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CGI For Me: Search Engine  CGI For Me: Search Engine

 Search Engine allows you to create the file search.txt with items you want people to be able to search through, and then you can add HTML so people can search.... Search Engine Search Engine

 The search engine script allows you to set up your very own custom search engine like yahoo or excite. It is fully customizable, and people can even add a search box from the your search engine to their website!...

Business Locator Software for your Web Site - Search by Zip (hosted)  Business Locator Software for your Web Site - Search by Zip (hosted)

 If you own a website and you want a zip code locator or store locator software system integrated with your website, GeoSprawl may have a solution for you. Our Custom Store Locator software easily integrates with your existing website design. We host the database and no one even knows they left your site. Our web-based Store Locator allows any type of business large or small to easily add website mapping & driving direction functionality to their website. It gives fast, accurate location information for all your store, and/or, business locations through a unique mapping software system and address locator system. Our software integrates directly with google. Have a company with a US and Canadian presence? No problem! The Geosprawl Store Locator now supports Canadian Addresses and Provinces....



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