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DMXReady News Manager 1.2 ver 1.2

  DMXReady News Manager 1.2
  Category : Asp
  Platform : Linux,  Windows,  Apache,  IIS  
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  Version : 1.2  
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Manage All Your News Releases Through Your Web Browser
DMXReady News Manager allows you to manage and display news items, media alerts, and press releases within your website:

Organize news releases by category, date
Search by category, date, keyword
Add complete articles including pictures, URLs to outside sources, related news
Allow visitors to send an e-mail about your news items to a friend
Upload and display an image with the release, including your logo
Add in plain text or HTML
Deactivate news items without deleting
Fully customizable â change the layout to match your website design
DMXReady News Manager keeps all your media releases organized and easy to access right on your website!


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