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  Velakor Feeds
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Feeds is an open source Ruby on Rails feed reader application.


* No full page reloads are required when reading/searching feeds
* Has 2 different view types for reading feeds (2 column and 3 column layouts)
* You have the option to publish a RSS feed of your starred items
* Different views are available for each feed/folder (Unread/Starred/All/Recen t)
* Search function for each folder/feed/view
* Import OPML function
* Sortable tree of your feeds/folders
* Complete unread counts are displayed for each folder/feed

Ajax is used in many places to improve the speed of the application.

Stay tuned for more cool features to come in future versions.


Keyboard shortcuts:

* R - Reload
* S - Stars an item
* P - Stars an item
* A - Archives (marks as read) an item
* , (comma) - Move up
* . (point) - Move down


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