter , drop , author , sample , for , draganddrop , method ,


Tidalrangemobile v.0.5 makes use of the XML feeds of Mediaplazza to create a MySql database of the Polyphonic ringtones. The MySql database can be used to display the ringtones on your website in such a way that it is indexable by search engines. With i-frames search engines did not index the ringtones. The aim of the script is to enable Mediaplazza affiliates to creat a total unique website. For people that do not have a knowledge of PHP and MySql, a complete customizable script is added that makes use of XML feeds to display to 'New Polyphonic Ringtones' and 'Top Downloads' so that it is up to date at all times. The rest of the categories - Advertising to Zouk Ragga - are displayed in alphabetical order via the MySql database created. You can also insert the code for Adsense or banners or any other advertisements you want to make use of to generate an extra revenue besides that from the ringtones.
Tags: database , search , create , website , make , code , script , date , display , generate , index , aim , insert , ringtones , feeds , knowledge , for , banners , complete , revenue , people , engines ,

 ActiveKB KnowledgeBase Software

Through this web based ASP program you can provide support to your customers round the clock. Email system is included for immediate response. You can present the FAQ system as you like. With your customer satisfaction you can improve your sales. Saves your time and money with responding to customers support. Live demonstration comes with this software and you can understand the aim of this program easily.
Tags: software , web , program , time , system , money , support , customer , aim , for , improve , customers , webbased , present ,

 Using Managed Components from Unmanaged Code

In this tutorial the author demonstrates by creating a .NET component in C# which is a component of managed server assembly and also creates a VB based client which uses these services of the managed server. The main aim of this article is to describe the method of using managed components from unmanaged code. The author concludes his article by giving few tips to the webmasters while creating an application component in .NET.
Tags: server , component , creating , client , application , using , components , tips , aim , tutorial , services , assembly , author , method ,


Written in PHP with a mySQL database backend, Radlinks has the ability to store hundreds of thousands of links and produce them for the end user with lightning speed. Our aim is to keep RadLinks feature rich, simple to install, highly configurable, functional and above all, fast. Our scripts include PHP and accompanying licenses.
Tags: database , scripts , links , store , user , simple , aim , feature , for ,

 Enter To Win

The main aim of this software is to enable a website and capture the e-mail addresses of entrants and to select a winner automatically. e-mails are sent to the winner and losers when the competition is cycled. It can be daily, weekly, monthly or any other period you want. e-mails are also sent to every entrant to let them know that they have been added to the drawings. E-mails can be in HTML or TEXT format. E-mails can be in HTML or TEXT format. This is a great way to attract visitors to your site and grab e-mails for promos - it's also a lot cheaper than other solutions
Tags: software , website , capture , site , grab , aim , for , select , addresses , period , monthly , competition ,

 Dealing with cannot modify header errors

This is an article where users can find information about cannot modify errors. The author explains that this warning is obtained while we are about to start a session, to aim to set a cookie and when we try to perform a redirection and describes about the purpose of those errors. This is an easy to understand article that is provided with corresponding links for a better reference.
Tags: easy , find , information , links , start , set , aim , cookie , author , for , modify , users ,


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