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 Domainbase - The Domain Name Manager

This tool is helpful for the webmasters or for the hosting company that allows them to manage domain name and to find the status of that particular domain. It tracks the information like, date of expiration of domain name, due date, account status etc., If the times expires, it delivers an alert message to the specific user and it informs them to renew the domain name in due date. Users are allowed to add any facilities within the Domainbase such as, website statistics, web hosting accounts etc.,
Tags: web , tool , website , find , information , message , manage , date , user , name , alert , tracks , account , domain , accounts , domainname , for , hosting ,


This is a user management system that protects the users iBill account with password management system. The admin can control the access of the users accounts through an admin interface. This program provide image or video and .asp protection facility for the users, free upgrading process can be done by the users etc. This program is useful program for password protection and management.
Tags: image , video , password , program , control , management , system , access , protection , admin , user , process , account , accounts , passwordprotection , for , useful , users ,

 iBillPM Plus

This is a user management program which protects the users iBill account with the support of password management. This program protects the members directory with ISAPI filter for IIS server. Admin can have control over the users accounts and members directory access. This program provide email support for the users. This program is helpful to perform the password protecting process.
Tags: email , password , program , control , management , filter , directory , user , support , account , accounts , protecting , for , users ,

 Access Protection

Access Protection is used to keep your homepage secured by restricting the non members access. It has many features like, no programming knowledge is required to work this script, you can make your entire homepage access-protected or only individual areas like member area, in the administration area you can administrate your users: permanent access authorization or access authorization for a certain period, activate and deactivate user accounts, release user accounts and more. It can be configures easily into an existing website. It is easy to customize.
Tags: access , easy , make , programming , administration , user , area , work , into , accounts , knowledge , for , features ,

 eDate Web Calendar

eDate is an event calendar that is a great Internet or Intranet application. With easy account setup, an already overworked webmaster can manage user accounts that easily allow events to be added, deleted or updated. This web application is unique in that you can create whatever look you need because the ASP source code is included. eDate's versatility is unlimited. Features 100% vbScript. No ActiveX components Easy to setup and modify Optimized calendar drawing algorithm Supports International date formats System Requirements MS Access 2000TM or MS SQL 7.0/2000 data source Requires Windows NT with IIS 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server with IIS 5.0
Tags: web , create , calendar , easy , code , application , source , 2000 , components , drawing , user , sourcecode , deleted , account , accounts , event , events , algorithm ,


GeneralLedger is an ASP.NET business accounts software which has various stored applications for developing ledger management. This tool offers various features like providing functionalities for generating external and internal business management system, providing user friendly interface, for expanded processing this software offers all database logic with in a encrypted stored procedure, with the help of GL-Pagesecurity.XML all the pages, menu and database tables are secured and more.
Tags: software , database , tool , menu , management , logic , business , help , user , processing , accounts , encrypted , applications , for , features ,

 Adsense Monitor

You can use this ad management program to track and monitor adsense accounts particularly, google adsense accounts. This program works from your computer system tray and keeps on constantly logging on your google adsense accounts for every thirty minutes to give you a statistical report on the total hits for your ads. This program is safe and is easy to handle without disturbing your adsense TOS.
Tags: program , monitor , management , system , easy , computer , report , safe , track , tray , google , logging , accounts , for ,

 Affiliate Commission Pack

Affiliate Commission is a PHP based software programmed to enhance the sales of products of books, music, dvd, video scripts, blackstar dvd chart, whsmith music chart and the products in myoffers competition listings. Using this script you can pay commissions for the affiliates either through the tradedoubler or affiliate window accounts of the affiliates.
Tags: software , video , music , script , chart , window , sales , accounts , enhance , for , competition ,

 Help Desk software

This is a network utility that allows the users to manage and track technical problems with a web interface for medium and small business. This script permit the members to alter their accounts according to their needs. The tickets can be assigned to members from the department. Features like assigning the staff members for separate departments, admin can get details of ticket status and members, flexible FAQ system, supports email forwarding and more are available.
Tags: email , web , utility , network , script , manage , track , admin , small , accounts , interface , staff , technical , for , users , ticket , forwarding ,

 MailBee WebMail Pro

WebMail Pro allows users to access their e-mail accounts directly from broswer. Viewing email securely, easy message composing and sending with multi-attachment support, DHTML editor, SPAM filters, handy contacts management (Address Book), multiple POP3/SMTP servers access along with many other great features make WebMail Pro the perfect solution for every email-enabled web sites and applications. WebMail Pro is shipped as source code, what allows you to use it "as-is" or modify the scripts to suit your needs.
Tags: email , web , management , access , easy , make , message , scripts , contacts , source , multiple , accounts , solution , for , sites , features , modify , users , servers , composing , sending ,


hitSecureFiles is a script that allows you to add a download area for the members of your website. Let your users register at your site, organize them into groups and control the customizable role-based group access to hierachical security zones - from viewers to uploaders. The application fully integrates into virtually any PHP page on your site with only 2 file includes, inheriting your site look and feel. As the site admin you can configure to get email notifications on most actions like user register or file download. Send newsletters to user groups or emails to individual customers. hitSecureFiles may be integrated to share user accounts from other applications.
Tags: email , download , file , security , control , access , site , script , application , organize , page , emails , admin , user , share , area , into , accounts , group , for , register , users , configure , newsletters , zones , photo album embedded application service offers free remotely hosted scripts to embed a photo album (aka image gallery) on your page. fully featured with album view, zoom, slideshow, editor and so on. upload via different methods. free accounts available.
Tags: image , photo , editor , scripts , upload , album , photoalbum , accounts , embed ,


