Syndikut - Download Manager v2.0 ver v2.0

  Syndikut - Download Manager v2.0
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Script Description:
ios appcolt photoappsios android appcolt


(No SQL Required)(Flatfile)
This script is ideal for anyone selling direct digital downloads!
If you are selling music files, script s or executable files this script is for you!
Once a customer has purchased a digital product from your site, you, as admin, create them an account
where they can then download the purchased product.
The added twist of the script is that each download can be set a limit on how many times it can be downloaded!
Once the download limit has been reached the file will no longer be available to the user
The link will disapear & they will have to purchase the product again in order to download it!
User Login,
Lost password,
Unique Download area,
Admin control panel,
Add User,
Edit User,
Delete User,
Email User,
Add file,
Edit/Remove File,
User download file limiter (from 0 ~ 1000),
Encoded download link to hide the real location of the files (Anti leech),
Easy to edit html templates,
Now includes page protector script to protect extra pages that link from the members area of Download Manager
View the working demo for more info on page protector!


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