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Sched-Gen  Sched-Gen

 This tool written in Python is an automated HTML weekly schedule generator which uses a fairly simple file to generate a HTML table with a week-long schedule in it. It also features colors for each event....

WorldPilot  WorldPilot

 WorldPilot is a Python/Zope-based web server application that provides you with a web based organizer and messenger. Main features include: IMAP based web mail client, Contact and Address book, Notes, ToDo`s, Calendar with support for repeating events, and Workgroup sharing with broadcasting and subscriptions....

Basecamp Wrapper  Basecamp Wrapper

 This module provides an (almost) complete wrapper around the Basecamp API. It is written in Python and based upon the excellent ElementTree package. Requests will be made as XML, not YAML. Responses will be XML, too. Works with free Basecamp ( m/) accounts, too....



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