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Blogzor Blog Host ver 1.02

  Blogzor Blog Host
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Blogzor is an advanced and feature packed free blog hosts. Check out some of our featues:

* Easy to remember link to your blog (your_name. blog
* Support for podcasts
* 30+ editable templates
* Powerful admistration panel
* Easily upload images
* Automatic support for Google sitemaps
* Search engine friendly url`s
* Spam filters
* Calendar
* WYSIWYG editor for posts
* Referral statistics
* Link tracker
* No popups or banner ads
* free forever

You will have your blog up and running in minutes after you sign up. Posting a new blog item could not be easier, type your post, click the "Blog this!" button and in no time you will have your article included in the main page of your site.


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