This is a powerful email utility with which you would be able to access your email account and mail server data with a simple interface. Several mail modules are available to help you to add, edit and delete mail accounts and to archive messages from your inbox. You can even access and read your mail messages and the attachments from a web page through this program.
Tags: email , web , utility , data , mail , server , access , delete , edit , help , archive , page , webpage , read , simple , messages , account , mailserver , attachments , accounts , available , powerful ,

 Auction Broker Software

This hosted auction listing application consists of several facilities to manage auction listing and bidding with selling products. Can be run with any language. Auction activities can be informed to the buyers and sellers via emails and phone. Supports four style in reverse auctions. Multiple buyers can bid on a same item at the same time. Several payment accounts are accepted. Profiles can be changed by administrator. Auction time can be extended according to the bidding intense. Large amount of inventory can be uploaded.
Tags: time , inventory , application , manage , emails , run , accounts , auction , style , payment , bid , listing , activities ,


BrijnSMS is a small script written to allow authenticating and logging of messages send thru SMS Client. BrijnSMS is written in PHP and uses Mysql as database back-end. The BrijnSMS administrator can create user accounts for people that are allowed to send messages. He can also add people that can receive SMS messages. This is for security reasons. If the services is hacked it is not possible to send SMS messages to random phones (if the database password or administrator account is hacked it is possible of course :). Both Sender and Receiver accounts can be assigned to groups. This way it is possible to hide the Receiver accounts belonging to the family group from a user that is part of the friends group. BrijnSMS is a front-end to SMS Client and handles all SMS services upported by it
Tags: security , database , password , create , script , family , hide , send , administrator , user , random , small , messages , logging , account , accounts , services , group , receive , for , friends , course , part , people ,

 BidWorks - Online Auction Services Professional Plan

This program is an online service and it supports the users in managing auctions and it gives unlimited email accounts in the track of sales. It automatically emails both sellers and buyers about the status and information of the sales on completion. It supports the sellers by collecting email addressses of the buyers through a form for easy delivery and the seller can view the informations about the sold Auctions. It has features like archiving previous auctions and provides support tickets through help desk.
Tags: email , program , online , easy , help , information , form , view , service , track , emails , sales , support , accounts , for , features , archiving , users ,


You can start your sales world wide by implementing an online storefront with the help of this store builder program. Also, can be integrated with exiting business to improve the productivity to a greater level. Shopping cart technologies allows you to customize shipping methods and lets you calculate sales tax as per city, state basis. Creation of more product pagegs with unlimited categories can be done easily. Credit cards can be accepted with merchant accounts and buyers can purchase goods with real-time credit card option.
Tags: online , builder , business , help , sales , store , world , tax , productivity , start , accounts , customize , calculate , credit , product , purchase , creditcard , improve ,

 BoogiePOP Enterprise

BoogiePOP Enterprise is a software that provides solution that can be configured to restore bounced messages from the POP accounts of any type. It is capable of identifying and sorting your entire bounced email messages automatically. Other features of this tool include ODBC connectivity and customizable SQL database, easy to integrate with your existing CRM and ERP applications, custom x-Header recognition and parsing etc. Some of the bounced email formats recognized by this tool are: hard bounce, soft bounce, mail box, subscribe, auto-reply etc.
Tags: software , email , tool , mail , easy , restore , custom , messages , hard , soft , accounts , solution , features , recognition , parsing , connectivity ,


This is a mail program to extract mails from IMAP or POP mail accounts to a web based mail account. This mailing program supports upload and downloading attachments, TO, BCC, CC fields etc. This program is still in beta development stages and yet to be released.
Tags: web , program , mail , development , extract , upload , mailing , accounts , webbased , fields ,

 Online Dating Service Application

It is a dating software with a user friendly frontend and an elaborate admin panel. The frontend has supports a complete searchable profile databas with any number of images and detailed profiles, it enables the users to update their account information, provides a complete messaging system and free email accounts for users. The admin module offers admin to userj messaging, page content editor, user ban features, ability to approve of images before they are live and accounting functions.
Tags: software , email , images , system , accounting , page , content , admin , user , messaging , number , module , account , update , accounts , live , profile , for , users , complete , dating ,

