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FEX Advanced FS-Player AMP ver 1.0

  FEX Advanced FS-Player AMP
  Category : Flash Software
  Platform : Win 98,  XP,  NT,  2000 - MacOS 10.2.x,  10.3.x  
  Price : US $54.80  
  Developer: Bruno Cosmo  
  Version : 1.0  
  HomePage Address :  
  Demo URL :  
  Date added :  
  Download Link : Click to Download  
Script Description:
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The FEX Advanced FS-Player is currently the best and most complete flash MP3 audio player available, brings you exclusive features, and is extremely easy and fast to use and customize.
The look and feel of the FEX Advanced FS-Player resembles an audio player how Winamp but was created in pure Macromedia Flash.
- Exclusive Playlist.
- Auto format song name and author.
- Customize display image.
- Get Song ID3
- Create unique and exclusives colors themes.
- All controls and features of a audio system player.
- Extremely easy and intuitive to personalize.
- Superior quality Interface.
- Almost all can be customizable.
- Translate support.


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