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RepleteSurveys ver 4.0

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Major New Release: v4.0 - RepleteSurveys gives you the ability to create surveys with many questions, record survey responses automatically in a MySQL database, and view the results Graphically. Features include:
* Secure Admin login
* surveys can be self-contained webpages, or
* Easily include your surveys in existing webpages by cut&paste of the survey HTML.
* Graphical display of survey responses / results in a self-contained webpage.
* Email you survey to a list of email addresses.
* Create and maintain many surveys at once.
* Rearrange, Add, Update, and Delete survey questions.
* Improved Preview
* Survey code generator in HTML
* Let your participants view the results of the survey
* Customize Survey Color Schemes NEW
* Survey Flooding NEW
* Custom `Thank you` message NEW
* Flexable number of Opinions per Question NEW


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