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Improve the quality of your support by providing an integrated help desk solution that effectively manages and controls your support traffic. Your visitors enjoy high-level support with fast and accurate support. Enjoy features like an email parser that takes your incoming email and creates tickets or applies them as replies to your existing tickets. It handles all incoming email from any number of POP accounts. Email Filters allow you to filter the route of new emails. SupportTrio includes an impressive set of features including: Advanced Email Parser, Multiple POP accounts. Multiple ticket views/layouts, template system, assign/merge/resolve/close ticket options, central CSS file, graphs of reports, integrated knowledgebase, personalization options, troubleshooters and much more. View our online demo today and learn why SupportTrio is the professional support ticketing choice.
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 Amortization Calculator

This calculator on JavaScript can calculate monthly payment of loans if provided with the loan amount, interest rate and the duration of the loan period. Also it creates an amortization chart that provides details such as principal, monthly balance of the loan amount, total payments, interest and total interest. The script calculates an accurate value and is compatible with almost all the browsers like Mozilla 1.0, Netscape 6.2, Internet Explorer 5.02 and Opera 6.01, all on win2k. The script is also customizable too.
Tags: calculator , script , chart , loan , calculate , payment , amortization , value , accurate , rate , balance , monthly ,

 Atomz Search

Atomz Search is a powerful searching and marketing program that will allow users to interact with their site visitors by tracking down their search preferences and providing accurate results to visitors needs. This program guides visitors to their searches and influence them with keyword based promotions to their search results. And users learn of visitors preferences through the search boxes and provide them with more accurate results to their satisfaction.
Tags: search , program , site , learn , tracking , marketing , keyword , accurate , searching , users , boxes , powerful , searches ,

 Babylon Pro

This script is used to translate a word from one language to another languages. It supports thirteen types of languages. It offers webmasters dictionary that helps your site visitors to find accurate meaning for particular word. This script converts currencies, measurements and time zones. This is a remotely hosted system. Each languages contains three million words and phrases etc. It also supports wav files.
Tags: time , wav , word , find , dictionary , site , script , language , words , translate , languages , accurate , for ,

This offers simple webcounter which is used to track the website traffic. It gives accurate report of the web traffic. This script tracks the website visitors each hit on the webpage and their system information, visitors activity etc., This script has different styles of counter and the users can select any one of the web counter as they prefer. It shows real time web statistics. It has a stable control panel with this system.
Tags: web , time , control , system , website , report , script , track , simple , tracks , activity , counter , accurate , real , select , users ,

 PHP Rating System

PHP Rating System is a simple five star php rating system and is a script based on php. With the help of php rating system users can display accurate rating on the websites. This system doesn't need any database as backend. There is also nothing to configure in this script. Text file logs IP addresses that helps to prevent multiple rating by the same user. Users can easily embed this script into their website.
Tags: file , database , system , help , php , script , display , multiple , simple , into , star , prevent , accurate , logs , addresses , rating , embed , users , configure ,


HostersUK is a counter script. This script gives you the accurate details of the visitors who have seen and who are online. Customization is very simple. To run this script PHP must be needed in your web server. Quite simple to understand. The space requirement is less.
Tags: web , space , script , simple , run , counter , accurate ,

 ASP Interactive User Polling Script

This is an article that makes it easy to create and conduct polls and survey on websites. Webmasters can use this online tutorial to create polls with feature like bar graph result displaying, using color images on bar graphs and calculating accurate results. This article provides code snippet and also instructs the webmasters to gather suggestions from visitors.
Tags: create , online , images , easy , code , color , using , bar , graph , tutorial , graphs , accurate , feature , survey , codesnippet ,


This program allows customers to view the real time shipping rate and package for their needed product while using this utility on the ASP.NET websites. This program accepts all accurate information from the customers and sends them to UPS and thereby to display the results and it uses XML file to store all the data. This program comes with name of the US states and code, suitable country names and codes and Canada codes and provinces.
Tags: file , utility , program , time , information , using , view , display , store , name , package , product , accurate , rate , real , for , names , country , customers , states , codes ,


ConversionTrack is a special application to analyze web log. It varies from universal log analyzer, in that it does not give data like daily unique IP or page view. Instead, it give out a whole analysis of visitors' conversion ratio. According to the web service log, ConversionTrack can analyze every user's access path, and give an overall statistic result of visitor's conversion ratio including the referer, time, region, and information of user's software environment. ConversionTrack can help you better understand the behavior of web visitors, be more accurate to evaluate all kind of online advertising ROI including PPC keyword, banner and email, which finally achieve the goal of improving website conversion ratio and return on investment of your online business.
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This program enables administrators to have a perfect ecommerce and shopping cart system on their ASP.NET websites. This program is built in a customizable condition for the administrators to carryout their all business development needs. This program allows admin to have numerous items in numerous categories and to specify the items using different types of fonts and colors. This program performs an accurate real time payment processing. Groups or categories can be easily manages by modifying any time at administrators choice. Administrators can set the cart headers with image and also text and can add tooltips to image buttons. This program is based on XML and provides administrators email facility too. It has several enhanced features for the benefit of the administrators.
Tags: email , image , program , text , time , system , business , development , using , ecommerce , admin , set , shopping , fonts , payment , accurate , shoppingcart , real , for , features ,