 Passing Data with Cookies

Passing Data with Cookies is an ASP article through which users can gather information about how the users can access the data of the site visitors from the form that they have filled while registering their accounts and how to access the data with the help of cookies. Here there are few codes that can be utilized by the users.
Tags: data , access , help , information , site , form , cookies , accounts , users , codes ,

 Ultimate Advertisment

The Ultimate Advertisement is a PHP based script which helps you in creating and maintaining ad banners on your website easily. It is entirely template driven, highly targeted banner clicks, blind clicks, highly targeted leads, e-mail advertising all from a single script. It also contains a built in features that allow you to sell ads to one of the other partners who runs this script or forward it to any domain you choose. Apart from the basic features, it also contains fraud prevention, maintain reseller accounts and a fully featured admin interface.
Tags: website , creating , script , admin , ads , template , basic , domain , accounts , advertising , banner , forward , features , maintain , banners , sell ,


Digi-members is a software package that allows you to create a members area on your website. With digi-members there is no need to mess with .htaccess files every page is secured by the software. There is an administration control panel wich allows you to add/delete/edit members, email all members or an individual member, create email templates that you may choose when emailing members, list all members enter/delete member payments, list paid/unpaid accounts and add/delete member pages.
Tags: software , email , create , files , control , list , page , templates , administration , area , package , accounts , emailing ,

 icq Component

This program helps users to run an ICQ messaging system through their websites. Both the senders and recipients should have login accounts with password to use this messaging application. Users can use this program to have a secured and effecient mailing service with their text messages. And it is easy to use this program. This tool can be also used for online communities and corporate accounts.
Tags: tool , password , program , text , online , system , easy , service , mailing , messaging , run , accounts , login , for , users ,


XSoundMan lets the webmasters to design their music / song albums with customizable templates. Supports multiple members in band and musician categories. Admin area is capable of handling all member accounts and song album maintanance. Supports online payment through paypal, etc., Email module helps to contact members, customers instantly. Photo gallery supports uploading photos for members, song and music albums. Show manager deals with venues, map with show places and ability to add, edit, delete shows.
Tags: music , online , manager , photos , design , delete , show , album , gallery , map , multiple , contact , song , module , area , accounts , payment , for , customers , albums ,

 Cash Account

Cash Account is a simple financial and accounting tool in PHP program for effective online banking accounts. Using this script you can update your accounts automatically after the transaction. This simple script can be used to add, check, delete and edit informations in your accounts regarding the business transaction.
Tags: tool , program , online , business , delete , edit , accounting , script , financial , simple , update , automatically , accounts , for , banking ,

 SocketMail pro

SocketMail is a script based on php that offers personal email accounts to your website site visitors and it is a multi-domain with unlimited users mail server.It was built for ASP.This provides complete components for your e-mail solution,they are POP3 server, webmail client,SMTP server,qlocal/qout daemons.SocketMail is used for serious e-mail service provider or business/corporation.
Tags: email , mail , website , php , site , script , service , personal , accounts , for , users , complete ,


PStocks performs stock searching and displaying functionalities on PHP driven websites. This supports user based administration. Cookies system maintains the user accounts and it helps to list stock quotes automically for aleardy visited users. Visitors of your site are asked to input symbol to find stock quotes for it. Yahoo-Finance website reports data for the stock queries. Requirement of PHP3 and MySQL on your site suit to run this script directly.
Tags: data , system , website , find , site , list , script , stock , user , reports , run , accounts , quotes , input , searching , for , symbol ,

 CFML Scripts CMS

Free Installation! Member Downloads and Download Tracking -Members automatically added to database after transaction,Email sent to member with username and password,Email sent to owner with member info and payment gross and product information, Integrated paypal ipn and post back scripts. (Free email support for adding custom payment gateways!),Hacker safe ipn and post back scripts with software item database checking,Full member admin panel,Add members from admin panel, as well as edit and delete Manage member accounting from admin panel,View members transactions from accounting ,View number of downloads of software. ,View last login of member ,Ban/Suspend member accounts with out having to delete member from database Member login ,Members section includes: Free install request form,Payment History Viewing Hacker safe download links,Support ticket form Software Listing and Downloading,Website is 100% dynamic ,Add new software in admin panel with colums for Title,Special Price,Price,Description (Can use html or cfm in text box),Image URL,Demo URL,Download URL,Payment Gateway text box (Free email support for adding payment gateway links) Add unlimited features displayed on detail page!
Tags: software , email , download , html , database , text , delete , edit , accounting , scripts , downloads , safe , admin , install , custom , number , support , dynamic , automatically , accounts , login , info , payment , product , post , box , for , features , back , gateway , owner , paypal , ticket , out ,

 User Directories for IIS

User Directories for IIS is an ASP based user management software for IIS web server for managing the accounts of users with the help of ISAPI filter DLL. It has benefits like providing webspace for all the workers in an organisation. This has features like providing high speed processing with ISAPI filter, supporting single website with IIS configuration, supports all languages running under IIS.
Tags: software , web , server , management , website , speed , help , filter , user , webserver , processing , accounts , languages , for , features , users , highspeed ,


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