ScriptMagix Photo Rating(Simple) 2.0 ver 2

  ScriptMagix Photo Rating(Simple) 2.0
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  Platform : All (PHP/mySQL)  
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  Developer: ScriptMagix  
  Version : 2  
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Script Description:
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This is a PHP/mySQL script that allows users to upload pictures and get them rated .Users can rate photos and also leave comments .The script also includes a powerful control panel .Administrator can approve/disapprove photos uploaded by users .The Admin can also customise the emails sent to users .
Other salient features of this script include :-
-Ability for users to upload photos.Admin can set the maximum number of pictures that can be uploaded.
-Ability for users to signup .Administrator can configure it so that new users can login only after they enter the validation code sent to their email soon after signup .In that case administrator can make sure that the email address entered is valid
-Forgot password tool for users
-Users can rate each photograph from a scale of 1 to 10
-User can save each email the link to a friend.
-User can also post comments on a lyric.Adminstrator can approve/dissapprove them
-Each user has an inbox .Users can commuincate through by sending messages
-Link for top rated photos,seperate for men and women
-Ability to search for profiles by age,gender etc
-Administrator can activate/inactivate members
-Administrator can send newsletter to members
-Administrator can customise the emails that are sent to users
-Administrator can also backup the database in a single click
-Ability to customise easily the HTML,colors etc as the script uses a CSS file
-Ability to customise the looks and feel as it uses common header,footer files
-Ability to import/export member database as CSV


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