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Security in Web Enabled Date Warehouse  Security in Web Enabled Date Warehouse

 This tutorial clearly explains how to work with XML(1) and its co-technologies to perform a secured data warehousing. Here author presents this tutorial by briefly discussing all merits and demerits of several techniques and practices which are handled generally in creating XML based security model. People can find more information about the secured data warehousing in this tutorial....

Exploring XML Encryption, Part 1  Exploring XML Encryption, Part 1

 XML Encryption provides end-to-end security for applications that require secure exchange of structured data. XML itself is the most popular technology for structuring data, and therefore XML-based encryption is the natural way to handle complex requirements for security in data interchange applications. The part 1 of this two-part series explains how XML and security are proposed to be integrated into the W3C`s Working Draft for XML Encryption....



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