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This script is used as php nuke addon. It allows webmasters to build their site with guestbook facility. several features of this script are, administrator can edit, remove and manage the guestbook entries, they can set NB-code, HTML or smilies, Can preview the entry, rightblocks function, added datestring, fixed language file error and more.
Tags: file , php , remove , site , script , language , manage , error , administrator , build , set , preview , features ,

 4nNews Letter for PHP Nuke

This script allows webmasters to offer a comfortable newletter service to their site visitors. Several features of this script are, it allows users to insert stories into newsletter, it uses alternate email sender for newsletter, user can subscribe or unsubscribe to the newletter, it sends confirmation mail, you can select either HTML mail or text mail, administrator can view when and what newsletter has come etc., Admin icon, graphics, installscript for the MySQL tables are added.
Tags: email , mail , text , site , script , view , service , administrator , user , newsletter , into , insert , for , features , select , users , sender ,


This is a php software and a post card where administrator has ability to edit the full size and thumbnail images, text and category on existing cards, delete cards and to add new cards. In this script error checking can be done on required fields. Default text that comes with each card can be edited by the user through user interface. The webmasters can add, edit, and delete categories. The sender is provided with a spam protection in this script. Full size preview of the image pops up can be viewed in javascript window. It can be maintained easily.
Tags: software , image , text , protection , delete , edit , javascript , php , spam , script , thumbnail , error , administrator , user , size , preview , checking , post , sender ,

 Proxy Inspector

By using this tool the network administrator of a private firm can monitor their company employees behaviour with internet connection like which site they have visited, users regular activity in internet, what the users attempted in a blocked resources and many more operation are monitored and reported in a screen in graphical form. It offers many enhanced features like displays reports in chart format, reports can be saved as html format or as MS Excel format etc., Administrators can send reports through email.
Tags: internet , screen , html , tool , network , monitor , site , format , using , chart , send , administrator , private , connection , reports , activity , resources , features , users , graphical , internetconnection ,

 Alertra Web Site Monitoring

This is an useful component for the webmasters to monitor their uptime and downtime of their website regularly and gives real time report about the website to the administrator in real time. It monitors servers by using protocol, if any error is found in the server the another station will check the server in few seconds. Alert message will be notified to the user through email, mobile phone, SMS, MSN, Yahoo etc., It monitors page changes, availability of web page access, data performance etc., Protocols supported by this utility are, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 etc.,
Tags: web , utility , data , time , server , component , monitor , website , report , mobile , using , message , check , page , performance , error , webpage , administrator , user , real , for , useful , servers , uptime ,

 Termin Planner

Administrative Features∑ Multiple schedules are supported with unique resources. Blackout times are easy to add and manage to restrict reservations. ∑ User permissions allow the administrator to decide on what resources users can place reservations. This feature can be turned on or off from the configuration file.Reservation minimum and maximum time limits can be set on a per-resource basis. ∑ Administrator has power to add and manage an unlimited number of resources. All which can be toggled active and inactive at any point. Administrator has control over all reservations and can browse, modify and delete any reservation in the system. Mass email feature allows the administrator to send out a system-wide email to notify users of resource downtime or other important information. Administrators can search through the reservation database with a very flexible search tool. Search results can be viewed as HTML, plain-text, XML or CSV. Database data can be dumped to the screen in XML or CSV format. Administrators can view a bar graph showing reservation statistics. Complete logging feature logs all activity through the system. User Features∑ Users can manage how and when they receive email notifications about their reservation activity. Recurring reservations and reservation summaries are completely supported. Schedule is GUI based with easy to identify reservations. Configuration Options∑ Time format, email program, announcements and much more can be set in the config file. The code is object-based and there is a strong attempt to maintain complete separation of business logic and presentation. This makes it easy to change the look and feel or functionality of the system. The provided phpDocumentor-generated documentation is complete and easy to follow for any PHP programmer.
Tags: email , screen , database , search , data , time , control , logic , business , delete , easy , code , view , manage , change , bar , send , graph , administrator , number , restrict , logging , set , activity , documentation , resource , power , active , notify , configuration , resources , feature , receive , logs , for , modify , maintain , users , complete , schedules , out ,

 The Alienhelpdesk Bulletin Board

The alienhelp desk bb is a simple bulletin board based on Php without requring a Mysql data base but when running on a UNIX platform requries the ability to chmod a file.Being a simple board it has no forums to post topics and the entire system is managed by the galleries and articler.This board can have only a single administrator and three class of users like member,guest and administrator.
Tags: data , system , board , class , administrator , simple , platform , galleries , post , base , users , desk ,

