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XML Portfolio Template v4 ver v4.1

  XML Portfolio Template v4
  Category : Flash Web sites
  Platform : Linux,  Windows,  Unix,  Mac OSX,  Sun Solaris,  Apache,  IIS  
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  Version : v4.1  
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A full Flash website template that is highly configurable with XML.

* 13 Great Modules!
* Each page can have its own background (images or videos)
* Easily customizable navigation/sub navigation
* All text is styled by a single CSS file
* Special character support
* All scrollable areas have scroll wheel functionality (PC only)
* Can have your own background music, or it can be disabled easily
* Ability to load your own SWFs
* Contains the necessary fonts
* PSD files provided
* Easy to read Help file
* Fullscreen

Template Specs: (Flash 8, ActionScript 2, XML, PHP (contact form), CSS)

All source files included


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