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3D-Powered AS3 Pure & Elegant website template ver 2.00

  3D-Powered AS3 Pure & Elegant website template
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  Version : 2.00  
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With this new version of AS3 Pure & Elegant template you get :

- a complete package coded and piloted by AS3 (document class);
- a mouse-based 3D rotation effect (you can easily modify or desactivate);
- XML fadein/out slideshow;
- XML driven gallery with smooth scroll thumbnails & description
- smooth content scroller; - an external SWF loader engine for easier and faster mods
- a contact page with fields check & php contact script.

This component use Caurina tweening packages.
As usual you get a help file and well-documented source codes.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question or customizing support.



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