 Biometric Employee Punch Clock

Biometry is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance information. Instead of badges or passwords that can be lost, forgotten or deceived, the Biometric Employee Punch Clock verifies an employee's identity based on his fingerprint. With our solution, you pay your employees for the exact time they work. No more unreadable paper time sheets, no more time calculations by hand, no more "buddy punching" only accurate information!
Tags: time , passwords , collect , employee , paper , attendance , accurate , forgotten , for , identity ,

 Dynamic countdown script II

Version 2 of the Dynamic countdown script is accurate to the second. This allows you to count down to a particular event that's time sensitive (and not just day).
Tags: time , script , event , countdown , count , accurate ,

 Script an Online User Counter

Script an Online User Counter is a simple counter script that provides accurate number of online users of your website. This counter software possess a lot of enhanced features that are efficient in handling proxies and collisions. This real time counting system uses the first 3 tuples of an IP in tracking the users and is available with loop cap and timestamp facilities to manage heavy web traffic. Users can just view the total number of users within a second by just selecting the number of unique IP's in the table.
Tags: software , web , time , online , system , script , view , tracking , manage , simple , number , counter , accurate , second , real , features , users , counting , available ,

 Ration Generator

Ration Generator workings workings is by a multiplicative inverse process. Rounding and multiplying the values results in the best ratios of a decimal. You can input any positive whole number and decimal value up to eight (8) places (This is the limit of accuracy for the Javascript calculator that it can handle for this program). You can enter your value by punching in the numbers on the key pad. To the bottom right is a "left arrow" button where you may erase the last number inputted also you may clear the value by clicking on the "C" button. By clicking on the "Get Ratio!" button a window will open adjacent to the right with the results. This window contains your inputted value and then lists the ratios from the largest most accurate down to the smallest best ratios. The Ratio Generator will produce for you both Proper/Improper and Mixed fractions just simply make the selection in the menu.
Tags: calculator , make , erase , key , window , best , open , button , number , numbers , value , lists , accurate , limit , input , clear , for , decimal ,

 Envy Stats

Envy Stats is a simple online counter script and gives the statistical report of the website tracked by this script. This script enables webmasters to keep the accurate track report of their website periodically. This script searches and tracks current online visitors, through which search engine did they enter, top entries, customizable styles of the counter, gives type of browser and operating system used by the visitors, unique page hits, sending report through email weekly etc. are the important features of this script.
Tags: email , search , online , system , website , browser , report , script , page , track , engine , simple , tracks , searchengine , type , counter , accurate , features , top , searches , sending ,


Plug in Search is a site search engine script where users can perform searches on the website. There are 15 categories available like shareware, sports, MP3 etc for searching sites. Users can choose specific category to search the web. Search results are displayed into your site. This program has features like, online setup and managing, fast and accurate search results, keeping users longer, getting 50% of the banner ad space, creating incremental ad revenue and more.
Tags: search , program , online , fast , creating , site , script , engine , searchengine , into , banner , accurate , searching , for , features , users , available , revenue , searches ,

 Creating a SQL Query Test Page

This article is used as a reference and to get a great guidance for creating a SQL query test page that helps the users to retrieve only accurate result from database. Sample code snippets to test by the users has been give in this article.
Tags: code , creating , test , page , query , retrieve , reference , accurate , for , users ,

 Google page rank php script

This simple and easy-to-use php script finds the Google Page Rank for any URL by requesting the PR from Google's servers. Just upload script to your web site, enter small piece of code (less than 1Kb) to your page and you will be able to track your site's google page rank live! Completely accurate real time google page rank info that is always available directly on your web site.
Tags: web , time , code , php , script , page , upload , track , google , simple , small , info , accurate , real , for , pagerank , available , phpscript ,

 Server Uptime Percentage

Server Uptime Percentage is a php driven script with mysql backend that shows the status of the services of your servers. Version 1.2 enables you to easy customize the look of the status page and listen on seven different server ports. Supported services are: cPanel, ssh, ftp, http, DNS, pop3 and mysql.Beside that, script shows server IP number, and most important, it shows server uptime percentage! Script have to be on cronjob - the most often cronjob will run the script - more accurate will be uptime percentage result. Script tracks when server is down and does not count negative percentage when one of non-crucial services are down. But when http, DNS or all services are down then it will be counted. Script can email you whenever any of monitored servers goes down - feature can be easily turned on/off! Easy editable results page + easy to implement on any page you want. Simple and effective admin area - add and delete servers! Script is mysql driven - database will not grow large even if you use it for years!( one month old database for script that tracks 8 servers every three minutes is 4Kb only ). Very low bandwidth consumption, even with cron that runs every minute. Results page shows 10 fields in total - 7 services, uptime percentage, server IP address and server name. Three predefined graphic sets.
Tags: email , database , server , delete , easy , php , pop3 , graphic , script , address , mysql , page , admin , run , bandwidth , tracks , area , services , customize , count , accurate , feature , for , servers , fields , uptime , editable ,

