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 Smoothing effect in flash

This software lets the users to add a smooth effect to any action at the end like fading out an object or moving it to a particular position, scaling it etc. Users can adjust properties like acceleration, decceleration, scaling, position, alpha, rotation etc., of the movie clip. It has several enhanced features to help changing the properties.
Tags: software , action , movie , help , effect , object , properties , features , changing , users , adjust , rotation , out , moving ,


The ANEI Chat component is another IRC client that is accessed through a web page using only HTML. Many companies and ISP may block IRC clients for reasons of security or company policies. Our Chat component allows those users to still access IRC rooms by only requiring http access between the client and the Web Server. Many users can access these pages directly or through Proxy Servers. ANEI has designed this software to only require that user have a web browser and no other client side software. Userlist updating is more reliable. /me & /describe support has been added and now works as an action code to other clients. /msg now works from the command line for sending private messages. New features include the following: The local nick now shows in blue when messages are directed for the local user. CTCP outbound and inbound commands are working and being added at this time. The ability to change the CTCP response messages. RoomFlip is a new feature that puts the newest text on the top of the page not the bootom. History is a new feature that allows you to see the last 150 lines of text for that room.
Tags: software , security , web , text , component , action , access , browser , code , client , using , http , page , block , change , lines , commandline , webpage , private , user , line , messages , support , webbrowser , command , local , pages , feature , now , for , features , users , top , sending , clients ,

 AIR Cookie Generator

If you are in a profession where you have to convince your customer about a product to earn a commission, this JavaScript can be used to make sure that even if the customer remembers the URL and contacts directly, this JavaScript uses the AIR CookieS scripting action in their browser to pop under a window, set a cookie from your vendor's site, then close it silently with the help of the adjustable timer.
Tags: action , browser , make , help , contacts , pop , scripting , set , customer , cookie , product ,

 EBA: Grid Control V2.5

The EBA Grid Control is a JavaScript and DHTML based data-entry and data-browsing control designed to render data asynchronously from a remote database (or unbound) in a familiar Microsoft Excel style interface. Multiple control types including checkbox, combo-box, drop-down, date, text, etc. Languages supported include ASP, JSP. EBA:Grid V2 integrates seamlessly with MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, DB2, and more! Free download! The lightweight nature of the Grid distinguishes it from similar products. It downloads quickly, requires no preinstalled software or action from the user to install, and features a robust and full-featured user interface. V2 is the spreadsheet and data-entry solution for financial applications, point of sale systems, and database management tools. The control is delivered seamlessly with the web page as a JavaScript attachment. This means your application will not require prior installation of any software, and will be Windows Service Pack 2 compatible. Feature Highlights - Column Freezing. Freeze n columns to the left while preserving the scrolling ability on other columns. Useful for viewing complex recordsets. - Asynchronous Paging. Quickly scroll through large datasets without reloading the page. - Databound Comboboxes. Specialized input type with type-ahead autocomplete. Eg: Bind a cell to a remote database containing a list of clients which is loaded on demand from the server. Type the first few letters of the client's name and the combobox will attempt to guess which you are typing. - AutoSave. Save all changes to the Grid asynchronously in real time as the user types without interruping workflow or reloading the page. - Predefined Visual Styles. - Formatted data entry. - Multiple cell types including: Text, Number, Dates, Boolean, List boxes, Combo Boxes.
Tags: software , database , web , data , time , control , action , management , nature , list , application , remote , page , downloads , spreadsheet , webpage , user , financial , name , type , databasemanagement , pointofsale , installation , cell , solution , style , workflow , columns , input , real , for , features , scrolling , scroll , sale , letters , point , combobox , combo , changes , clients ,

