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Introduction to python

Writing CGI Programs in Python  Writing CGI Programs in Python

 Python has a very extensive, well documented and portable module library that provides a large variety of useful functions. The Internet-related collection is particularly impressive, with modules to deal with everything from parsing and retrieving URL`s to retrieving mail from POP servers and everything in between. Main topics include: Why should my next CGI project be in Python? Your First CGI program in Python, Getting some real work done, Defining a useful Display function, Putting the pieces together, and Simple Database Access....

Charming Python: Text processing in Python for beginners  Charming Python: Text processing in Python for beginners

 Along with several other popular scripting languages, Python is an excellent tool for scanning and manipulating textual data. This article summarizes Python`s text processing facilities for the programmer new to Python. The article explains some general concepts of regular expressions and offers advice on when to use (or not use) regular expressions while processing text....

Five Minutes to a Python CGI  Five Minutes to a Python CGI

 This is a quick overview of Python script language. Dicussion includes comparison to other scripting languages, Using the Python CGI Module, debugging, and more....



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