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Make the most of Xerces-C++, A parsing how-to for C++ programmers  Make the most of Xerces-C++, A parsing how-to for C++ programmers

 This tutorial provides C++ programmers more information which can be utilized in doing XML based parsing. Author starts this tutorial with discussing about Xerces-C++ XML library and its usages on Windows and Linux servers and tracks upto Ample code demonstration which is about parsing with SAX API....

XML Matters: The RXP parser  XML Matters: The RXP parser

 RXP is a validating parser written in C that creates a non-DOM tree representation of XML documents. While RXP itself is not well documented -- and not for the faint of heart -- at least two excellent higher level APIs have been built on top of RXP: pyRXP, a Python binding; and LT XML, a collection of utilities and libraries. In this article, David introduces you to RXP, compares it with the expat parser, and briefly discusses pyRXP and LT XML as ways of taking advantage of the speed RXP has to offer without all of its complexity....

Make the most of Xerces - C++, Part 1  Make the most of Xerces - C++, Part 1

 This two-part article offers an introduction to the Xerces-C++ XML library. Part 1 explains how to link the library into applications written in Linux and Windows. Ample code demonstrates parsing with the SAX API, and a sample application shows you how to create a bar graph in ASCII art. In Part 2, I`ll demonstrate how to load, manipulate, or synthesize a DOM document, and you`ll see how to create the same bar graph using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). C++ programmers who read these articles should be able to easily add XML parsing and processing capabilities to their applications....



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