 Service level manager

This is a program that has the ability to provide entire solution for the administrators to perform an extensive internet applications. Admin can utilize this program to serve according to the priority of their clients. This program facilitates the admins to manage their web services in various platforms. They can also manage all processes, operational data and entire business with the help of this program. This program comes with the ability to protect from the service problems by proceeding earliest warnings, diminishing the action timely and by making better analysis. Admin can also have the facility to make an usage analysis to know about the trends and thereby to increase the income. It has several enhanced features like displaying detailed service level views, visualizing the system health and objects, providing reports about service level health in both HTML and pdf formats, across HTML, HTTP, SOAP/XML, non SOAP/XML, .NET, java, JSP, JMS and servlets, coming with enterprise level architecture etc.,
Tags: internet , web , pdf , program , data , action , system , protect , business , make , health , help , analysis , service , manage , reports , services , solution , usage , for , features , priority , enterprise , increase ,

 Slide In Menu

This is a PHP built navigation system with sliding menu action compatible with DHTML. You can use this script as an alternative for drop down menus to present both your site map as well as the site news. The key feature of this menu system is that it does not consume much of your browser screen space and opens the menu by sliding over the page. Provisions to set it for full page load as default or to enable your users to set a cookie to change the default options are also available in this menu system.
Tags: screen , menu , action , system , space , browser , site , script , navigation , page , change , key , map , menus , set , alternative , cookie , options , drop , load , feature , sitemap , for , users , present , available ,

 Running ASP.NET within a Command-Line .exe (Outside of IIS)

This tutorial briefly describes about how to execute ASP.NET within a command line. To perform this action the users have to follow the given three procedures. The author says it supports a hosting framework for execution. Description and steps given in this tutorial are easy to understand.
Tags: action , easy , tutorial , command , author , execute , for , framework , users , hosting ,

 Axis Spectrum Analyzer

Axis Spectrum Analyzer allows you to record audio along with sincronized 31 band spectrum analyzer readings from any audio source to be inputed into Macromedia Flash movies in an easy to integrate way. It records a wave file and an action script file for that wave file to be included in your Flash project. It allows you to set the frames per second used in the Flash movie. It comes with a full example, visit the web site, there is an example there. The software can also be used to display real-time audio with customized visuals on your desktop or on video devices such as projectors, tvs,etc..., the software comes with special features for making it appropriate for music performances (such as karaokes,shows) . For video device output capability you will need a machine with an audio board and a video board with an s-video or composite video output (quality is a differential in both audio and video hardware).Help included.
Tags: software , file , desktop , video , web , audio , music , action , easy , record , board , script , movies , wave , source , display , analyzer , set , into , device , machine , second , frames , for , features , records , special ,

 Testing a Cloned Object Using Reflection

This tutorial instructs the users how to test a cloned object using reflection. The author says .NET framework provides the IClone hence the users can easily implement their own clone() and test it by using System.Reflection object. To perform this action the tutor of this article has provided sample code for testing.
Tags: action , code , using , test , tutorial , object , author , tutor , sample , for , framework , users ,

 Value Account

Value Account is a financial sofware designed for club investment participants providing add-ons for setting action levels for their stocks. Using this script clubs can also monitor their stock movements. Users would be able to view all real time club activities on the club's websites. Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: time , monitor , action , script , view , stock , demo , financial , levels , investment , real , for , available , activities ,

 Resurrection and the .NET Garbage collector

This article teaches elaborately about .NET's garbage collector method which is helpful for every developer that allows them to retrieve back the destructed object i.e- reactivated again from destruction for normal play. To view this action practically users can use the given sample source code snippets on their codes.
Tags: action , code , view , source , developer , sourcecode , retrieve , object , sample , for , back , collector , users , method ,

 Popup Closer - Click Anywhere

This is an article that tells the users how to close the popup window by the process of clicking anywhere on the screen. This article provide simple code for the users to close window by clicking anywhere. By the end of this tutorial users can perform any action to close popup windows.
Tags: action , code , window , process , simple , tutorial , for , users ,

 ASP Banner.NET

This is a program that lets webmasters to run an advertising system on their websites. They can display any number of banners on their websites by using this application and can customize the repetition of the banner displaying to suit their demands ie- they can display specified banners more times than the others. It supports MySQL and MS Access databases to perform a perfect action in displaying banners. Admin can create zones to locate the ads on the websites. It provides admin facility to manage email contact with their advertisers. This program provides an admin area to control each and every aspect by configurating them.
Tags: email , program , create , control , action , system , application , using , manage , display , contact , admin , ads , number , run , area , customize , advertising , banner , databases , websites , locate , banners , zones ,

