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 AmberPoint Management Foundation

This is a .NET based program using which administrators can perfom an effective management over complex businesses on enterprise level webservices. In this program administrators can find an architecture which is built on distributed agent to align management on their enterprise level webservices. This program offers expandable design for management policies. Life cycle management and versioning can be perfectly performed by the administrators while using this program. This program performs a secured service by supporting XML encryption. This program has several enhanced features for the webservice management.
Tags: program , management , design , find , using , service , agent , for , features , enterprise , cycle ,

 List-It Online Real Estate Manager

Lite-It consists of full-featured property listing scripts that enable realty companies to publish and maintain property listings on the internet. It has two versions: List-It Basic and List-It Pro. List-It Basic is a singe agent tool. It enables agents to post and maintain their own listings on the web site. It contains a mortgage calculator that estimates the monthly mortgage payment. It has a web-based elaborate administrative panel. List-It Pro works with multiple agents. It gives each agent a user friendly address to their listing for their business cards.
Tags: web , business , calculator , address , scripts , multiple , user , publish , agent , mortgage , post , property , for , maintain , listing , monthly ,

 BFN Environment Data

Access visitor environment information such as IP address and user agent with the provided JavaScript. No Ads.
Tags: information , address , user , agent , environment , visitor ,

 Parodia Internet Recruitment System

Parodia is a recruitment system that enables you to publish jobs on the internet. It is designed for job boards, recruitment agencies and corporate HR departments. Its features include a CV database, search facilities, maintenance of statistics, optional email agent and lots more. It can easily be customized for using on your web site. It has a well developed admin panel.
Tags: email , web , search , system , using , admin , publish , job , maintenance , agent , for , features , jobs ,

 Visual Operator

This ASP enabled module lets the webmasters to allow their site visitors to communicate with their executives in real time. Multiple agents can be created where with any number of visitors are allowed to send messages to any agent at the time. Admin area can display the details about users who engage with live chat. This software will be of great use to customer support sites.
Tags: software , site , send , display , number , messages , module , support , area , customer , agent , live , real , users , customersupport ,


Weblog catches following data: - date/time - IP - Host - Useragent - Referer - browserlanguage - screensize (if clients javascript is enabled) - colordepth (if clients javascript is enabled) Showlog creates following statistics: - Browser: Browserfamily, Browser details - OS: OSfamily, OS details - Referer: Refering Host, Referer details - Forwarder - Websearch: Searchengines, query details - hits by day for each month - hits by month for each year - Provider - Countrycodes - IP to Country - Clientlanguages: Languages, language details - Screendata: Screen height and width, colordepth Showlog additional overviews: - detailed overview of logfile with filter-functionality - Functions for unknown data - by clicking on Unknown in both statistics - Unknown browser - search with google by clicking agent - Unknown OS - search with google by clicking agent - Unknown searchengine - search with google by clicking agent - Unknown IP and LongIP (for IP2Country) Showlog additional functions: - refering hosts clickable for open in new window - referer details clickable for open in new window - Searchengine host clickable for visit with new window - Searchengine query clickable for visit with new window - logfile details: - referer clickable for visit with new window - links in agent (e.g. bots) clickable for visit with new window Showlog additional functions in admin-mode: - Overview of Usernames stored in referer - check logfile - download logfile - delete last entry - delete logfile Additional functions: - Benchmarking - PHP-script to create new IP2Country database
Tags: download , search , data , create , delete , browser , javascript , check , language , query , links , google , open , agent , day , host , for , functions , clients ,

 PowerTCP SNMP Tool

This is an useful ASP based network component that provides several network controls to administer network devices and applications using SNMP, ASN, Management Information Base, SNMP message object, SNMP table object etc., Some features of this tool are, it can compress hundreds of MIB files into a single file, SNMP agent is easily created, manager control is used for encoding SNMP packets to deliver it to any agent, it supports COM+ component and multi threaded environment etc.,
Tags: tool , network , manager , files , component , control , using , message , compress , table , into , agent , applications , object , controls , multi , encoding , environment , for , features , useful ,

