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Form processors is a Python port of the C version of the popular MailForm script. It supports a large number of customizable form fields which allow you to determine the script`s behavior. It was written and tested on Python 2.1. It should work with a standard Python installation on most operating systems. supports multiple recipients, custom mail headers, cookies, and many other features. It is source code, and may be customized for individual needs, such as adding FastCGI support....

Gypsy Mail  Gypsy Mail

 Gypsy Mail is a Python clone of the well-known cgiemail script, with added features and flexibility. This script allows you to set up an HTML form on your website, to collect information from your site`s visitors, and send a very nicely formatted e-mail to yourself, or possibly other e-mail addresses. Also includes redirection to your own URL for a custom success page....



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