 heathcosoft search engine

heathcosoft search engine is a search engine software and is a simple script based on php. This software allows for unlimited searches to be setup to index various web pages. It does'nt need shell access. It supports boolean searches. To the search engine, upgrade link is used to check for upgrades. It has search engine spider which will scan url for other links to index. Powerful searching algorithm is available for accurate results. It is perfect solution for any website. Online demo available.
Tags: software , web , search , scan , script , check , demo , link , shell , links , url , spider , engine , simple , index , searchengine , solution , accurate , searching , for , available , searches , algorithm , upgrade ,

 Hijry Clock

Hijry Clock is Java applet clock that displays the current time along with the Islamic Hijry dates and Gregorian dates. The Hijry calendar is accurate within a day or two and cannot be considered as 100% accurate as no Hijry calendar can be so. This depends lot on the moon-sighting validation and so it has to be used with the moon sightings.
Tags: time , clock , calendar , applet , moon , day , validation , accurate , dates ,

 Simple usersonline Class

Simple Users Online Class is a counter script. This script is greatly used by the website owners to see how many visitors have visited their site. It is a simple program that enables you to track in an easy and accurate manner. It has certain great features such as, inserting new user automatically, Cleaning database automatically, checks if user is behind a proxy server.
Tags: database , program , website , easy , script , proxy , track , user , simple , counter , accurate , features , checks ,


PHP Referer is a programme built for analysing web traffic with accurate statistical information. It analyzes a log file of apache to show your most common referers ie webpages that link to your site. It tracks number of times the particular page viewed by the visitor. Very useful tool for webmasters.
Tags: file , web , tool , log , page , show , ie , link , traffic , number , tracks , apache , accurate , for , useful , logfile ,

 T-Pack (bundle of Time Applets)

T-Pack is an useful program for website owners which helps them to design their website with clock. T-Pack is included with different types of time displaying program they are, pixcalendar, wallclock, countdown clock, global time, digital alarm clock etc., It displays accurate time on the front page. This script is simple and easy to understand and install.
Tags: program , time , clock , website , design , easy , digital , script , alarm , simple , alarmclock , countdown , accurate , for , useful , global ,

 Clearing Your Address List

Clearing your address list is one of the most important task to overcome repeatedly sending e-mail to bad addresses or to subtract out the failure from an accurate report while response tracking. Simple solutions are also given for the complex problems. The samples are really helpful for the webmasters to update and keep their mail address list clean.
Tags: mail , list , report , address , task , update , accurate , for , addresses , failure , solutions , sending , out ,

 JustInTime Scheduler

This is a program comes with the ability to handle the staff management in all aspects. It automatically produces the schedule for staffs in making temperory staffs by providing temporary shifts. It gives accurate schedule for the medical staffs. It reduces 90% of the time taking for scheduling. It uses multiple facilities and parallel scheduling. It provides reports and statistical representations. Complex mathematical algorithms are used for scheduling. And it has more features to balance the needs of every individual belonging to a group or concern.
Tags: program , time , management , schedule , multiple , reports , automatically , medical , group , staff , accurate , balance , for , features , temporary , mathematical ,

 Elapsed time since

Elapsed time since is a efficient PHP code that figures out the accurate time and date that has been elapsed inbetween a specific time period. Most accurate values of time period in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years can be obtained using this script. This software is easy to use and configure.
Tags: software , time , easy , code , using , date , accurate , period , out ,


This is a web searching tool that supports several search engines, online directories, news site, whois database etc., You can search and query for images, fonts and styles, english terms, definition, acronym, free scripts, jobs, animations, articles and books etc., through this search tool. You have the facility to choose your own directory or search engine to get narrowed with accurate and appropriate search results for the queries.
Tags: database , web , tool , search , online , english , directory , news , query , engine , whois , searchengine , fonts , accurate , searching , for , articles , books ,

 Super Stats

SuperStats is an important utility for the webmasters to track their website and gives real time reporting of website traffic, unique visitors of the website, referers page, accurate report of total number of visitors visited the website ever and many information about the site visitors. In the premium version, it also monitors e-commerce, html analysis and server reports, monitor date and time of visitors entry, tracks SSL web pages etc., Users can store the reports in acrobat, MS word, MS Excel and in text format.
Tags: html , web , utility , text , time , server , monitor , website , information , site , report , analysis , date , track , store , reports , number , tracks , reporting , pages , accurate , real , for , webpages ,


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