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AS 3.0 XML Mp3 Player with sound spectrum ver

  AS 3.0 XML Mp3 Player with sound spectrum
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1- Small SWF file. Only 48 kb.
2- This player simulates a real mp3 player.
3- All tracks are loaded externally via XML so you don`t need to touch flash.
4- Supports unlimited tracks.
5- Equalizer made with the new SoundMixer class , this is a real equalizer not just an animated one.
6- Seek bar and seek volume bar.
7-Buffer bar.
8- Fully vector interface so the player can be resized to whatever size you wish.
10- Pan controls. You can control the pan with this mp3 player as the popular mp3 players.
11- Drag and Drop. Everything is contained into one movie clip so if you wnat to integrate this in another .swf is really simple.
12-Track playlist included and information about the tracks that are playing.
14-Other cool features.


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