 Action Tags

In this article the author shows you the method for creating three action tags such as tag, tag, and tag. ShowAndHideAction tag is inherited from the ShowAndHideAction base class with attributes such as show and action. The author gives you a sample program which shows how to attach the ShowAndHideAction tag with linkbutton controls. Query tag is inherited from ActionTagControl class. The author also explains the use of Query and Selector tags with a sample program.
Tags: program , action , creating , show , class , tag , author , sample , for , tags , base , method , attach ,

 Disable SmartTags in users browser

This is an article that allows users to deactivate the smart tags from the clients browsers. This tutorial explains that smart tags are the hyperlinks which are positioned on the users website by the visitors browsers, to put those hyperlinks out of action this tutorial provides a single line of code.
Tags: action , website , smart , line , tutorial , tags , users , out , clients , hyperlinks ,

 Dacio's Mail List

This script is simple mail list. It records email, action and date and puts it in txt file. It doesn't require any database. You can use it for small websites, records can be viewed and cannot be deleted from file.
Tags: mail , action , script , date , txt , simple , deleted , small , for , records ,

 versaSRS HelpDesk

This web based easy to use helpdesk sytem is useful for improving your sales as well as the relationship with your customers. The request from the customer can be handled either through Email or direct chat session. Some key features of versaSRS helpDesk tool are it provides audit trial, history and customizable system labeling and prioritization of calls, fast call logging, call escalations, action escalations, billing module etc.,
Tags: web , tool , action , system , easy , fast , chat , history , billing , key , sales , helpdesk , module , customer , audit , call , for , features , useful , webbased ,

 ASP.NET Version Switcher

This is a program that can be used by the developers for switching the .NET framework to check frequently the compatibility of their applications with different versions. This program performs its action with the help of ASPNET_REGIIS which is added in MS .NET frame work. It is an easy to use program.
Tags: program , action , easy , help , check , frame , applications , for , framework , ColdFusion FAQ's

This is a collection of ColdFusion development FAQ's. This covers aspects such as Showing the execution time of a query, How to know what fields are passed to an action page, How to alternate background colors, How to create pdf's on the fly with coldfusion, How to flush a database, etc.
Tags: create , time , action , development , collection , background , fields , covers ,

 Paypal IPN Made Easy!

IPN can make your online store deliver a notification email, send a file attachment, record and save the order in you order database in realtime. The challenges of IPN and why using our Ecommercemax IPN template will make it a breeze. PAYPAL IPN is a technology that runs behind the scenes. You don't type the IPN URL on your address bar to get to it, it is accessed in your server directly by Paypal gateway. When an error occurs in the middle of the code, there is no visible error that will manifest where the problem came from. Unless you are willing to do a trial and error for each line of code in your ipn processor, you're facing quite a bit of a headache. IPN processor has a built-in AUDIT TRAIL that makes implementing IPN a breeze. It logs each crucial action of your IPN events in text file that you can later review via your browser using a utility that we also provide. Our IPN processor template already includes built-in mail sending capability - sending to you as the vendor and also to the buyer. It also contains a template where you would do additional processing like saving the order to a database. All codes have well placed markers that will let you know exactly what lines to modify and where to put your additional codes.
Tags: file , database , utility , mail , text , online , server , action , browser , make , record , code , notification , using , address , save , bar , send , lines , error , store , trial , template , line , processing , type , events , problem , processor , logs , for , modify , codes , sending , review , bit ,

 How to start this ActionScript Stuff?

