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  mayoco: manage your content
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mayoco is a modular content management system working with a flat files database. As it is highly scaleable mayoco can be a simple system for editing news entries as well as a grown-up content manager with internal messaging system and user administration - just depending on the installed modules.

Some of mayoco`s functions:
- backend available in German, English, Portuguese/Braz., Italian, Spanish, French, Russian
- demo projects inclusive
- clear design and easy to use interface
- changeable look of the admin area
- easy integration into existing websites
- definition of editable areas by just one additional "mayoco tag"
- automated creation of content editing forms
- use of php scripts in templates
- integrated wysiwyg editor
- editing of content directly on the site
- users and groups management
- tagging system for media files and templates
- publishing workflow using a clipboard
- content history
- password protected access
- internal messaging system
- page view statistics


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