Contextual Tracker - AdSense, Yahoo click tracking script ver 0.3dev2

  Contextual Tracker - AdSense, Yahoo click tracking script
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Contextual Tracker is free tool to monitor clicks in contextual ads and provide detailed statistics. Using it You can limit fraud clicks and increase your revenue.

Script features:
* Statisctics: - automatic channel handling
- regex channels, assign click to channel basing - on source`s URL
- one click can belong to many channels
- clicks list (supporting limits)
- channels statistics (supporting limits)
- today`s summaries (ads, ips and channels)
- handy contextual menu makes navigation easy
- easy way to change channels names
* Tracker: - tracks iframes on all common browsers
- easy way to add new ads support
- ability to attach to independent statistics
* Others: - automatic ad hidding after click (IE)
- easy integration with Google Analytics
- fraud clicks protection


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