 Custom Errors in ASP.NET

Custom Errors in ASP.Net is an article which gives solution for a runtime error. In this tutorial, the author explained about the exception handling in ASP.NET along with the methods of handling those runtime errors. A developer likes to display a customized error page to the client instead of showing the default error page. This could be possible in ASP.NET which is the main core of this tutorial. The author also discussed about the notification of the error to the administrator is given along with the sample code and model webpage display.
Tags: code , notification , client , page , display , developer , error , administrator , model , errors , solution , author , sample , for ,

 :: BizDirectory ::

Business listings directory with Paypal integration. Includes a wide assortment of built in features such as administrator and visitor control panels, earnings report, search feature, tell a friend form, free and sponsored listings and much, much more. Features complete client listing activation and modification automation, or pending approval of an administrator if you prefer. Very easy to install and to customize.
Tags: search , control , easy , client , directory , install , administrator , features , listing , complete , visitor ,

 :: iSupport ::

A robustly featured help desk solution equipped with ticket support system, knowledge base, FAQ and customer testimonial manager. Includes many features such as : template system, multiple administrator support, customizable ticket support form, subjects, and departments - knowledge base comment system, statistics, announcement manager, testimonial section and much more. iSupport includes the ability to convert past customer support tickets directly into knowledge base articles, FAQ questions or even testimonials! Extremely easy to install and customize.
Tags: convert , easy , help , multiple , install , administrator , template , support , customer , into , solution , questions , knowledge , features , base , customersupport , ticket , desk ,

 :: NixieAffiliate ::

An open ended affiliate system designed specifically for merchants who wish to use Paypal. Features a 3 tier referral system, percentage of sale based commissions, IP based tracking, administrator and affiliate control panels, mailing list, statistics, hit counter url tracking and much more.
Tags: control , system , tracking , mailing , url , administrator , open , counter , for , sale ,

 ASP Event Calendar

This script is basically built in ASP. This script helps web site owners to create an useful calendar on their site which displays date, day, month and year. It helps site visitors to add and remove their events from the calendar easily. Web owners can differentiate the events and they can form different categories according to the event type, hence it makes easy to the administrator and visitor to search their events quickly.
Tags: web , search , create , calendar , easy , remove , site , script , form , administrator , event , events , useful , visitor ,

 MyInfo Component

MyInfo Component is an article through which users can learn about the MyInfo Component and its properties, which generates myinfo objects. This objects helps in storing several personal information of the administrator or the company on the web server. Here there are few strings which can be assigned to create new properties.
Tags: web , create , information , learn , personal , administrator , users , objects , personalinformation ,

 ASPLogin 2000

ASPLogin provides user authentication and management for Active Server Page (ASP) based web sites and applications. ASPLogin uses an ActiveX server component to automatically send users to a login page, and then checks their authentication information and document permissions from a database. ASPLogin also comes with a web-based administrator which can be used to setup users and groups in your ASPLogin database via a web browser. Also included are automated user registration form, forgot your password scripts, and much more.
Tags: database , web , password , server , component , management , document , information , send , administrator , user , automatically , login , automated , for , sites , users , authentication , registration , checks ,


BrijnSMS is a small script written to allow authenticating and logging of messages send thru SMS Client. BrijnSMS is written in PHP and uses Mysql as database back-end. The BrijnSMS administrator can create user accounts for people that are allowed to send messages. He can also add people that can receive SMS messages. This is for security reasons. If the services is hacked it is not possible to send SMS messages to random phones (if the database password or administrator account is hacked it is possible of course :). Both Sender and Receiver accounts can be assigned to groups. This way it is possible to hide the Receiver accounts belonging to the family group from a user that is part of the friends group. BrijnSMS is a front-end to SMS Client and handles all SMS services upported by it
Tags: security , database , password , create , script , family , hide , send , administrator , user , random , small , messages , logging , account , accounts , services , group , receive , for , friends , course , part , people ,

 BE Technic Customer Tracking System

The BE Technic customer tracking system is a PHP script which allows the user to record the customer information, view, modify and delete the records whenever necessary. This helpdesk system will be useful for small and medium size organizations. The program administrator feature allows the user to assign different access rights, thus enabling access to different options like adding, changing or deleting the data in customer records by multiple users.
Tags: program , data , system , access , delete , record , script , tracking , multiple , administrator , helpdesk , user , size , small , customer , options , feature , for , modify , records , changing , useful ,


bigWebDesk is a customer support help desk system that offers many features like allowing the administrator to setup custom ticket fields, category reporting system that identifies and reports the reasons behind a ticket submission, includes a powerful knowledgebase, parses email and create tickets, allows users to select support representatives of their own, and has many other features.
Tags: email , create , system , help , administrator , reports , custom , support , customer , reporting , features , select , users , customersupport , ticket , powerful , desk ,