 Real Estate Sotware

This ASP coded sotware is more useful in creating and manipulating real estate listings on your dynamic website. Database is able to provide updated information for each listing. Keep your global visitors informed about all listings round the clock. Search engine is available with plenty of features to find your required listings. Profiles can be added for each agent via admin session. Listings can be mailed using in-built email system. Map can be given with properties. Many online demonstrations let you understand about this product easily.
Tags: email , online , find , information , creating , using , admin , engine , dynamic , agent , realestate , product , real , for , features , useful , available , global ,

 e-Personals (Hosted Version)

This is a classified ads script which allows the users to create advertisements for match making purpose. This script provides several features like personal inbox system and matchmaker search agent for protecting emails. This program has some advantages such as easy maintenance, free technical support, lower startup, free hosting, free upgrades etc. This is a program which has the ability to customize the database fields for every online categories. This program can be optimized with geographical subcategories, database fields and graphical interface, top level sections etc.
Tags: database , search , program , create , online , system , easy , script , personal , ads , agent , customize , match , protecting , technical , for , features , users , fields , inbox , top , graphical ,

 GC Log

GC Log is a PHP based log analyzer capable of logging website visitors. All visitor IP's along with their referer and user agent are logged to a seperate file and formats those data into a tabular form for quick reference. This counter is simple to handle and can even help you to log the dates of visitors along with other details.
Tags: file , data , website , help , log , form , quick , user , analyzer , simple , logging , into , agent , loganalyzer , counter , for , dates , visitor ,

 php CSS Generator

php CSS Generator is a content management system and is a simple script based on php. It is used to generate style sheets. This style sheet are compatible with all browsers. It has seven browser groups which are defined by browser agent and operating system. It has browser detect which is to provide style sheet. For each of browser groups, it has two class in which one class is used for detecting which browser group a site is in browserdetect and another takes a template css file and converts it to a file.
Tags: file , management , system , browser , site , script , css , class , generate , content , template , simple , detect , agent , detecting , sheet , group , style , for , contentmanagement , contentmanagementsystem ,

 ICG Real Estate solution

ICG Real Estate Solution is a programme for realtors to list their property details online and manage them via a web browser. Facility to get email when a buyer requests for information regarding the listed property. advanced search facility by city, state, pin, price etc. Has seperate agent and administrative features. Agents have seperate Account Information, ability to Change, Update Account Username and Password, view and add listings etc. admin can view and add staffs, Customizable Style Sheets, onthe fly thumbnail generation etc.
Tags: email , web , search , online , information , list , view , thumbnail , manage , advanced , admin , agent , property , for , generation ,

 event log, web tracker & script profiler

A script, mainly to track traffic, script performance and errors and debug messages. 4 functions are used to control the log: The method 'create' creates an event without to start the profiler. The method 'start' creates an event and start the profiler. The method 'stop' stop the profiler for a given event. The method 'logAll' stop all events and insert them into the mySQL table. Following data are stored for each event: event type, start time, stop time, duration, domain, path, query string, referer, IP, user agent and a generic string field for additional infos. The download include: class file, 2 samples, SQL create table statement.
Tags: download , data , create , control , script , performance , class , query , table , track , user , start , stop , into , errors , agent , event , insert , events , string , debug , field , for , functions , method ,

 Auction On the Fly

The product has been designed for both the ASP webmaster and the customer with no scripting knowledge. It features easy to use interfaces for bidders and administrators and allows you to update your auctions "On the Fly" with no FTP. It is offered in two Auction models: User Model where registered users list their own items to auction (Typically Consumer to Consumer or business to consumer), and Business Model where an entity auctions products they own or act as an agent for, typically business to consumer. Auction On the Fly is an NT designed SQL 6.5 -7.0 or Oracle 8i database servers and uses Microsoft Active Server Page technology. General Auction Automatic Auction Engine Component. Auctions can be run daily, 3 days weekly or monthly. User Registration Automatic assigning of User IDís User Selects password upon registration. Instant access upon registration, no need for users to wait for e-mail. Users add their own items for listing to the auction. Easy to use forms Image upload component from users local Hard drives. Html Descriptions Allowed User choices for length of auction. Auctions for Single item or multiple item lots. Bidding for single or multiple items Automatic or Proxy Bidding features. Automatic outbid features. Bid History listing. Bid Status shown Winning Bid /bidders Shown Search engine. Whole site or just this category. Load reducing automatic refresh function. Auction State identified. Open / Closed. Automatic Forgot password E-mail. Number of items available in each category. Category listings with number of bids received and date closing. Category listings with new listing and Image vailable shown. Sellers feedback component. Seller rating component. Spam protection for auction users e-mail addreses. User Administration Features:- A user can View all items they have on offer at auction View all bids they have placed View current status of Auctions Update their personal information
Tags: database , password , business , easy , site , list , automatic , date , forms , multiple , user , engine , number , scripting , update , agent , auction , local , product , length , for , features , rating , users , servers , registration , listing ,