How to start this ActionScript Stuff? is a web based tutorial through which you can learn about how to create your own action scripts in Flash. The author clearly explains you the two places such as Frames in Timeline, movieClip instance and button instance where you can write the action scripts. Action scripts are based on OOP and it helps you to build a Flash Movie by building objects.
Tags: web , create , action , write , learn , scripts , button , start , build , tutorial , author , webbased , building ,

 Flash-XML News Ticker

Flash-XML News Ticker loads the news from an XML file and allows the users to view the headline news in the banner ad form. A method named 'get elements by tagname' has been written for using with the action script built in XML files. This program also allows the display of different news categories without making any changes to the original movie. This player has some built in security constraints that prevents it from downloading files from other websites.
Tags: file , security , program , files , action , script , using , view , news , display , original , banner , for , users , method , changes ,

 DMS - Document Managemant System

DMS-Document Managemant System is an unique content management software that allows you to manage all files and folders of your active website. You can edit, upload, modify and remove documents and webpublishings with just a click action directly from your browser. All files and contents are stored with full 128 bit encryption and hence you would be able to transport files anywhere as desired. Some of the key features include support for all file formats like .doc, .xls, .ppt, .asp, ability to edit and view web pages and documents online, encryptions for all data etc.,
Tags: software , file , web , data , files , action , management , encryption , edit , remove , view , folders , manage , key , content , documents , support , click , pages , active , for , webpages , features , modify , contentmanagement , contents , bit ,

 Whois Lookup & Domain Checker

This is an useful ASP component for the web users or network administrators who want to check the status of domain i.e- to find whether the domain is in action or not and also this component is used for looking up the registrant name and their entire information from whois server. This tool supports over thirty types of domain like,, .tv,,, .info and more.
Tags: web , tool , network , component , action , find , information , check , whois , name , domain , for , useful , users ,


The Portal Caffe is a simple and easy to use PHP based link indexing script that uses MySQL database for storing the data. The front-end user interaction is fully customizable with unlimited number of categories, allows to have upto six levels of sub-category, visitors can rate links with ranks from five to ten on a sliding scale. It also offers top rated links and popular links etc. The admin panel is featured with the ability to add, change and delete categories, option to send an e-mail when a particular link sent by an user is validated or rejected. The admin panel is double password protected so that, each illegal action performed is recorded in login file. An online demo of a sample link directory can be viewed in the website.
Tags: database , password , online , action , delete , easy , script , directory , change , send , demo , link , links , admin , user , simple , number , levels , login , popular , rate , sample , for , protected , option , top ,


htMailer is a mailing list script that is provided with email regulators to maintain low CPU usage. This software is very fast in its action and prevents high network usages. This script is easily integrated into any active websites and configure to make easy customization. This script is designed as to run on programs of the server from which you send emails.
Tags: software , email , network , server , action , easy , programs , make , fast , list , script , send , mailing , run , mailinglist , into , active , websites , maintain , configure ,

 If Action

This is a short tutorial on the "if" action in Actionscript. The tutorial covers description, basic syntax, and examples.
Tags: action , basic , tutorial , covers ,


This program lets the users to alter actionscripts by acting as both extractor and compiler. Flasm provides an easy to read representation SWF bytecodes to do the process successfully. It can be used to compile entire contents of SWF files including all events and timelines. This software accepts the corrections from the users and replaces the original action by corrected one. This can be used to optimize a flash file.
Tags: software , flash , program , files , action , easy , optimize , process , read , extractor , original , events , users , contents ,

 Live Web Site Traffic Analysis

This program is used to count the number of visitors visiting your website. This script monitors each and every action of the visitors like, which files they download, analyze real time visitors path, where did they go to from your site, analyze which campaigns turn visitors into browsers and which campaigns turn them into customers or buyers etc.,
Tags: program , time , files , action , script , number , analyze , into , count , real , customers ,


php.MVC is a PHP based framework that helps for PHP web applications. It supports the application design and it implements the Model View Controller design pattern. The application design helps the designers and programmers to focus their expertise easily. The framework provides a single entry point controller and it is responsible for allocating HTTP requests. It contains business logic for application also. It is a PHP port of jakarta sturts and it supports many features of sturts and helps to map from various action business logic components to appropriate results pages.
Tags: web , action , logic , business , design , application , components , map , port , for , features , framework , focus , point ,


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