A pre-populated country, state, and custom select tag ver 1.0

  A pre-populated country, state, and custom select tag
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  Version : 1.0  
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wordgamesios mac appcolt strategygamesios


This tag creates a custom select (drop down menu) with many flexible options. It lets you:<br><br>

1. Choose to display a drop down menu of countries (pre populated for you!).<br>
2. Choose to display a drop down menu of US states (pre populated for you!).<br>
3. Choose a custom made drop down menu of a different set of options.<br>
4. Add an option (item) or a list of options to the beginning of the list.<br>
5. Add an option (item) or a list of options to the end of the list.<br>
6. Choose a font color, font family, and font size for text in the drop down menu.<br>
7. Choose onBlur, onChange, and onFocus events by passing the appropriate javascript code.<br>
8. Pre define selected element in the list by default.<br>
9. Select the size display (how many elements display ed at a time).<br>
10. If you choose to display the pre defined country or state list, you can choose to exclude a list of options.<br>
11. Choose a background color, font formatting (Bold, Italic).<br><br>

So, you can use all the options you have for a normal drop down menu plus more.<br><br>
Test it yourself at http://gilgamesh-solutions.com/products.cfm


more Tag: br&, options, display, select, custom, populated, country, state, drop down, pre populated, custom select, drop down menu, populated country state, pre populated country,

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