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DMXReady Account List Manager 1.2 ver 1.2

  DMXReady Account List Manager 1.2
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  Platform : Linux,  Windows,  Apache,  IIS  
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  Version : 1.2  
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DMXReady Account List Manager allows you keep client and supplier information on your website for easy access, no matter where they are located:

Create a customized, online "Yellow Pages" on your website
Add name, title, address, phone, fax, e-mail, category, comments, company URL, and more
Add a Yahoo! map to any entry
Add a company logo or personal head shot to each entry
Categorize entries by company, service/product, location, or any other system you choose
Deactivate contact member without deleting details
Easy to access, easy to edit
Pre-configured Access database (MS Access not required)
Automatically updates order with each item added
Fully customizable â change the layout to match your website design
DMXReady Account List Manager keeps your important contact information at your employees` finger tips, no matter where in the world they are!

View the Admin Demo or User Demo to see how it works!


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