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This is a reservoir of free sources for a Flash developer. This site offers free Flash movies, Message Board, Resources, Sound Library, tutorials, Knowledge Base, FAQ, lessons, etc.


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 This website provides its services in four aspects, firstly 'components' where the users can find some useful components to be downloaded, secondly projects here the visitors can get online service for getting useful references and guides, template libraries etc., Thirdly it offers its services for games to let the visitors and users to have online games and downloadable games respectively. Finally this website presents more funny and exciting programs to the users....

Amazing Flash 3)    Amazing Flash
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Flashbase 6)    Flashbase
 Flashbase is a new website which lets you create your own movies for download. Select and configure your own flash menus or create a dynamic flash banner in no time at all....

TL Image Gallery 7)    TL Image Gallery
 Image Gallery that does not require any database nor scripting language. All the data is read from XML files. New versions are being released all the time (check the web page). The Gallery is skinnable and a number of skins are already available. Making skins is easy and instructions on how to write your own skins are included in the download. The download includes all available skins, samples, documantation, and source files for the skins to make creating your own skins easier....

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 This is a resource site for Flash, XML, and SVG developers, that are aiming for interaction between Flash and XML, and evaluating Flash versus SVG. It also has Flash MX screenshots available....

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 In this game you try to eat the fishfood while avoiding the sharks swimming by....

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 Create your own Flash website including intro easily in just a few steps. Include your own music and images! No Flash experience needed as you point and click your way through our browser based Flash site builder. Once completed you simply download the finished files then upload them to your hosting account. Dozens of templates and styles to choose from. Mix and match to get the look you want! Great for putting together a complete Flash site in minutes!...

Flashvalley Dice 4)    Flashvalley Dice
 The Dice component simulates a 6 sided dice, it is visually smart and easy to use. It will enhance any game or activity that requires the use of one or more 6 sided dice....

Cloud Menu 5)    Cloud Menu
 Cloud Menu is a truly three-dimensional web-navigation menu that gives a stunning, innovative, interactive user-experience. Cloud Menu lets your visitors explore your sitemap, menu or other data visually. Absolutely no Flash skills are required to set it up. Provided as a Flash file, Cloud Menu is simple to embed into any web-page. Each menu loads its tree structure from a configuration file on your website. It has a wide range of configuration options: colours, shadows, scaling, and many mor...

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 This is my version of 3D Globe Rotation Web 2.0. You can press/release the mouse to stop/start the rotating earth! Enjoy my animation!...

Image Panner 7)    Image Panner
 Image Panner allows you to easily display big images and/or flash movies in a limited area which is very useful on sites optimized for small resolutions or portfolios with the need to showcase detailed, high-resolution pictures or photos. Main features: Easy to use AS3 Only 6kb! Resizable Unlimited size of the image! Images and AS3 SWF files Advanced configuration: Link to the image/swf Panning speed Enjoy, Philip Seyfi,

Fullscreen Image Rotator 8)    Fullscreen Image Rotator
 * Easy to use;* AS3;* Only 9kb!* Dynamic (XML);* Loop;* Resizable;* Unlimited images!* Images and AS3 SWF files;* Mouse wheel support;* Image smoothing.Advanced configuration:* Link and target;* Disable delay for each file;* Autoplay interval;* Hide description;* Hide individual buttons;* HTML title&description;* Transition speed;* Playback menu padding;* Fit to image/to screen.Enjoy,Philip Seyfi,

3D Photo Stack Gallery V2.00 9)    3D Photo Stack Gallery V2.00
 This is an advanced Flash Component powered by Actionscript 3.0 and Papervision3D featuring XML Support with over 40 customizable properties....