 BFN Quiz and Tests

This program lets the webmasters to conduct both fun quizes and real exams. This online tool comes with the ability to detect and protect from people retaking the tests and cheating. The test has certain set of questions and certain number of answers for each question. The test taker should choose the right answer from the options. The administrator can limit the test with a certain time frame.
Tags: tool , program , time , online , protect , fun , test , administrator , number , tests , detect , set , limit , questions , real , for , people ,

 Network Messenger

The Network Messenger is a simple php script with which the user is allowed to send the messages through their local area network. With the Network Messenger it is possible to use unlimited number of users with a high quality world class service. The chief administrator can send messages to any user at any time. It is easy to use and handle. It is also easy to customize.
Tags: network , easy , php , script , send , class , administrator , world , user , simple , number , messages , area , local , quality , users , phpscript ,

 Configuring SQL Server 2000 Options

This article is helpful for the entry level programmer and for system administrator which guides them step by step for configuring SQL server 2000 options and also gives hints about removed server options and database options in SQL server. Syntax for database options has been provided in this article.
Tags: database , server , system , 2000 , administrator , options , programmer , for ,

 CDFscheduling-online Sports reservatin system

The CDFscheduling is an online reservation system for sports clubs by which their members can consult court availability and reserve a court through your website. It can be easily integrated with a club's website and can be accessed by a secured password by players and administrators. The administrator has full control over the reservation schedule. With a detailed client database, you can have extensive statistics on reservation usage, send targeted emails by player or demographic group, manage a dynamic virtual online shop of all your products and much more. An online demo is also available in the website.
Tags: password , online , control , system , website , client , manage , statistics , send , demo , emails , administrator , virtual , sports , dynamic , for , shop , available , players ,

 Web Page Monitoring Services

Web Page Monitoring Services is a remotely hosted system to monitor contents of the website and mail the administrator or the webmaster specifying the changes with color highlights. It has powerful control panel in which admin can on / off silent mode. It is easy to setup and monitor the web page. No programming knowledge is required.
Tags: web , mail , control , monitor , system , website , easy , color , programming , page , admin , administrator , knowledge , contents , powerful , changes ,


Digi-downloader is a software package to manage the downloads on your site. The administrator can add and edit downloads, as well as view download counts for each file The script uses a password protected area to add/edit/delete downloads. You have the option to collect the users first name, last name and email address or allow the download without collecting any data. There is also a feature to email all users that have downloaded and supplied their email address. There is also two ways of using the script, you can link directly to the script or include the download form directly into your php web page and either way the script gives you html/php code that can be copied and pasted to make it easy to use.
Tags: software , email , download , file , web , password , edit , easy , make , code , php , script , using , address , form , view , page , downloads , manage , link , webpage , administrator , collect , name , area , into , package , feature , for , protected , users , option ,

 Webfree: Give Away Free Websites

Web free is more than a software package that allows you to give away free websites or web accessible storage to your visitors. Webfree was written with the idea that that not everyone wants the same thing and as such the software is written in such a way that you may select the functionality that you desire. It is written in php and uses a mysql database. The installation is very easy just edit the config.php file and then direct your browser to setupmysql.php which adds the tables into your database then login to the admin control panel and enter all the variables. Thats it! the software is set up!. Then all you need to do is point to the sign up page or edit it to your liking and include it in your template so that your users may sign up then just edit the header and footer that will be included at the top and bottom of all of the web accessible files that your users create or upload! The free version will add a link to our home page in the footer. If you don't want the links to our site you will have to pay for the software which is only 24.99 and gives you the right to all of the updates for free. So far Webfree has several addons which are described below: Webfree Suspend Users add-on: The suspend users add-on allows you to suspend users that violate the rules of your website with just a click of the mouse. Once suspended and the user tries to login he/she will be notified that their account has been suspended and that they have 7 days to contact the administrator or their files will be deleted. Webfree My Friends add-on: The My Friends add-on allows your users to add friends to their friends list which in turn shows them which friends are logged in and provides a link to their website. Webfree Share Files add-on: The share files add-on allows for your users to share any file on their website with any of their friends and in turn allows their friends to share files with them. In order to use this add-on you must have the My Friends addon. Your users will be able to share any type of file such as pictures, .doc files, mp3's or any other type of file. Imagine how popular your site would be if your users could share mp3's with their friends. Webfree Send Messgaes add-on: The send messages addon allows for your users to send messages to their friends so they can keep in touch. The send messages form allows for html so they can create fancy messages or send just plain text. In order to use the send messages add-on you must have the friends add-on.
Tags: software , file , html , database , web , create , files , control , website , browser , edit , easy , php , site , list , form , mysql , page , home , addon , send , link , links , contact , admin , administrator , user , share , template , messages , account , set , into , package , version , click , type , storage , login , installation , homepage , popular , websites , for , select , rules , users , sign , friends , top , point ,

