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Human resource management

Appointment Scheduling Software  Appointment Scheduling Software

 Appointment scheduling software is a simple program to schedule appointment services online. The interface is simple to understand and easy to use. The benefits of scheduling appointments online is that all clients and users are able to view and edit the schedule from any computer with an internet connection....

Lightning Bolt Solutions - Physician Scheduling Software  Lightning Bolt Solutions - Physician Scheduling Software

 Offers staff scheduling software that automatically generates fair, accurate schedules for physicians/medical staff. Preferences and complex rules can be customized to implement scheduling policies for your group. Balances the needs of the individual with that of the group....

ProjectSimple  ProjectSimple

 A freelancers` community focused on web designers, programmers and webmasters. Outsource your work to a global market place, with free posting of jobs and no commission charges on the webmaster and the programmer. We also have a referral program which lets you earn money by referring visitors to

Dr3am Designs  Dr3am Designs

 Welcome to Dr3am Designs. We are a small professional design company. Registered within the United Kingdom of Great Britain but our designers span the globe. With our global influences we can bring you the fresh ideas from around the world for your designs. We specialise in the more popular web languages such as PHP and XML. We are also able to work with databases MS-SQL, MySQL or Text File based. Please contact us if you have any enquires or require additional information about our services. - The Dr3am Design Team...

Bidfreelancers  Bidfreelancers International marketplace for Projects freelancers bidding. Outsourcing freelance jobs helps employers achieve greater efficiency without having large investments in people and technology to achieve ultimate cost savings. Outsourcing for a freelancer reduces operating costs and helps employers gain access to world class professional freelance contractors. Our freelance experts take care of functions which may be difficult to manage and/or provide human resources not easily available internally....

Time Poster  Time Poster

 Timeposter is a digital replacement for the standard IN/OUT board found at reception. The Timeposter application provides easy access to the status of every employee from everywhere. Check the status of a fellow employee; sign out from your workstation or even from home. http://lite.lynchdigital. com/products/LynchApplica tions/Timeposter...

Newton - Recruiting Software  Newton - Recruiting Software

 Newton is next generation applicant management and recruiting software that makes hiring simple, by design. Newton is easy to use and powerful handling all of the operational tasks associated with recruiting from hosting your careers website to providing you a 360 degree view of your hiring process....



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