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SysDB - Synchronization between XML Schema and database  SysDB - Synchronization between XML Schema and database

 This is an xml script where the users can perform the process of coordinating their xml data with the relational database. The relational database maintains and saves the xml files. The data of the xml files can be accessed and managed by the users. No need for generating database for every change occurs in schema....

XStandard Lite - XHTML 1.1 WYSIWYG Editor (FREE)  XStandard Lite - XHTML 1.1 WYSIWYG Editor (FREE)

 XStandard Lite is an ActiveX plug-in designed to be integrated into browser or Windows-based content management systems. Once integrated, it creates a WYSIWYG editing area used by business authors to manage rich content in any language. XStandard is the first WYSIWYG editor to generate XHTML 1.1 markup and supports tables, lists, links, floats, and custom tags. CSS are used for formatting and are referenced through an intuitive drop-down menu. A Screen Reader Preview helps authors adjust content for accessibility. XStandard Lite is free and can be used in production applications for an unlimited time at no cost. XStandard Pro is also available on a try-before-buying basis. XStandard Pro has all the features of XStandard Lite, plus enhanced Web services (SOAP), which allow authors to drag and drop files from the desktop and to reference files in remote libraries. Full information and integration tips are on our Web site....
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