 Cbb creative guestbook

This is a php software and a simple guestbook where users can enter names, emails and can give a comment on their site through a web based browser. administrator has a facility to edit messages, delete messages, view IP's, Ban IP's, Un ban IP's, add and delete. User has a facility to give a link to their homepage, choosing an avatar, filling in a message, smilies, CBBcodes and quote other users. Free download option is provided for this script.
Tags: software , download , web , delete , edit , php , site , view , link , emails , administrator , simple , quote , for , webbased , users , option ,

 Email Builder with real-time tracking

E-Mail builder is a software that is used to send unlimited number of messages and newsletters to their customers or associates. This software runs in any single or multi server. The administrator can easily upload new lists, edit the log-in members, view previous lists, track undelivered and unsubscribed messages. The inbuilt real-time campaign tracking system offers the administrator to view the statistical performance of the mail. The important features of this software is, it provides good performance, adjustable environment, many levels of controls and online feedback and comment forms to support customers.
Tags: software , online , system , builder , edit , view , tracking , performance , upload , send , forms , track , administrator , number , messages , support , levels , good , controls , multi , features , customers , newsletters ,


phpBannerExchange is a PHP/mySQL script that allows an administrator with minimal knowledge of PHP and mySQL to run a banner exchange.This script was inspired by some of the greatest ad rotation scripts on the 'net such as Webadverts and phpAdsNew. Version 1.2 includes quite a few new features thrown in to make it a more complete exchange application. Be sure to check out the installation directions, the Changelog and the Upgrade instructions for more information.
Tags: make , script , check , scripts , exchange , administrator , run , installation , banner , knowledge , for , features , rotation , complete , out ,

 PowerTCP FTP for .NET

This is an useful component for the network administrator which enables them to transfer their database records to other PCs and also they can access data from remote systems with full security. Users are allowed to transfer files to remote locations with design time editors without compiling. It uses stream based design for flexible functions. Users can easily upload and download files. It is simple to setup and to use.
Tags: download , database , network , data , time , files , component , access , design , transfer , remote , upload , administrator , simple , stream , for , records , useful , systems , editors ,

 Softslate Commerce

SoftSlate Commerce is a highly flexible shopping cart program written with 100% Java and JSP. It is designed to be the platform for a robust ecommerce solution tailored to a company's unique business needs. SoftSlate Commerce utilizes the best practices of open standards and technologies such as Struts, J2EE design patterns, Apache Commons technologies, the Tiles templating framework, and moreómaking it highly accessible to developers and designers. Best of all, the entire SoftSlate Commerce source code comes included with the product, along with a license allowing you to modify it to suit your exact requirements, without restrictions of any kind, in perpetuity. Features include: Product catalog. Products are completely searchable and browsable. Products may be placed within a category tree of arbitrary depth. Product attributes. Custom attributes that shoppers select, such as size, color, or any other field, may be defined, for individual products or groups of products. Customer accounts. Includes complete support for customer accounts, including saved addresses, lost password retrieval, and customer order history. Administration. Comes with a web-based administrator allowing you to manage your store online, and integrates with the NetPush Order order management system. Multiple databases. Runs out of the box with SQL Server 2000, MySQL 3.x, and MySQL 4.x. Complete control of HTML and CSS styles. The entire HTML output is accessible through JSP pages for complete flexibility. Multi-tiered architecture. The architecture provides complete separatation of Model, Controller, and View components. J2EE patterns. Uses J2EE patterns in the Model component, providing a highly recognizable platform to build on.
Tags: password , program , control , management , business , design , code , tree , manage , lost , source , ecommerce , best , administrator , open , store , sourcecode , support , build , customer , lostpassword , shopping , pages , platform , solution , shoppingcart , box , restrictions , for , modify , license , patterns , complete , out ,

 Enabling HTTP Compression in IIS 6.0

This article is basically for the system administrator which instructs them in step by step process to enable HTTP compression on Internet Information Services(IIS) server and also it shows how it works. What is HTTP compression, how to enable HTTP compression on windows 2003 server, how to configure Metabase of IIS etc., are the topics discussed in this article.
Tags: windows , server , system , compression , administrator , process , for , configure ,


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