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DMXReady Contact Us Manager 1.2 ver 1.2

  DMXReady Contact Us Manager 1.2
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  Platform : Linux,  Windows,  Apache,  IIS  
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  Version : 1.2  
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Make Contact Information Easier to Manage and Use
DMXReady Contact Us Manager allows you to manage and display contact Information on your own website for every staff member:

Add all contact Information including name, address, phone number, e-mail
Allow all staff members to enter their own contact info
Add an optional photo and/or bio
Map your location with Yahoo! Maps (optional)
Customize autoresponse to contact e-mails for each staff member
Add individual footers (signatures) to each e-mail
Fully customizable â change the layout to match your website design
DMXReady Contact Us Manager keeps all your contact Information centralized on your website for easy editing â and easy access for your website visitors.

View the Admin Demo or User Demo to see how it works!


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