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XMLBoard  XMLBoard

 This is a XML-driven message board system written in Perl, stored in XML format and keeps information separate from appearance thus allowing for dynamic generation of output. XMLBoard supports multiple forums, and multiple forum designs. If you have, say a cooking page, and you want to have a forum for desserts, a forum for appetizers, and a forum for main courses, this can be easily accomplished with only one installation of XMLBoard. Or, if you host a few different pages with different designs on a single webserver, and you want each page to have its own forum, XMLBoard can do this too. The design for each forum is done with HTML, so whether you are an expert web-designer or only know the basic tags, you can customize the layout of the forums to your liking. XMLBoard comes with simple HTML already set up, so if you don't know any HTML and have no inclination to learn, you can still set up a message board with no problem. Plus, the HTML code is in separate files from the Perl co...

XMLBoard Solo  XMLBoard Solo

 The advanced version of XMLBoard is the XMLBoard solo. Unlike XMLBoard, it does not require the use of XML::Parser, and is useful if you are unable to install XML::Parser on your machine. Otherwise, it includes all the same features of XMLBoard....
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MyXmlforum  MyXmlforum

 MyXmiforum, which is an ASP/XMLPbased forum consists of three parts. ASP pages to read the XSL pages, handles some replaces and some minor logic; XSL pages to format the different pages; MainXML.xml file, the replacement to the DB - all the data is stored here. No db required....

ThreadedComments  ThreadedComments

 This is a xml script which is unique solution for magazines and newspapers online and allow users to build guestbook and post messages on the guestbooks. This rogram places the control on more aspx pages in xml data storage. This program acts as a message board that provides WYSIWYG editing abilities, word censorship, private messages, moderation etc. Features like saves users data in GMT offset, store multiple messages, provide support for UTF-8 character sets which are encoded, avoids client side script tags and more are available....



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