 Site Downloader

This is a network utility writen with delphi software that can retrive the website copies to browse fastly than through world wide web. This utility have the rights to copy directory structure and to download files when the users set up the filters that do not filter certain files. The users are allowed to edit links queue. The user agent impersonating a browser is selected through drop down list box. This tool is called as a magic website downloader which is elegant and simple for the users.
Tags: software , download , utility , tool , network , files , website , browser , delphi , edit , copy , filter , list , directory , links , magic , world , user , browse , simple , downloader , setup , set , agent , drop , filters , for , structure , users ,


PureAgent monitors the performance of the real users on server applications as well as web application. It combines the server-side systems data with the response time data to provide more data to allow monitoring of a complete e-business system. PureAgent replays transactions at specified intervals and thus can monitor the response time from the agent to a server. It can send alarms if the performance and availability goals are not fulfilled. The results are displayed as charts in a standard web browser.
Tags: web , data , time , server , monitor , monitoring , performance , send , agent , charts , applications , real , alarms , users , standard , complete , systems , intervals ,

 PHP Form With Security key code

PHP Form With Security key code Key code prevents involuntary submission, Protect against Spam also Hide your email address, Receive the sender's ip address, Receive the sender's ( user agent ) , Date and time The message has been sent to you And much more.
Tags: email , time , code , message , ip , key , user , agent ,

 Security image form + email id

Security image form + email id # Just like paypal With this (form) your senders receive / or not a copy of the email, Also the (form) generated a code for easily verifying your emails with the customer or visitor code when you need to, Could be very useful at the time of a misunderstanding. You also collect the sender ip, user agent +date and time. Hide your email address, Protect against Spam, prevents involuntary submission
Tags: email , image , time , copy , code , form , emails , user , collect , customer , agent , receive , for , useful , sender , paypal , visitor ,

 SoftwebsNepal - Real Estate Software

ASP supported platforms can access this e-commerce system to sell their real estate listings. Admin provides you an easy to use interface using which you can maintain your listings in matter of minutes. Managing agents such as adding, editing agent accounts can be done easily. Image system supports galleries for each listing. Buyers can find particluar listings by country, price, rooms, etc., Map can be shown for properties. Listings can be informed to friends and can be got in hard copy.
Tags: system , access , easy , find , using , editing , hard , accounts , agent , interface , galleries , realestate , real , for , maintain , sell , friends ,

 TIS Light

TIS Light is a PHP and MySQL based ticket information system available online to keep your customers happy. It can provide open support ticket through email or web and are informed through email each step throughout the duration of their support request. At any time, the customer is allowed to view the status of the ticket. It supports multiple language and allows unlimited customers. Customer feature allows the customers to close or reopen a ticket, update account information, receive the notification of a ticket action by email. Technician features includes search functions, creating new customer, new ticket. The administrator feature allows access to control panel, add or change agent or questions etc., An online demo is available in the website.
Tags: email , web , search , online , control , action , system , access , notification , information , creating , view , language , change , demo , multiple , administrator , open , support , account , customer , update , agent , feature , receive , questions , features , customers , ticket , available ,

 UA Block (ASP)

When a defined agent attempts to access a protected page, it will return a custom error message built within the script. It also sends e-mail to an address you specify, detailing the attempted access. Block User-agents via PHP.
Tags: access , address , message , error , custom , agent , protected ,


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