PHP Search (Easy to use with install script) ver 1.0

  PHP Search (Easy to use with install script)
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This program is a php search data builder. It works in combination with a php
search engine to bring something that most open source packages can`t do. Site-wide
keyword search with relevancy ranking algorithm similar to google`s.

How to Use How to use this program is simple, type in your site address into the URL to Fetch box to start crawling and hit "Go" the program will take care of the rest.

Some features of the program are the following

Run Continous
This checkbox when enabled turns this page into a crawler that can be left alone and will crawl all pages and links with in it`s vision (which if left unmanaged can be the entire Internet).

No External Links
This checkbox when enabled does it best to find only links that are the same domain of your input. This helps keep the script contained and it won`t roam the open `net.

Remove Link Stack
The Link Stack is the equivalent of the Link Process List which is that box on the left of the script. This button clears the stack.


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