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User interface

Bambookit GUI  Bambookit GUI

 Bambookit GUI is a completely XML scriptable user interface to build real-time interactive web application front-ends. Sitting on top of Personal Java BambooKIT is portable across multiple platforms and devices, from mobiles to desktops. Due to the XML nature of Bambookit GUI, we can interpolate across any existing middleware infrastructure environment (.NET, J2EE, PHP). All the layout and event handling routines is managed within the XML scripts. Bambookit GUI sits on top of Personal Java. Bambookit is extremely lightweight occupying only 100Kb (jar file)....

DHTML Financial Report demo using XBRL  DHTML Financial Report demo using XBRL

 A demo application that uses Microsoft Internet Explorers DHTML and XML capabilities to display Edgar Online`s xbrl express XML data. The report is rendered totally in the browsers using DHTML, XML parsing, and XSL transformation. The report features "frozen" rows and columns, and automatic resizing to always fit in its window....

Two Tier Data Islands with Expanding/Collapsing Child elements  Two Tier Data Islands with Expanding/Collapsing Child elements

 This snippet demonstrates how to use XML Data Islands in IE to display XML that stores a parent-child relationship. It also demonstrates how you can expand/collapse child elements for a cleaner display of your data....

Ultrid UI prototyper with script functionalities  Ultrid UI prototyper with script functionalities

 Ultrid is a flexible and powerful technology that simplifies the development process of desktop applications prototypes by effectively separating the User Interface code from the logic of the program. Ultrid`s new technology is based on the powerful Ultrid engine acting as a layer runtime over Java. The Ultrid language uses a meta-language to describe the entire User Interface and other services of an application prototype. The functionalities can be written in Java and/or in one of the 10 following scripting languages: BeanShell, DynamicJava, Groovy, Jacl, JavaScript, JRuby, JudoScript, Jython, PNuts, Rexx. It is therefore possible to use Ultrid for the prototype interface and your scripting skills to create basic functionalities. Written in Java, Ultrid is multi-platform and its xml tags make it possible for non-programmers to add functionalities such as look-and-feel, localisation, integrated Help system and a lot more. Download the free engine and the demos and see for yourself t...



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